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Talking about Rose (Rosa 'Savannah'), Graciett wrote:

Do you know the Zone growing range? Ilive in zone 5

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Talking about Rose (Rosa 'Lemon Drop'), bxncbx wrote:

I had this small rose planted in a large pot. It did well but did not survive the winter in my garden. I did try to protect it with a cover, but several false springs caused it to die.

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Talking about Rose (Rosa 'Wildfire'), cwhitt wrote:

This rose has been in my Ohio garden for about 16 years now. It and a yellow rose called Radiant Perfume are the only 2 roses that I have never had a problem with. It has been subjected to drought and high humidity and still grows well with not too much black spot. This is a great-looking rose for a vase. The only regret I have about it is that the color does fade after a few days, and it turns from a fiery orange to a lighter peach color. I wish it would keep its brilliant color. Also, I do wish it had a stronger scent, but even without a strong scent, it is well worth having in my garden just for the great bud shape and color. It is a rose you will really want to cut and show off in a vase. A great addition to my small area of garden space.

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Talking about Rose (Rosa 'Radiant Perfume'), cwhitt wrote:

I have had this rose in my Ohio garden for about15 years now, and it is still doing great. It has come through drought and excessive humidity, and the leaves always remain a dark leathery green, with very little black spot. It is the strongest smelling rose I own. I put a single rose in a vase and put it on my desk at work - it scents the entire office. I have been very impressed with it - it is one of only 2 roses that have remained strong and trouble free in my rose bed over the years. Since I live in a condo, the space it is growing in is rather small, but it still continues to thrive. My favorite rose!

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Talking about Rose (Rosa 'Peggy Martin'), christinereid54 wrote:

This is the rose for people who are afraid they can't grow roses! It's vigorous to a fault. I planted mine about 6 years ago and it has thrived. It has virtually no thorns and, after a year or so, has been a spring and fall bloomer. What's interesting is that the spring blooms last a really long time (several months) here in Central Texas. Peggy Martin rose bushes don't have a fragrance but they make up for that by producing a profuse amount of small pink blooms. I do have to do some serious pruning in late winter--this rose will produce long canes and it can take over nearby plants, if you let it. Being thornless, or nearly so, it's not difficult to trim. It isn't bothered much by fungal diseases; if it gets a few ugly leaves from too much warm weather and drizzly rain, they drop off quickly. My rose gets a balanced organic fertilizer in mid February.

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