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Talking about Lily (Lilium pardalinum 'Sunset'), Lucius93 wrote:

Unacceptable name (name already used for another lily). Collected in the wild in 1931. According to the RHS Lily Register, it could belong to the pardalinum subsp. vollmeri.

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Talking about Lily (Lilium Pontiac®), Australis wrote:

Unfortunately there seem to be two lilies on the market under this name. The register describes the cultivar as:

RHS said:Inside of tepals brilliant yellow (9C), paler towards tips; outside of inner tepals mainly 9C, margins more intensely coloured. Spots absent; papillae conspicuous; nectaries green; pollen red-brown; stigma purple. Fls 250–300mm wide; tepals long and of medium width to broad, margins slightly ruffled, tips recurved. Lvs of medium length to long, and of medium width to broad, dark green. Stems 1.75m, green with darker spots and stripes, with up to 6 fls. Late to very late.

The majority of photos available online from suppliers show the registered cultivar to have out to up-facing blooms.

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Talking about Lily (Lilium African Lady), Joy wrote:

I'm in the Pacific Northwest where we got 3 days of record breaking heat this year. We got up to 117 degrees where we are usually very mild. A lot of my lilies burnt up in that heat, as did many other plants. African Lady laughed at it and didn't get as much as a suntan. She's only been in my garden for two years but has gotten so huge already. This is one really impressive and tough lily.

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Talking about Lily (Lilium leucanthum var. centifolium), Lucius93 wrote:

A beautiful and fragrant white trumpet from China that has a yellowish-greenish throat and varying amounts of green and pink-purple to brown color on the reverse of the petals. This species has played a major role in producing today's trumpet hybrids. Vigorous and long lived it will do great in any garden if drainage is perfect. Covering against excessive winter rain is a must. It will produce big bulbs over time. Easy to grow from seeds.

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Talking about Lily (Lilium 'Golden Stargazer'), eyrelle wrote:

Grows well in the northeast. Tall with elegant pale gold blooms and an exquisite vanilla scent.

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