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April 4, 2007
I would like to start a small garden in our backyard, but don't know what to plant. Could you please give me a list showing what kinds of perennials can be easily grown in our area. Thank you.

Answer from NGA
April 4, 2007
Oregon State University has published the following list of perennials for your gardening region:
(you'll find the botanical name, the zone, height and width, description and common name, in that order)
Acanthus mollis 7 18" X 3' Large, shiny green leaves. Spike
Grecian Pattern Plant Med. Part shade of lilac or rose flowers in June.
Achillea species 3 3' X 2' Native. Yellow or pastel flowers
Yarrow Low Sun in June-Sept. Good cut or dried.
Aconitum napellus 3 4' X 18" Blue or soft pink helmet-shaped
Monkshood High Sun-Part flowers July-August. Poisonous.
Aegopodium variegata 3 6" X 30" Low, dense mass of light green
Variegated Bishop's Weed Med. Part Shade leaves with white edges. Spreads.
Agapanthus africanus 8 2' X 2' Evergreen. Stalks of blue or white
Lily Of The Nile Low Sun-Part flowers in summer. Needs shelter.
Ajuga reptans 3 5" X 12" Evergreen. Blue flowers. Green
Carpet Bugle Med. Sun-Part bronze purple or varieg. leaves.
Alcea rosea 4 5' X 2' Biennial. Old fashioned favorite
Hollyhock Med. Sun now in many colors July-August.
Alchemilla mollis 4 15" X 1' Scalloped leaves hold raindrops.
Lady's Mantle Med. Sun-Part Good cut greenish flowers in June
Allium giganteum 4 5' X 1' Bulb. Ball-like clusters of lilac
Giant Allium Med. Sun flowers in July.
Alstroemeria premium 8 2' X 3' Orange yellow pink red and white
Peruvian Lily Med. Part Sun flowers June to July. Good cut.
Amaryllis belladona 6 2' X 1' Bulb. Fragrant pink trumpet flowers
Naked Lady Low Sun-Part on naked stalks after leaves die.
Anemone blanda 4 4" X 6" Bulb. Single blue pink or white
Windflower Low Part Sun flower in March.
Anemone coronaria 5 2' X 15" Bulb. Red, blue, purple or white
Wind Flower Med. Part shade flowers May and June. Good cut.
Anemone huphensis 5 2' X 15" Purple to white flowers in fall.
Japanese Anemone Med. Sun-Part Excellent for cut flowers.
Aquilegia species 3 2' X 18" Red white or blue flowers in May.
Columbine Med. Sun-Part Attracts hummingbirds.
Arabis caucasica 5 4" X 1' White flowers on fleshy leaves in
Rock Cress Med. Sun March to April. Good rock garden.
Arctostaphylos uva-ursi 2 2' X 3' Native evergreen. Pink flowers.
Kinnikinnick Low Sun-Shade red berries. Good groundcover.
Arenaria montana 3 4" X 18" Low mound of white flowers from
Montana Sandwort Med. Sun-Part March to April. Likes lime.
Armeria martima 3 10" X 1' Evergreen. Low mound of leaves.
Sea Thrift Med. Sun-Part Pink or white flowers April-June.
Artemisia species 3 1' X 2' Silvery leaves in many shapes.
Wormwood Low Sun Yellow flowers in August.
Asclepias tuberosa 3 2' X 3' Bright orange flowers from July to
Butterfly Weed Med. Sun September. Attracts butterflies.
Aster frikartii 4 3' X 2' Large lavender blue daisies from
Frikart Aster Med. Sun May to frost if deadheaded.
Aster species 4 18" X 1' Daisy flowers in many colors bloom
Asters Med. Sun August to frost. Good cut.
Aster tongolensis 'Wartburg' 4 1' X 1' Violet flowers with golden orange
Wartburg Aster Med. Sun centers in June to September.
Astilbe arendsii 4 2' X 18" Tall spikes of red pink or white
Astilbe High Sun-Shade flowers from May to July.
Aubrieta deltoidea 4 5" X 15" Low mat of red to blue flowers in
Rock Cress Med. Sun-Part March to May. Good in rock walls.
Aurinia saxatilis 4 10" X 1' Evergreen. Green gray leaves with
Basket Of Gold Med. Sun-Part yellow flowers from April-June.
Baptisia australis 3 3' X 4' Spikes of small indigo blue flowers
False Indigo Low Sun in summer. Attractive seeds.
Bellis perennis 3 5" X 6" Red, rose, and white flowers in
English Daisy Med. Sun-Part April and May. Good in lawns.
Bergenia cordifolia 3 15" X 2' Evergreen. Large heart shaped
Heartleaf Bergenia Med. Shade-Part leaves. Pink flowers in spring.
Brunnera macrophylla 3 18" X 1' Airy clusters of blue flowers above
Siberian Bugloss Med. Part Shade heart shaped leaves in March-June
Campanula species 3 1-5' X 1' Bell or star shaped flowers. Many
Bellflower High Shade-Part forms and colors are available.
Canna species 7 3-6' X 2' Tall stalk with large leaves and
Canna Med. Sun many colored flowers.
Catananche caerulea 4 18" X 1' Gray green leaves. Deep blue flo-
Cupid's Dart Low Sun wers June to August. Good dried.
Ceanothus gloriosus 9 1' X 3' Evergreen. Blue flowers in late
Point Reyes Ceanothus Low Sun spring. Good groundcover.
Centaurea species 5 2' X 2' Silver gray leaves. Blue flowers in
Cornflower Med. Sun June-Sept. Good cut flowers.
Centranthus ruber 4 3' X 18" Rosy red flowers from June to Sept.
Jupiter's Beard Low Sun-Part Good cut flowers. Needs drainage.
Cerastium tomentosum 3 6" X 2' Evergreen. Silvery gray leaves.
Snow-in-Summer Med. Sun-Part Whie flowers in early summer.
Ceratostigma plumbaginoides 5 18" X 2' Intense blue flowers from July to
Dwarf Plumbago Med. Sun-Part September. Reddish new leaves.
Chrysanthemum coccineum 4 2' X 18" Fern-like leaves. Pink red or white
Painted Daisy Med. Sun flowers in May. Good cut flower.
Chrysanthemum maximum 7 2-4' X 2' Large white single or double
Shasta Daisy Med. Sun flowers May to October. Good cut.
Chrysanthemum morifolium 7 2' X 3' Many colors and styles of flowers
Garden Chrysanthemum Med. Sun August to frost. Good cut.
Cimicifuga racemosa 3 6' X 3' Spikes of white flowers from July
Bugbane Med. Shade-Part to Oct. Seed clusters good dried.
Conradina verticillata 5 1' X 3' Aromatic leaves. Lavender pink
Cumberland Rosemary Med. Sun flowers in June.
Convallaria majilis 2 6" X 15" Small fragrant bell-shaped white
Lilly-of-the-Valley Med. Part Shade flowers in May. Poisonous.
Convolvulus cneorum 8 2-4' X 4' Evergreen. White or light pink
Silver Bush Morning Glory Low Sun-Part trumpet flowers May to September.
Convolvulus mauritanicus 7 15" X 3' Evergreen. Lavender blue trumpet
Ground Morning Glory Low Sun-Part flowers June to November.
Coreopsis species 3 18" X 12" Profuse yellow daisies from June
Coreopsis Low Sun to September.
Cornus canadensis 2 4" X 2' Deciduous. White flowers in
Bunchberry Med. Sun-Shade spring. Red berries in fall.
Corydalis lutea 6 15" X 15" Masses of gray-green divided leaves
Corydalis High Part Shade Yellow flowers June-August.
Cotoneaster dammeri 6 6" X 3' Evergreen. White flowers in
Bearberry Cotoneaster Low Sun-Shade spring. Orange berries in fall.
Crocosmia crocosmiliflora 6 3' X 1' Strings of orange-crimson flowers
Montbretia Low Sun_Part in July and August. Good cut.
Crocus sativus 5 6" X 4" Bulb. Lilac flowers in fall.
Fall or Saffron Crocus Low Sun Stigma of flower makes saffron.
Crocus vernus 3 4" X 4" Bulb. White, pink, blue, or purple
Dutch Crocus Low Sun-Part flowers in February to March.
Cyclamen hederifolium 9 4" X 1' Leaves marbled silver and white.
Hardy Cyclamen Med. Sun-Part White or pink flowers August-Oct.
Delphinium hybrids 3 3-6' X 2' Tall spikes of blue,lavender, or
Larkspur Med. Sun white in June. Good cut.
Dianthus species 3 1-3' X 1' Low mound or tall cut flower in
Carnation or Pinks Med. Sun-Part pink, red and white May to July.
Diascia species 3 10" X 2' Low spreading plant with pink
Twinspur Low Sun-Part flowers from June to September.
Dicentra luxuriant 2 18" X 18" Dark blue-green fern-like leaves.
Luxuriant Bleeding Hearts Med. Sun-Shade Dark red flowers April to June.
Dicentra spectabilis 4 30" X 3' Dainty pink or white flowers in
Bleeding Hearts Med. Shade-Part April to June.
Dietes bicolor 8 18" X 15" Iris-like leaves with yellow and
African Iris Med. Sun-Part maroon flowers spring to fall.
Digitalis purpurea 3 4' X 1' Spike of white to pink spotted
Pink Foxglove Med. Part shade flowers. Leaves are poisonous.
Doronicum cordatum 4 18" X 12" Low mound. Yellow daisy flowers on
Leopard's Bane Med. Part Shade tall stems April-June. Good cut.
Echinacea purpurea 4 4' X 3' Showy flowers of drooping purple
Purple Coneflower Med. Sun petals in summer.
Echinops exaltatus 3 3' X 1' Coarse, prickly, gray-green leaves.
Globe thistle Med. Sun Steel blue flowers July to Sept.
Epimedium grandiflorum 4 1' X 3' Evergreen. Red white pink or
Bishop's Hat Med. Part Shade violet flowers. Bronze leaves.
Erigeron species 7 18" X 1' Aster-like white, lavender or pink
Fleabane Med. Sun-Part flowers August to frost. Native.
Eryngium amethystinum 2 2' X 1' Thistle-like plant. Steel blue or
Sea holly Low Sun amethyst flowers July to Sept.
Eschscholzia californica 1' X 2' Yellow, pink, or white poppies all
California Poppy Med. Sun summer. Remove dead flowers.
Euphorbia species 4 2' X 2' Narrow leaves with showy chartreuse
Spurge Low Sun bracts. Blooms from May to June.
Euryops pectinatus 8 5' X 3' Bright yellow daisy-like flowers
Golden Shrub Daisy Low Sun March-October. Needs protection.
Felicia amelloides 9 18" X 4' Sky-blue, yellow-centered daisies
Blue Marguerite Med. Sun all summer. Fragrant leaves.
Fern, Adiantum species 3 2' X 18" Native. Fronds fork in finger-like
Maidenhair Fern High Shade pattern on slender black stems.
Fern, Athyrium filix-femina 6 4' X 3' Fine double cut leaves arch up and
Lady Fern High Shade out.
Fern, Blechnum spicant 2' X 2' Low spreading sterile fronds and
Deer Fern Med. Shade upright fertile fronds.
Fern, Dryopteris erythrosora 5 18" X 18" Fronds are reddish in spring, dark
Autumn Fern Med. Shade-Part green in summer.
Fern, Dryopteris expansa 4 2' X 2' Finely divided upright fronds die
Wood Fern Med. Shade-Part down in winter.
Fern, Polystichum munitum 7 3' X 3' Native evergreen. Excellent for
Sword Fern Low Shade woodsy area. Needs little water.
Fern, Polystichum setiferum 5 1' X 2' Evergreen. Low spreading, finely
Alaskan Fern Med. Shade cut fronds.
Fragaria chiloensis 2 6" X 1' Evergreen. White flowers in
Wild Strawberry Med. Sun-Part spring. Small red berries.
Freesia species 3 15" X 1' Bulb. Fragrant flowers in many
Freesia Med. Sun-Part colors in May. Good cut flower.
Fritillaria species 5 2-4' X 1' Bulb. Unusual flowers of orange,
Fritillaria Sun-Part yellow, or checkered purple/white
Fuchsia magellanica 4 3' X 3' Red, white, and violet flowers on
Hardy Fuchsia High Part Shade rounded bush July to frost.
Gaillardia grandiflora 3 2' X 2' Daisy-like flowers of yellow, red,
Blanket Flower Low Sun orange and maroon June to frost.
Galanthus nivalis 3 8" X 8" Bulb. Dainty white bells in Feb. to
Snowdrop Med. Shade-Part March. Naturalizes under trees.
Galium odoratum 4 8" X 2' Small white flowers on dense mat
Sweet Woodruff Med. Shade of green from May to August.
Gaultheria procumbens 3 1' X 3' Evergreen. Pink bell flowers in
Wintergreen Med. Sun-Shade spring. Red edible berries.
Gaultheria shallon 6 2' X 3' Evergreen. Pink bell flowers in
Salal Med. Sun-Shade spring. Black edible berries.
Gaura lindheimeri 5 2' X 2' Pink buds open into white flowers
Gaura Low Sun like white butterflies June-Sept.
Gentiana species 3 1' X 1' Dark blue flowers in July to Sept.
Gentian High Sun Needs good drainage & acid soil.
Geranium species 5 2' X 2' Small to large cut leaves. White to
Cranesbill Geranium Med. Sun-Part purple flowers in summer.
Geum chiloense 4 1' X 1' Stems of red to copper flowers
Geum Med. Sun-Part above divided leaves in summer.
Gomphrena globosa 10" X 1' Rounded flower heads in red purple
Globe Amaranth Low Sun-Part and white. Excellent dried.
Goniolimon tataricum 4 1' X 1' Many branched white flowerhead in
German Statice Low Sun July-August. Excellent dried.
Grass, Acorus grami. 'Variega.' 5 1' X 1' Golden grasslike leaves resembles
Golden Varieg. Sweet Flag High Sun tiny iris. Likes lots of water.
Grass, Arrhe. elatius bulbosum' 4 12" X 18" Narrow leaves boldly edged with
Bulbous Oat Grass Med. Sun-Part white.
Grass, Carex buchananii 6 2' X 3' Grasslike clumps of reddish bronze
Fox Red Curly Sedge High Sun-Part with curly tips. Moist soil.
Grass, Carex morrowii expallida 5 1' X 18" Drooping leaves striped with white.
Variegated Japanese Sedge High Sun-Part
Grass, Cortaderia selloana 7 15' X 10' Large clump of grass with tall
Pampas Grass Any Sun white or pink plumes in fall
Grass, Deschampsia caespitosa v 5 18" X 12" Dark green clump of grass. Seed
Tufted Hair Grass Med. Sun-Part stalks produce plantlets.
Grass, Festuca ovina 'Glauca' 4 10" X 10" Evergreen. Low clumps of fine blue
Blue Fescue Grass Low Sun-Part grass.
Grass, Hakonech. macra 'Aureola 5 18" X 18" Graceful slender leaves with gold
Japanese Forest Grass Med. Shade stripes. Spreads slowly.
Grass, Imperata cylind. 'Rubra' 5 18" X 18" Top half of stems are blood red.
Japanese Blood Grass Med. Sun-Part Purplish in winter.
Grass, Miscanthus sinesnsis 5 5' X 4' Tall, graceful grass. Tan or brown
Japanese Maiden Grass High Sun-Shade in winter.
Grass, Pennisetum set. 'Rubrum' 6 4' X 3' Dense, rounded clump topped with
Purple Fountain Grass Low Sun-Part purple flower stalks. Likes dry.
Grass, Stipa gigantea 7 6' X 6' Clumps of 3' leaves with 6' tall
Giant Feather Grass Med. Sun and wide yellowish seed heads.
Gunnera manicata 7 8' X 6' Huge leaves with prominent veins.
Dinosaur Food High Part shade Tiny red fruit. Needs rich soil.
Gypsophila paniculata 3 3' X 3' Tiny pink flowers on branched stems
Baby's Breath Med. Sun July to October. Good cut.
Hebe species 8 3' X 3' Evergreen. Many leaf sizes and
Hebe Med. Sun-Part colors. Blue to purple flowers
Helianthemum nummularium 5 6" X 1' Red, orange, yellow, pink, peach &
Sunrose Low Sun white flowers in June to August.
Helianthus species 4 5' X 2' Tall stalk with yellow flowers from
Sunflower High Sun July to September. Good cut.
Heliotropium arborescens 9 4' X 4' Tender perennial. Very fragrant
Heliotrope Med. Sun-Part blue flowers in summer.
Helleborus niger 4 18" X 1' Leartherly dark green leaves. White
Christmas Rose High Shade-Part flowers turn purplish. Dec-April.
Hemerocallis hybrids 3 3' X 2' Yellow orange bronze red or white
Daylily Med. Sun flowers May to October. Easy care
Herniaria glabra 2" X 1' Tiny green leaves turn bronzy in
Green Carpet Med. Sun-Shade winter. Good groundcover.
Heuchera sanguinea 3 2' X 18" Evergreen. Tall stalks of dainty
Coral Bells Med. Sun-Part coral flowers in April-August.
Hibiscus moscheutos 4 5' X 5' 8" red, pink, rose or white flowers
Rose Mallow Med. Sun from June until frost.
Hosta species 3 30" X 18" Colorful leaves with tall stalks of
Hosta Med. Shade-Part lavender flowers. Bait for slugs.
Hyacinthus orientalis 4 8" X 6" Bulb. Very fragrant spikes of blue,
Hyacinth Low Sun-Shade white, or purple in April to May.
Hypericum calycinum 6 2' X 2' Evergreen. Large yellow flowers
St. Johns Wort Med. Sun-Shade in summer
Iberis sempervirens 3 1' X 1' Evergreen. White flowers in April
Candytuft Med. Sun cover low mound of small leaves.
Iris "Dutch Hybrid" 5 8" X 5" Bulb. Slender stalks topped by iris
Dutch Iris Med. Sun-Part flower in many colors in April.
Iris hybrids 4 3' X 2' Bulb. Many sizes and colors of
Bearded Iris Med. Sun flowers in May and June.
Iris kampferi 5 3' X 2' Large white, lavender, purple or
Japanese Iris High Sun-Part blue flowers in May. Wet or dry.
Iris siberica 4 3' X 2' White, yellow, lavender, purple or
Siberian Iris High Sun-Part blue flowers in May. Wet or dry.
Kniphofia uvaria 5 3' X 2' Spikes of orange-red flowers July
Red Hot Poker Low Sun to August. Attracts hummingbirds.
Laurentia fluviatilis 3" X 1' Evergreen. Blue star-like flowers
Blue Star Creeper Med. Sun-Part in late spring and summer.
Lavandula species 6 30" X 3' Evergreen. Gray leaves with fra-
Lavender Low Sun grant lavender flowers July-Aug.
Lavatera thuringiaca 6 5' X 5' Evergreen. Hollyhock like pink
Tree Mallow Low Sun flowers all summer.
Leontipodium alpinus 6" X 8" White woolly leaves. Flowers and
Edelweis Med. Sun-Part floral leaves in May to July.
Leucojum vernum 6" X 6" Bulb. Clusters of white bells in
Snowflake Med. Shade March. Naturalizes under trees.
Lewisia cotyledon 3 10" X 5" Evergreen. Pink to orange flowers
Lewisia Low Sun-Part in May above rosette of leaves.
Liatris spicata 3 3' X 1' Narrow plume of fluffy rose-purple
Spike Gayfeather Low Sun flowers July-Sept. Excellent cut.
Ligularia dentata 5 3' X 30" Large heart-shaped red leaves with
Golden Ray Med. Sun-Shade yellow flowers August to Sept.
Lilium asiatic hybrids 4 3' X 18" Bulb. Very fragrant flowers in many
Asian Lily Med. Sun colors in late summer. Good cut.
Limonium latifolium 3 2' X 18" White and blue or pink flowers from
Sea Lavender Low Sun May to July. Needs good drainage.
Linaria purpurea 3' X 1' Purple snapdragon-like flowers all
Toadflax Med. Sun summer and fall.
Linum perenne 5 18" X 12" Profuse light blue flowers May to
Perennial Blue Flax Low Sun September. Fern-like leaves.
Liriope species 6 18" X 18" Clumps of grass-like leaves with
Lilyturf Med. Shade-Part spikes of blue flowers July-Oct.
Lithodora diffusa 6 5" X 3' Evergreen. Brilliant blue flowers
Lithospermum Med. Sun-Part May to July.
Lobelia cardinalis 4 3' X 1' Flame red flowers in June-July at-
Cardinal Flower Med. Sun tract hummingbirds & butterflies.
Lupinus hybrid 4 30" X 18" Stately flower spikes up to 1' from
Hybrid Lupine Med. Sun June to August. Good cut flowers.
Lychnis coronaria 6 2' X 18" Silky white foliage. Magenta to
Rose campion Low Sun-Part crimson flowers from May to July.
Lysimachia nummularia 3 6' X 3' Evergreen. Yellow flowers in
Creeping Jenny Med. Sun-Shade summer. Good groundcover.
Lysimachia punctata 3 2' X 1' Slender spikes of yellow flowers
Loosestrife Med. Sun-Part June to August. May be invasive.
Mahonia repens 6 2' X 2' Evergreen. Yellow flowers in
Creeping Oregon Grape Low Sun-shade spring. Black berries in fall.
Matricaria recutia 8" X 1' Fine cut fern-like leaves with
Feverfew, Chamomile Low Sun white & yellow flowers June-July.
Meconopsis betonicifolia 3' X 18" Sky blue poppies on a tall leafy
Himalayan Blue Poppy Med. Shade-Part stem in June to July.
Mentha requienii 7 1" X 1' Evergreen. Very low. Very
Corsican Mint Med. Sun-Part fragrant when bruised or crushed.
Mertensia virginica 3 20" X 1' Native. Pink turning to blue petti-
Virginia Bluebells Med. Shade-Part coat flowers in April and May.
Monarda didyma 3 2' X 18" White, scarlet, or purple flowers
Bee balm, Bergamot Med. Sun June-August attract hummingbirds.
Muscari armeniacum 2 6" X 6" Bulb. Bright blue flowers on 6"
Grape Hyacinth Low Sun-Part spikes in March and April.
Myosotis sylvatica 6 8" X 8" Blue, pink, or white flowers May to
Forget-Me-Not Med. Sun-Shade September. Spreads easily.
Narcissus species 4 2' X 1' Bulb. Yellow, orange, or white flo-
Daffodils Low Sun-Part wers in March to April. Easy.
Oenothera species 4 6" X 16" Large, light yellow flowers May to
Evening Primrose Low Sun September. Good groundcover.
Ophiopogon japonicus 6 8" X 10" Evergreen. Dark green tufts like
Mondo Grass Med. Sun-Shade grass. Lilac flowers in summer.
Pachysandra terminalis 4 6" X 1' Evergreen. White flower spikes.
Japanese Spurge High Shade-Part Dark green leaves. Groundcover.
Paeonia lactiflora 2 2' X 2' Ever popular plant in many colors
Bush Peony Med. Sun-Part in May. Good cut flowers.
Paeonia suffruticosa 5 5' X 5' Large flowers up to 1' across in
Tree Peony Med. Sun-Part many colors in May. Some double.
Papaver nudicaule 2 14" X 10" 3-4" flowers in many colors from
Iceland Poppy Low Sun-Part April to September. Good cut.
Papaver orentalis 2 3' X 18" Large hairy divided leaves. 3-6"
Oriental Poppy Low Sun-Part flowers in May to June.
Penstemon species 4 18" X 18" Soft pink to deep purple flowers
Penstemon, Beard Tongue Low Sun June-Aug. Attracts hummingbirds.
Perovskia atriplicifolia 5 4' X 3' Gray-green leaves. Violet blue
Russian Sage Low Sun flower spikes July to Sept.
Phlox sublata 2 4" X 1' Evergreen. Dense mat of color in
Creeping Phlox Med. Sun May. Needs good drainage.
Phormium tenax 9 5' X 8' Dramatic clumps of straplike leaves
New Zealand Flax Any Sun-Part with red flowers. Salt tolerant.
Platycodon grandiflorus 3 3' X 2' Balloon-like buds open to blue pink
Baloon Flower Med. Part Shade or white flowers June to August.
Plumbago auriculata 9 5' X 8' Semi-evergreen. White to blue
Cape Plumbago Low Sun flowers April until frost.
Polemonium caeruleum 3 2' X 1' Clusters of sky blue flowers above
Jacob's Ladder High Shade-Part ladder-like leaves June to August
Potentilla verna nana 4" X 1' Yellow flowers in summer.
Dwarf Potentilla Med. Sun Good groundcover.
Primula species 7 6" X 6" Hardy flowers in late winter in
Primroses High Sun-Part many colors. Needs good drainage.
Pulmonaria longifolia 4 1' X 18" Dark green leaves with white spots.
Lungwort Med. Shade-Part Deep blue flowers in June & July.
Ranunculus asiaticus 4 15" X 1' Bulb. Yellow, orange, red, pink, or
Persian Ranunculus Med. Sun white flowers in April to June.
Rhodohypoxis baurii 4 4" X 4" Mass of rose red flowers in spring
Rhodohypoxis Med. Sun and summer. Good rock garden.
Romneya coulteri 4 6' X 3' Fragrant large white flowers May
Matilija Poppy Low Sun to July. Good cut flowers.
Rosmarinus officinalis 8 2' X 5' Aromatic leaves with blue flowers
Rosemary Low Sun in spring. Needs good drainage.
Rudbeckia hirta 3 30" X 2' Large yellow flowers with brown
Black Eyed Susan Med. Sun center from June to October.
Sagina sublata 3" X 1' Dense mat of dark green with small
Irish Moss Med. Sun-Part white flowers in spring.
Sagina sublata 'Aurea' 3" X 1' Dense mat of light green with small
Scotch Moss Med. Sun-Part white flowers in spring.
Salvia species 4 2' X 1' Narrow gray-green leaves. Fragrant
Garden Sage Low Sun blue or pink flowers June-August.
Santolina chamaecyparissus 6 18" X 2' Silvery-gray, finely divided leaves
Lavender Cotton Low Sun are fragrant when crushed.
Saponaria species 2 1' X 3' Dark, oval leaves with pink flowers
Soapwort Low Sun in spring. Good groundcover.
Saxafraga umbrosa 5 5" X 10" Small white star-like flowers with
London Pride Saxafrage Med. Sun-Part a reddish tinge in April-June.
Scabiosa caucasica 3 20" X 15" Blue, pink or white flowers June to
Pincushion Med. Sun frost. Good cut or dried.
Scaevola aemula 9 6" X 3' Evergreen. Lavender blue flowers
Fan Flowers Med. Sun almost all year. Good groundcover
Scilla campanulata 4 15" X 12" Bulb. Spikes of blue, white or pink
Wood Hyacinth Sun-Part flowers in May. Easy to grow.
Sedum species 3 3" X 1' Evergreen. Heat and drought resis-
Sedum Low Sun-Part tant. Yellow flowers in spring.
Sedum spectibile & S.telephium 3 18" X 15" Succulent leaves with large pink,
Fall Sedum Low Sun red, or orange flowers in fall.
Sempervivum species 4 6" X 12" Rosettes of green and purple leaves
Hen and Chicks Low Sun Red or yellow flowers in fall.
Sisyrinchium angustifolium 3 1' X 1' Green or bluish leaves. Purple &
Blue-eyed Grass Med. Sun yellow flowers in May to June.
Solidago canadensis 4 2' X 18" Large clusters of golden yellow
Goldenrod Med. Sun-Part flowers July to October.
Stachys byzantina 4 1' X 2' Soft, white, wooly leaves. Small
Lamb's Ear Low Sun-Part purplish flower spikes in June
Stokesia laevis 5 18" X 18" Aster-like flowers of blue, violet,
Stokes Aster Med. Sun or white in June to September.
Thymus species 5 4" X 1' Aromatic leaves with tiny red to
Thyme Low Sun-Part blue flowers. Good groundcover.
Trilium ovatum 4 1' X 6" Three leaves with white flower
Trillium Med. Shade-Part aging to pink in March.
Tulipa species 4 6-24"X8" Bulb. Many colors of flowers in
Tulip Med. Sun March to May. Needs good drainage
Verbascum species 6 3' X 1' White wooly leaves. Yellow or
Mullein Low Sun-Part purple flowers in summer.
Verbena hyb. 'Homestead Purple' 7 10" X 3' Evergreen. Purple flowers spring to
Homestead Purple Verbena Med. Sun fall. Good groundcover.
Veronica spicata 3 2' X 1' Deep blue or red flower spikes.
Speedwell Med. Sun-Part 'Red Fox' is good for cut flowers
Vinca minor 4 1' X 3' Evergreen. Blue, white or purple
Periwinkle Med. Sun-Shade flowers in spring and summer.
Viola odorata 5 6" X 1' Dark purple flowers and a lovely
Sweet Violet Med. Sun-Part fragrance in February to April
Viola wittrockiana 5 6" X 6" Winter pansies in many colors can
Pansy Med. Sun-Shade bloom all year in part shade.
Waldestenia fragarioides 2 3" X 8" Evergreen. Strawberry-like plant.
Barren Strawberry Med. Sun-Part Yellow flowers in spring
Zantedeschia species 2 2' X 2' White, yellow or pink flowers in
Calla Lily High Sun-Part May. Likes damp soil.

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