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Grand Rapids, MI
Question by pkilgo13
May 8, 2006
I have been asked by my Pastor to purchase large plants to put in our Church, and would like to know if you can give me a list of suitable large and medium size plants that will be good for this project. I will be able to care for them at least 3 days of the week but would like to have ones that are relatively easy to care for. I greatly appreciate any help you can give on this project.
Have a Blessed Day,
Pamela Kilgo

Answer from NGA
May 8, 2006


The plants you choose will depend upon the amount of natural light coming into the building. Here are a few suggestions:
Low light plants include Aglaonema commutatum (Silver Evergreen); Aglaonema commutatum cv. Silver King (Silver King Evergreen); Aglaonema modestum (Chinese Evergreen); Aspidistra elatior (Cast-iron Plant); Aspidistra elatior cv. Variegata (Variegated Cast-iron Plant); Chamaedorea elegans (Parlor Palm); Epipremnum aureum (Golden Pothos); Epipremnum aureum cv. Marble Queen (Marble Queen Pothos); Monstera deliciosa (Split-leaf Philodendron); Sansevieria trifasciata (Snake Plant); Sansevieria trifasciata cv. Laurentii (Goldband Sansevieria).

Medium light plants include Aechmea fasciata (Silver Vase); Asparagus densiflorus cv. Myers (Plume Asparagus); Asparagus densiflorus cv. Sprengeri (Sprengeri Asparagus); Asparagus setaceus (Fern Asparagus); Aucuba japonica cv. Variegata (Gold-dust Plant); Brassaia actinophylla (Schefflera); Brassaia arboricola (Dwarf Schefflera); Caryota mitis (Fishtail Palm); Chamaedorea erumpens (Bamboo Plant);
Chlorophytum comosum cv. Variegatum (Spider Plant); Cissus rhombifolia (Grape Ivy);
Dieffenbachia amoena (Giant Dumbcane); Dieffenbachia maculata (Spotted Dumbcane);
Dizygotheca elegantissima (False Aralia); Dracaena deremensis cv. Warneckii (Striped Dracaena); Dracaena fragrans cv. Massangeana (Corn Plant); Dracaena godseffiana (Gold-dust Dracaena); Dracaena marginata (Red-margined Dracaena); Dracaena sanderana (Ribbon Plant); Fatsia japonica (Japanese Fatsia); Ficus benjamina (Weeping Fig); Ficus elastica cv. Decora (India Rubber Plant); Ficus lyrata (Fiddle-leaf Fig); Ficus retusa (Indian Laurel); Gynura aurantiaca (Velvet Plant); Howea forsterana (Kentia Palm); Maranta leuconeura cv. Erythroneura (Red-veined Prayer Plant); Nephrolepsis exatata cv. Bostoniensis (Boston Fern); Peperomia caperata (Emerald Ripple Peperomia); Peperomia obtusifolia (Oval-leaf Peperomia); Philodendron bipennifolium (Fiddle-leaf Philodendron); Philodendron scandens subsp. oxycardium (Heart-leaf Philodendron); Philodendron selloum (Tree Philodendron); Pilea cadierei (Aluminum Plant); Pilea involucrata (Friendship Plant); Plectranthus australis (Swedish Ivy); Polyscias balfouriana cv. Marginata (Variegated Balfour Aralia); Saintpaulia species (African Violet); Spathiphyllum cv. Clevelandi (Cleveland Peace Lily); Spathiphyllum cv. Mauna Loa (Mauna Loa Peace Lily); Syngonium podophyllum cv. Trileaf Wonder (Trileaf Wonder Nephthytis); Tradescantia fluminensis (Inch Plant); Zebrina pendula (Wandering Jew).

Plants for bright light include Aloe barbadensis (Aloe Vera); Alternanthera ficoidea (Joseph?s Coat); Aphelandra squarrosa (Zebra Plant); Araucaria heterophylla (Norfolk Island Pine); Beaucarnea recurvata (Ponytail Palm); Cissus antarctica (Kangaroo Vine); Citrofortunella mitis (Calamondin Orange); Coffea arabica (Coffee); Coleus blumei (Coleus); Cordyline terminalis (Ti Plant); Crassula argentea (Jade Plant); Hibiscus rosa-sinensis (Chinese Hibiscus); Hoya carnosa ( Wax Plant); Iresine lindenii (Blood Leaf); Podocarpus gracilior (Weeping Pododarpus); Polyscias fruticosa (Ming Aralia); Rhoeo spathacea (Moses-in-the-Cradle); and Schlumbergera cv. Bridgesii (Christmas Cactus).

I hope this list gives you lots of ideas!

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