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Talking about Rose (Rosa 'America'), GardensJohn wrote:

This is my all time favorite rose. I love its salmon color! I planted three of these roses years ago and love the way they grow and bloom. I lost all of them through neglect, but have finally reordered them and added them to my garden again this year. They came as 'own root roses' from Heirloom Roses (first time I've ever ordered a plant online). They didn't look very good when they arrived. The canes that obviously began growing while in the box during shipment looked almost translucent and yellow. I planted them, gave them some fish emulsion fertilizer as recommended, and now a week later they are green, leafing out nicely, and growing!

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Talking about Rose (Rosa 'The Bishop'), IslandGarden wrote:

This rose smells amazing! Photos do not do it justice - it's quite purple in real life.

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Talking about Rose (Rosa 'Lemon Fizz'), Zazinnia wrote:

Vigorous grower and bloomer. It's already almost 5 feet tall. Beautiful dark leaves and the roses do not fade.

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Talking about Rose (Rosa 'Heaven on Earth'), Calif_Sue wrote:

This is a Kordes rose, so I was very surprised at how poorly the bush looks every year, not just the blackspot, which I can tolerate to some extent in my other roses, but the rust is so bad that I cringed every time I walked by it. Every year I had high hopes seeing the nice new green foliage, but in no time the rust developed. I gave up thinking it would improve as it matured and I finally removed it.

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Talking about Rose (Rosa 'Valentine'), Dewberry wrote:

I planted this rose in the fall, and it bloomed into December! Then it started blooming again, like crazy, in mid-April.

Good color, very floriferous.

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