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Name: Rachel Farmer
Big Lake, AK
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Question by elfchick2
March 8, 2000
How do you grow a pineapple top? What kind of soil does it need? What are the lighting requirements and temprature requirements? What fertilizer do I use and when do I use it? I live in zone three so It'll be a house plant the inside temp. is about 75 to 80 degrees. Is this okay for the plant? What is the best way to start the top of the plant?

Answer from NGA
March 8, 2000
This is always a fun project and there are different ways to do it. Here are two methods to try:

Select a healthy pineapple at the store. A healthy pineapple will be one that has a top that still looks green, and that is not moldy or dried up. Try pulling a small leaf out of the center of the pineapple. If it
comes out easily, its probably better to move onto a
different pineapple. Cut the leaves of the pineapple off just above where the stem comes out of the top of the
pineapple. Do not leave any of the fruity part of the
pineapple on the stem. Pull off the outer leaves of the
pineapple stem leaving 4-6 big leaves near the center, and
whatever small leaves are hidden inside. Set the shoot aside
for a couple days so that it will harden off, and be less
susceptible to rot. Put the shoot in some water about 1/2
inch deep. (The water should not touch the leaves.) Pint
canning jars are good to use. Set the shoot in a bright spot
out of direct sunlight for a few weeks while roots develop.
After roots have developed, transplant to a pot or garden
spot containing soil that drains well. In northern climates,
pineapples will freeze if not brought indoors for the winter. Remember, pineapples prefer bright locations.

And the second: Cut off the crown or leafy top portion of the pineapple fruit an inch or two below where the leaves attach to the fruit. Remove any of the pulpy fruit flesh clinging to the base of the crown. Then set the crown aside for a week or two to cure.

After curing, pull off the lowest tier of leaves and plant the crown in a rich potting soil covering the base up to where the lower leaves attach. Water thoroughly at planting and then only lightly a couple of times a week. Avoid keeping the soil too wet. Place the plant in a very bright area but out of direct sunlight for a few weeks. When the plant develops roots and new top growth is evident, move it to a bright, sunny location and increase the watering and fertilizing.

Have fun with your project!

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