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Talking about Rose (Rosa 'Demokracie'), Permastake wrote:

Hello The Rosa Blaze I am trying to add is a climbing rose that grew at my old house for 20 years. the Rosa Blaze listed here I think is a Bush? is it also a climber??

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Talking about Rose (Rosa rugosa 'Hansa'), adknative wrote:

I've had Rosa rugosa 'Hansa' growing in one corner of my yard since 2014 - an amazing feat in zone 3 gardens, where few roses survive. It blooms reliably every year, the fragrance is very much an 'old-fashioned rose' scent and it tops out a bit under 5 feet (I'm 5 feet 2 inches, and it's about eye-level for me.) Even better, it dislikes pruning and is extremely low maintenance.

This past spring was the first time in seven years Hansa offered up a 1-ft, perfectly-shaped off-spring (inconveniently in the middle of a mowed path). So I severed the connecting root and moved the baby Hansa to a new border bed, where it grew nicely all summer. Unlike several other rugosa roses here, Hansa stays put and does not spread or take over other areas of the gardens.

In zone 3, this is a hardy, well-behaved shrub that offers periodic flowers throughout the summer, after the first flush of blooms has passed... and even with (many) allergies, I can actually smell these flowers. I would recommend Hansa to any cold-climate gardener (where roses are hard to come by).

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Talking about Rose (Rosa 'Dr. A.J. Verhage'), Hugoskucek wrote:

Good Morning.
I remember the Dr.Verhage Rose from the 1960s. it was a beautiful coloured rose -- deep gold, blushed sometimes on the outside petals with reddish-apricot colour.
The stem was quite ugly and it had heavy thorns and rather ugly large leaves. We used this rose a lot in the flower shop where I worked then in Birmingham. I assumed it had gone out of production because I tried to find a plant for my sister-in-law's golden wedding, as Dr.Verhage was the rose she had carried in her bouquet. Delightful scent also. In the shop we had to clean the stems of thorns. They were lethal, but I think scraping the stems damaged the cell structure? And left them open to bacteria.
It is wonderful seeing other roses on this site that we used. Black tea was a fabulous rose in the 70s and 80s, but it seemed to disappear from the markets as we were told it did not produce enough flowers.

Thank you for the pleasure here. Dr. Verhage is such a different rose today.
I remember Champagne was another fabulous colour, just right for vintage weddings!!

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Talking about Rose (Rosa 'Nicolas'), Yonkliang wrote:

Resistant to black spot
Resistant to mildew
Resistant to rust

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Talking about Rose (Rosa 'Belinda's Dream'), SoCalGardenNut wrote:

Incredibly easy to take care in my garden. It was planted in a tough spot, bad soil, tough corner, full sun, and it thrives.

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