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Camera frustrations by Bonehead Jun 30, 2017 9:51 AM 12

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Photography Techniques
This forum is for the discussion of photography as it relates to gardening. It is intended to encourage and help people become better photographers, regardless of skill level, not as a place for the general sharing of photos. We have a separate Garden Photos forum where you can share your photos of your gardens, as well as the Sandbox for non-gardening discussions and photography.

As a result, there are some general rules to follow:
- Please be considerate and polite when critiquing another's work, as they may be a beginner/novice and we want to encourage them to improve, not drive them away from the hobby.
- Only use photos as examples for the discussion; i.e. "how do I improve this shot", or "how can I take something similar", or "this is the result with these settings", etc. (in order to avoid threads simply becoming a gallery).
- Do not copy photos off the Internet that do not belong to you unless they are properly cited (include a credit to the original photographer and a link to the source), and then only as an example to support the discussion.

Finally, remember to have fun!

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