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  • Talking about Rose (Rosa 'Duftzauber'), GregCullen wrote:
    I was looking at the listed dates of introduction of the varieties of rose Duftzauber, Prima Ballerina, and Kaiserin Farah and they do not match with the notion that Duftzauber is the result of a cross between Prima Ballerina and Kaiserin Farah.
  • One of the most beautiful of the old Damask roses. Registered as Felicite Hardy in France by Julien-Alexandre Hardy in 1831 and known as Madame Hardy. Named for his wife Marie Therese Pezard. A white or white blend rose with a strong classic fragrance, it bears clusters of medium sized blooms from prickly stems. A green button eye is present. It is once blooming, in mid summer and can be pruned after flowering. Shade tolerate and disease resistant.
  • A rose of beautiful subtle colour and lovely cupped form. It has a fruity lemon scent. Introduced by David Austin in 2005 and named after the shepherdess in Sir Philip Sidney's The Arcadia, published in 1593.
  • Talking about Rose (Rosa 'Snowfire'), LivinEZ wrote:
    Some of my favorite roses are red and white bicolors. Besides Snowfire, other examples growing in my garden are: Love, Ronald Reagan (RR), Carefree Spirit (Carefree Spirit is a single flowered variety, and therefore somewhat difficult to use for direct comparisons with Snowfire). Comparisons below are from my garden observations:

    In my garden, Snowfire demonstrates superior color contrast to the others. The red petals with white reverse are vividly defined. The red is a bright warm red, almost scarlet, with no hint of bluing as the flower ages. I see crimson, not scarlet, in Love and RR.

    The unfurling bud is attractive, but not shaped as nicely as Love or RR. It puts on a great show in late May early June rose season, not much after.

    The bush grows upright, which is a good thing, because it has nasty thorns. I've let mine grow to about six feet. A good back of the border rose.

    In my SE PA garden, disease resistance has been about average. It needs its fair share of spraying in hot, humid weather.

    To me, a very slight tea fragrance, but perhaps I'm letting my imagination take over.

    For its color and June display, I wouldn't be without it.
  • Has done very well in my garden. Good vigor and shrub like form. More disease resistant than many of my other roses, but still needs a good spraying now and then. Not as resistant as a Drift or Knockout rose.
    This rose is sold in some nurseries here in east PA/NJ as 'Fire and Ice'.
    What compounds the potential for a problem is that an internet search for 'Fire and Ice' shows a number of photos of a red white bicolor rose that is much more like 'Snowfire', or 'Love'.
    Without conducting a thorough investigation first, some buyers (like me) think they're getting a unique rose.
    So, now I have Cherry Parfait in my front yard AND my back yard. It's worth it.
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