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Palm Coast, Fl
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Question by tonygtech
February 6, 2009
I have dollar weed which started last year and I have not been successful in killing this weed even thought I used what is called a weed killer and dollar weed killer. It is taking over my lawn in central Florida. I purchased Ortho weed killer with dollar weed killer at your store and I have not been successful with this product. Is there a solution to ridding my lawn from this weed?Thank you

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A comment from fpaullee
February 18, 2018
test your soil, first. I think you will find the Ph low. lime your soil and I think you will find the dollar weed easier to kill.

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A comment from peterjamesunderwood
August 11, 2021
My lawn was taken over by Dollarweed 3 summers ago whilst we were away for 3 months!!! we have auto sprinklers. I read everything on the web about how to kill them, and tried many commercial and home made product..some worked to begin with abut then returned with avengeance .NOTHING WORKED. I DISCOVERED WHY. dollar weed grows from risomes and those are what needs to be killed. I spoke with a professor at Cornell university and was told nothing works except digging them up. This works but it is not for the faint of heart!! To do in summer only
1) turn off any sprinklers
2) cover the whole of the invaded area with black HD plastic sheet and leave for 2 months, killing the leaves.
3) remove and set aside plastic
4) dig up the whole area 4/6 inches deep.roto tilling first helps.
5) Haul away dirt with the dollar weed roots & risomes.
6) cover the whole area again with the plastic & wait 2 months.
7)Remove plasic and dispose appropriately
8) rake the area to turn up any bits of root (white/yellow and any risomes (like peanuts) and drop in bucket of ammonia.
9) install 2 to3 inches of topsoil mixed with sand or vermiculite for a fluffy mixture. consult turf supplier for best type of grass for your geographic area.
10) install sod over whole area water and fertilize.
11) there may be a few weed heads that surface. cut the sod, remove any root or risomes &reinstall sod &water
I followed this method, had 2 or 3 scattered dollar weeds appear the following year but after removing those, we have had a beautiful lawn
This is the only way to completely eradicate this pest, other methods are a waste of time, money and effort.

Answer from NGA
February 6, 2009
Dollarweed, also called Pennywort, is a small broadleaf plant. The best way to get rid of it is to hand pull it from the root.The problem is that it grows in large patches and it replaces itself quickly so that few find pulling it up a reasonable solution. There are, however, a plethora of avenues of attack to try.

Try weed-killing chemicals. There are chemicals available including WipeOut by GreenLight which will kill the weeds but not their seeds so multiple applications will be needed. A product called Image is also an option. It's especially good for use with St. Augustine grass. The chemical of choice was Atrizine which has been banned as an herbicide by the EPA. You can still get the same chemical in weed and feed preparations and use that.

Use regular table sugar on the lawn. One pound should cover about 250 to 300 square feet. Put down your sugar and water it well and keep your lawn mowed as you usually do. Within a couple of weeks you should see fewer weeds.

Choose a natural weed killing herbicide whose main ingredient is 10 percent vinegar. You have to use 10 percent vinegar only--regular vinegar is of no use--check with your local nursery or gardening department. The formula for this is as follows: 1 gallon of 10 percent vinegar, 1 oz. orange oil, 1 tbsp. molasses (the ordinary kitchen type), 1 tsp. liquid soap. Shake well and use full strength on warm to hot days for best results. Don't spray on plants you want to keep alive as it will harm any plant it touches.

If all else fails, try the experts. If you're anywhere near a university they usually have an extension service that provides information and assistance with tough yard and garden problems. They're also great for information on all kinds of kitchen safety, pest problems, and soil testing.

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A comment from Toegard
November 13, 2017
It appears the suggestions above gives many options.
But where does one option start and end. May I try each one and how long should I wait before trying the other option. When is the best time to experiment? I would think Springtime would be the best. Please clarify each option. Somewhat confusing where one option starts and ends since they are not numbered.

Name: Anita
West Fulton, NY (Zone 5a)
"Let food be thy medicine...."
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February 17, 2018
Start with the least invasive to the environment first. Hand pulling but that seems impossible with the nature of the plant. So start with the sugar solution. You could spot kill with the vinegar at the same time. Remember that the vinegar is a general herbicide and once it gets down into the roots will kill what is besides it and the way water will flow. It should be the same way the "weed" is growing. I discourage any use of man made chemicals. They are poisons to water, people, domestic and wild life. I agree with keeping your lawn mowed but at 3 inches, shorter you'd be subject to drought and other problems. Other options: live with it and add it to your salad. My "lawn" is full of goodies.

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A comment from phil2
February 17, 2018
what about a flame thrower! I find most weeds will nto withstand that heat

Name: Anita
West Fulton, NY (Zone 5a)
"Let food be thy medicine...."
A comment from Lioba
February 19, 2018
I think phil2 is not saying torch your lawn but to spot torch the weed. @phil2 does that get down to the roots?

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Answer from eftmuziek
February 19, 2018
i ticked pennywort in Ecosia browser and i found a vEry interesting bundle of knowledge !

Therefore would love to share it with each and every1 of you :

many thanks to the wise people behind this who wanted to share their wisdom !!

greetings from the other side of Earthtown

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Answer from Gobblertales
March 8, 2018
We are trying to get rid of dollar weed but do not want to use chemicals because of our little dachshund puppy. Tried a homeopathic type thing called Burnout didn't work . Certainly can't use anything with sugar or molasses etc. If the pup does't try and eat it certainly ants or other critters will ......going to try the boiling water but I am beginning to think there just isn't an answer. (Pulling them all up is not an option either lol) way to many ....

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