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Talking about Rose (Rosa 'Eugene de Beauharnais'), jerijen wrote:

'Eugène de Beauharnais' (Int. 1838) was named for Prince Eugène de Beauharnais, (Eugène de Beauharnais) -- a French Prince, Prince of Venice, Grand Duke of Frankfurt, Duke of Leuchtenberg, Prince of Eichstätt --- the first child and only son of Alexandre de Beauharnais and Joséphine Tascher de la Pagerie, first wife of Napoleon I.

His father lost his life in The Terror ... his mother went on to become the first wife of Napoleon Bonaparte.

He was apparently quite an able general, thought by many to be the most able of all family members of Napoleon. He was an amateur botanist of some note -- And he must have inspired some love, since his rose was introduced in 1838, long after his death at age 42, in 1824.

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Talking about Rose (Rosa 'Ruth's German Rose'), scvirginia wrote:

It's no wonder that this foundling is still around, even though its original name is unknown. It is heat-tolerant, shade-tolerant, disease-resistant, fragrant and easy to propagate from cuttings. The only prickles I've found are on the undersides of some of the leaflets. Since it's a once-blooming OGR, it's probably a good bit hardier than zone 8b where I grow it.

Ruth Knopf of South Carolina discovered this rose, and she's the Ruth of the study name.

The color in person is more violet and less pink than in the photos. I have wondered if it might be 'Violet sans Aiguillons' AKA 'Thornless Violet', but doubt I'll ever know the original name.


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Talking about Rose (Rosa 'Nouveau Monde'), AquaEyes wrote:

While what was sold by Vintage Gardens as 'Nouveau Monde' is the rose shown in Steve812's picture, that rose isn't the true 'Nouveau Monde'. The original rose by that name was a purple Gallica. The rose Vintage Gardens obtained from Europe is a large once-blooming pink Hybrid China. I was the only person posting pictures of this rose on HelpMeFind, and the admins there decided to create a new file for the imposter that was sold under that name -- "Nouveau Monde -- in commerce as" -- for the sake of accuracy. It's a fine plant, even if it's not the original. And I'm ecstatic that someone else has it -- so far, that makes only five I know of in the US, but surely there are more.



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Talking about Rose (Rosa 'Old Blush, Cl.'), tabbycat wrote:

What a hardy rose. I've had mine for 4 years, climbing against a 6' wooden fence. This year, 2018, it bloomed all of April and May, then started growing 12" a week, adding 4' in length to all branches so far. I tie it to my back wood fence with fishing line. It is about to bloom again in mid summer and then again in fall.

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Talking about Rose (Rosa 'Linda Campbell'), RoseBlush1 wrote:

'Linda Campbell' is virtually a no care rose for me. Just feed it a bit and water it and the rose explodes with bloom.

There are no disease problems and it stands up to triple digit temps just fine.

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