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  • This rose will be an experiment for me this year in Michigan, zone 6a, in a somewhat protected area. I hope it will make it through our next Michigan winter. It is a more tender rose according to descriptions. I bought it because of the following.

    It is:

    * a is vigorous rose, blooming in flushes from spring to autumn.
    * an excellent bedding rose. The rose was named an All-America Rose Selections winner in 1993.
    * a tall, upright shrub, 5 to 6 ft tall with a 2 to 3 ft spread according to the package and online descriptions.
    * a robust bloomer, blooms are 4 to 5 inches wide, with a petal count of 26 to 40. Bloom form is high-centered and cupped. Buds are long and pointed, with yellow petals edged in red.
    * has flowers that are bright red and yellow,. The red areas remain, but fade as the flower fades.
    * disease resistant.
    * fragrant. Flowers have a mild fragrance in flowers borne singly or in small clusters.

    Rosa 'Rio Samba', (aka JACrite), is a bicolor hybrid tea rose cultivar, developed in 1991 by William Warriner. It was introduced into the United States by Jackson & Perkins in 1992.

    The shrub is thorny, and has medium, matte, dark green leaves.

    It is disease resistant, and thrives in USDA zone 7 and warmer.
  • Talking about Rose (Rosa 'Nye Bevan'), kniphofia wrote:
    Introduced by David Austin in 2021 in the UK. Named for Aneurin (Nye) Bevan, a Welsh Labour Party politician and Secretary of State for Health and Social Care. Clement Atlee's government introduced the National Health Service enshrining free care at the point of use in the UK. The rose is soft yellow fading to cream with a light myrrh fragrance.
  • Talking about Rose (Rosa 'Windermere'), dnrevel wrote:
    This fragrant, highly disease resistant beauty is raved about in the cut flower circles online, a sought after David Austin variety. I've ordered 3 arriving today and will report back on how they do in SE Michigan. Characteristics include opening first with a slightly yellow tinge, then full open white & cream colors.

    It is repeat flowering and is described on the website and elsewhere having a medium-strong, fruity, citrusy scent. The blooms are medium, shrub size 4ft x 3ft. Full, lush blooms, with a petal count of 80. I will be using it in a mixed border. It can also handle some shade.
  • Talking about Rose (Rosa 'Dr. Huey'), StarlightCat wrote:
    I had bought what I thought was a white iceberg rose from Tractor Supply. The first two years, the rose was a long-stemmed yellow rose. Obviously, the graft wasn't even an iceberg rose! Then, this year, the graft must have died and the rootstock just exploded! My research indicates that Dr. Huey roses are often used for rootstock because the roots are so tenacious. Unfortunately, it only blooms once a year for the most part and then the spent canes apparently develop black spot, which has been happening to mine. The recommendation is to prune back the spent canes as it only flowers on the 1-year-old growth. So, if you want more flowers next year then you'll need to stop wasting energy on spent canes and prune immediately after blooms are spent. I was hoping to get a rose that I could use to collect rose petals so I had wanted an iceberg as they are prolific. However, this dark red (rather than white) bloom is also stunning in how deep red and velvety it is and also seems to resist sun bleaching. So, I think I'm going to keep this rose anyway as it's much better than the long-stemmed yellow rose. I will collect so many petals for my crafts!
  • Talking about Rose (Rosa 'Abracadabra'), rickycr wrote:
    It's a small and particular rose. More than once I noticed that the second bloom may occur in just one full color (yellow on mine, I read elsewhere that it can bloom also only in red) instead of the striped one.
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