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Talking about Lady Banks Yellow (Rosa banksiae f. lutea), jathton wrote:

If you were to go to YouTube after reading this comment and type in "Shady Lady" or "The World's Largest Rose" you would be taken to a 6 minute film. The film will tell you a fascinating story about, I believe, the white flowering form of Bank's Rose.
This particular Lady Banks Rose, as of 2017, completely covers an arbor that measures 9,000 square feet. In its native habitat of central and western China it typically grows at elevations of 1,640 - 7,218 feet.
But this rose nowhere near acquired the status in China that it grabbed in Tombstone, AZ.

The "Shady Lady of Tombstone" was, in 1970 when I first saw it, and continues to be somewhat awe inspiring. In 1989 my mother was contemplating replacing the canvas arbor that covered her patio... but the $4,000 cost did not appeal to her at all. So I suggested the yellow form of the Lady Bank's Rose.

Ten years later the rose had covered half of the arbor and it absolutely glows when the entire plant is covered in small, double pale yellow flowers.

If you have an arbor and you are contemplating a climbing plant for it... I strongly recommend this terrific rose.

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Talking about Rose (Rosa 'First Prize'), sallyg wrote:

This is a lovely and fragrant rose, but like most roses in my garden, plagued by some early tiny caterpillars (sawflies?) and black spot. I no longer have it.

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Talking about Multiflora Rose (Rosa multiflora), janelp_lee wrote:

Easy to grow from seeds or cuttings. Small, single, fragrant white flowers in late spring in huge numbers. Good for cut flower use, the flowers also attract bees and butterflies. The pea-sized rosehips turn from green to vibrant orange-red in late summer and last throughout the winter until the next early spring. The twigs with red fruit are excellent as cut flowers in outdoor winter planters as filler or indoors as cut flowers in vases. The twigs with red fruit also can be used dry as gift wrap decorations. The smooth, thornless canes are very friendly to gardeners. Fast growing, so it can be invasive.

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Talking about Rose (Rosa 'White Meidiland'), jathton wrote:

'White Meidiland' is a shrub rose that was introduced and patented by the House of Meilland in 1987. [The House of Meilland is also the source for one of the world's most popular roses... named 'Peace' at the end of World War II]
Since its introduction it has gained a solid reputation for glossy, dark green foliage... a shape that is significantly wider than tall [2-3 feet x 4-6 feet]... pure white blooms that occur in clusters and that have a petal count of 35 or more... a long bloom season... and a tolerance of a wide range of growing conditions. It also has excellent disease resistance and will bloom in partial shade.
Central Oklahoma has been subject to an infestation of Rose Rosette Disease in the past few years... so it should be noted that this rose, like so many others, has no known resistance to this particular disease. In areas where this particular disease is occuring gardeners should probably avoid planting this rose... or, as brutal as this sounds, any rose.
If, however, this disease is not a problem I would strongly recommend 'White Meidiland' as a tough, attractive, floriferous rose that will not disappoint.

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Talking about Rose (Rosa 'Garden Director Bartje Miller'), zuzu wrote:

Exciting, dramatic, and even flamboyant! Lustrous foliage, so glossy that it looks polished, encircles high-centered blooms of dark red, almost black, with a copper reverse. The blooms age to a russet-brick color that is equally striking. This hybrid tea does not have the typical upright and narrow habit of a hybrid tea in my garden. Its strong branches spread out, creating a bush that's 5-6 feet tall and 5-6 feet wide. This stunning rose does have one shortcoming: It has almost no heat resistance. During the hottest days of summer, some buds refuse to open, while the petals of the open blooms flatten out and lose their definition.

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