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By Buzzbea424 on Dec 4, 2018 1:32 PM, concerning Bluestone Perennials:

I've been a Bluestone customer for over 30 years. I've watched both their catalog and their selection grow. Their wonderful customer service remains the same. Gardening in Arkansas can be a challenge. It sleets and snows after the last frost dates. Plants advertised for sun bake in 100 degree days. Drought resistant plants rot in unprecedented amounts of rain.

It doesn't matter. Bluestone guarantees that their plants will grow and come back the next year. They will replace plants that do not survive. They even give you a choice. If it seems that a particular type of plant fails in your environment., they'll send you something else that won't. I've bought plants from many nurseries. This is the best guarantee a gardener can get.

By Buzzbea424 on Dec 4, 2018 1:07 PM, concerning Gardener's Supply Company:

I am very pleased with the customer service at Gardener's Supply. They were excellent at honoring their guarantee. I received a set of decorative stakes as a present. One broke in a windstorm. As it had been discontinued, they gave me a gift certificate for the value of the damaged item without question.

By zuzu on Dec 3, 2018 8:20 PM, concerning Antique Rose Emporium:

Orders are processed and shipped quickly, without any clerical errors or mislabeling. The plants are healthy and large for the price, and the packaging is superlative. It holds the potted plants firmly in place without damaging any of the canes, but it's also easy to remove from the plants by hand because it doesn't include any heavy-duty staples or anything else requiring tools for removal. In addition, I think it's highly commendable that this nursery, in contrast to some other own-root nurseries, does not offer roses that won't grow well on their own roots.

By TShutters on Nov 27, 2018 12:23 PM, concerning Mary's Garden Patch:

I decided to place an order for daffodils with Mary's Garden Patch because of their support of the National Gardening Association. The bulbs I received were large and very healthy. The shipment was on time and the packaging was great. I'll be ordering from Mary's again soon.

By DraDiana on Nov 24, 2018 10:48 PM, concerning Perfect Plants:

3 perfect roses from the NARR arrived in perfect condition, still blooming:
Thumb of 2018-11-25/DraDiana/08058a

By DraDiana on Nov 24, 2018 9:40 PM, concerning Easy Digging Garden Hoes and Tools:

The Unbreakable Broadfork is a simple but amazingly powerful tool.
The sycamore sapling below is 11 feet tall, has a 6 1/4 foot horizontal root and I was able to remove 11/2 feet of the vertical root with the Broadfork, my hands and a little hand pruner (also in photo).
Thumb of 2018-11-25/DraDiana/e06c79
I'm 58 years old, with chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia. I let this sycamore sapling grow for the last 4 years, because I simply didn't have the strength to dig it out of my rock and red clay soil with a pick and shovel.
I had 2nd pick in the NARR, and was thinking of picking something else. Fortunately, I asked my local CSA farmer family if they knew what a Broadfork was, and they said they had a standard sized one for her and a tall one for him. They had paid nearly $300 apiece for theirs, and said they use them constantly, and they were worth every penny, although they paid more than what Easy Digging charges. If I had not had the amazing good fortune to win mine in the NARR, I would order an Unbreakable Broadfork from Easy Digging in a heartbeat, knowing what I do now.

By ausrpned on Nov 15, 2018 6:01 AM, concerning Gingin Nursery:

Have had good dealings with this establishment for a number of years, which led me to ask if they would allow my Epi's to be ordered through this nursery.

By wilmarosebud on Nov 4, 2018 3:57 PM, concerning GrowJoy:

This is a Ruby Mound Mum from GrowJoy that I won in July. I just wanted to share the results as seen a few months later. As you can see, a beautiful plant!
Thumb of 2018-11-04/wilmarosebud/6f43ca

By piksihk on Nov 2, 2018 2:19 PM, concerning Mary's Garden Patch:

I just received my prize of 20 Ziva paperwhites from Mary's in the Sept. not a raffle raffle. Mary texted me when they expected to ship and then when bulbs were shipped, she texted me with delivery confirmation number. The box arrived and Wow, the bulbs are huge - at least up to 2 inches - all looked healthy.

I got on website and found other bulbs that are enticing me!

Thank you, Mary.

By jmorth on Nov 1, 2018 12:39 PM, concerning Perfect Plants:

After I won a NaRR, Perfect Plants sent 3 roses. These were the first roses I've ever experienced. The roses arrived well packaged. A conscientious company.

By sng222 on Oct 13, 2018 8:47 AM, concerning Hollingsworth Peonies:

I received my three peonies today and put them straight in the ground. I see that other reviewers were impressed and I totally agree! I order from many, many online nurseries and companies as I am a voracious gardener, so I can say with confidence that these roots look great! I am not sure how I'll make it through the NH winter because of my excitement to see these grow. Something to look forward to. I will be a return customer.

By chinookgardener on Oct 12, 2018 1:55 PM, concerning Hollingsworth Peonies:

This is the 13th year at least that I have been ordering from Hollingsworth peonies. They have always had a consistently excellent product. This is likely my last garden to create as have moved to a duplex so have little yard. I selected 10 cultivars this season to come to me in Alberta. I just finished planting them today before our 3rd snowfall of Oct. hits tomorrow. Not only were they gorgeous divisions, laden with big firm eyes, some as many as 7-10, but Juergen also BENT OVER BACKWARDS to get them to me as I was having to go away for an extended period and would not be able to plant upon my return. I cant thank him enough for the EXCELLENT PRODUCT and SERVICE Best to all at HP- CDJackson

By IrisOnIselin on Oct 8, 2018 1:41 AM, concerning Keith Keppel Irises:

Keith Keppel continues to "wow" us with his top notch irises.
He is actively reaching higher for newer and better irises... and attaining that goal!

I'm really excited about some of the new introductions he has in the wings he has given us a peek at. Can hardly wait!

And a well deserved award of the 2018 Dykes Medal for "Haunted Heart"!

By Faerygardener on Oct 5, 2018 11:20 PM, concerning Harris Seeds:

I used the Harris Gardentrends site to place multiple seed orders earlier this year (linked at the top of the Harris page). They offer smaller packets of seed at reduced prices. I had excellent germination with all of them. Easy site to use, wonderful pictures and good selection. I'll use them again.

Photo is grown from their Petunia Dreams White F1 seed.
Thumb of 2018-10-06/Faerygardener/8c5976

By blue23rose on Oct 1, 2018 7:22 PM, concerning Cheryl Daylilies:

Cheryl responds very quickly to email and sends great plants at great prices.

By OldRiverLily1 on Sep 26, 2018 1:38 PM, concerning Steve's Leaves:

I ordered and received two beautiful begonias called Flamingo Queen. The box was a USPS Priority mail box-- and it was totally crushed! I dreaded opening it, but the plants were so well wrapped in paper that they had not been crushed by whatever had ruined the box. I unwrapped them and here they are, planted between some rocks beside some of my other begonias. I will order from Steve's Leaves again.
Thumb of 2018-09-26/OldRiverLily1/d72baf

Thumb of 2018-09-26/OldRiverLily1/256941

By Toni on Sep 25, 2018 12:56 PM, concerning

This is a wonderful resource for seeds. Their website has a wealth of information about planting and growing what they sell. I have ordered from them many times with great satisfaction.

By pod on Sep 24, 2018 6:55 AM, concerning Accents for Home and Garden (Pepper's Greenhouse):

I recently received an order from Peppers GH and was well pleased. The plants were not commonly found in other venues, well packed, a good size and healthy. Always impatient when awaiting an order, I thought the shipping a bit slow but well worth the wait. Yes, I will order from them again.

By Melissamaeday on Sep 22, 2018 9:32 PM, concerning Swan Island Dahlias:

Fantastic dahlias, and they stand behind their product. I've only received one dud, and they replaced it without fuss the next year. Love that they notate which ones are great for cut flowers! A+++

By Whitebeard on Sep 22, 2018 7:23 PM, concerning White Flower Farm:

I've been getting variegated impatiens from White Flower Farm for several years and they have done amazingly well. I've also received gift cards for them, and find them super easy to use through their well-organized and informative website.
Thumb of 2018-09-23/Whitebeard/891853

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