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  • Talking about Rose (Rosa 'Ramblin' Red'), Trish wrote:
    For gardeners in USDA zones 4 and colder, there's a new red climbing rose that blooms all summer and survives the harsh winters without protection.

    'Ramblin' Red' features 10-foot-tall canes that have deep red, sweetly fragrant, double flowers. The bushes don't need winter protection, even in USDA zone 3, and have strong disease resistance, too.
  • Talking about Rose (Rosa 'Cherry Lady'), Trish wrote:
    Roses are the prima donnas of the garden world. They are lovely to look at, but often demanding to grow, susceptible to a host of disease and insect problems. Now gardeners who want the beauty of roses without all the work can turn to the new Fiji ™ rose.

    This elegant hybrid tea produces incredible amounts of blooms with crenated petals in a fantastic shade of bright cherry red. Dark green, lightly glossy foliage fills in the few spaces left uncovered by the clusters of blooms. But good looks are not all this rose has to offer. The plants carry an extremely high level of resistance to both black spot and mildew, making them a great choice for gardeners looking for easy maintenance.

    Fiji's compact, 2 1/2 foot size makes it perfect for the front of the border, in a pot by the patio, or anywhere it can be admired and easily accessed for cutting its plentiful blooms. Hardy to USDA Zone 6, like all roses Fiji does best in full sun and moist, but well-drained soil.
  • Talking about Rose (Rosa 'Earth Angel'), carlysuko wrote:
    I think this is my favorite of all my roses. It's healthy as can be. The blooms are literally perfect in my eyes, I love the globular cupped shape of the blooms. I think mine might want to climb, which I'm all for.
  • This is the most productive and prettiest rose in my garden. It's subtly fragrant and blooms from late March until November. I'm in Southern California. Grows up to 5 feet tall, and in my garden it's in part sun.
  • Talking about Rose (Rosa 'Schneekoppe'), niena wrote:
    About the mature size of Rosa 'Schneekoppe', every estimate I have ever seen says oh 3' x 2-3'. Makes me laugh every time. Because, this gorgeous and beloved rose was happy in my yard, so much so that it exceeded its projected size and I was forced to move it to a more open space. In that space, it grew to be 12ft tall and 15ft wide!! It may still be expanding, but we moved, so I don't know. Yes, I am sure that it was really 'Schneekoppe' (It is unique in all of rosedom for its unusual pale lavender color, and being a Rugosa there just is no other rose like it that I know of!)......Some years back, I worked for White Flower Farm where I bought it and I was nicknamed "the Rose Lady" there, because I have studied roses in depth).
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