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POOpeas is serious about the negative impact of synthetic fertilizers on the environment. They claim to have developed a unique granulating and drying system for manure, which allows them to package and ship it worldwide. John and Judy have developed the process to handle the raw manure, compost it, and dry it for shipping. The result is "peas" in a bag.
POOpeas boasts that this is not just any cow manure, it is the highest quality, and it is organic.  The term "organic" can be somewhat tricky, so I wanted to clarify this statement. I specifically asked John if the cows from which he obtained the manure were certified organic, and he said  "The cattle aren't certified organic, however we process the raw product according to WORC guidelines. It can be reviewed on the website under POOpeas University." He went on to say "The cattle eat all natural feed-stocks and the POOpeas product is made from 100% organically composted manure."
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I greatly appreciate the company's effort to inform the public about the alternatives to synthetic fertilizers, and the dangers of those chemicals. They also publish reports about the benefits of soil building and composting. As any of you who follow our family know, we are big into sustainable agriculture, soil building, and reducing or eliminating our use of chemicals. Here on our farm, we do a lot of soil building and composting, and, of course, we agree with POOPeas on the point of its importance.

Having been around cow manure quite a bit myself, my first question was wondering if it smelled bad. In my opinion, it does not. When I first opened the bag, the odor reminded me of fresh earthworm soil.

So, we have good information, and really fun packaging. The second and more important question is: does it work?

That's a question that I cannot answer just yet, but I have my own trials running. POOpeas does not claim to eliminate the need for chemical fertilizers, but to reduce the need for them. Since I am not fertilizing the trial plants at all, any changes that we observe will be 100% due to the POOpeas.

John sings the praises of POOpeas for indoor plants, and pointed me toward an earlier review done by Claire Schwan. I didn't have a plant doing quite that badly, but I did have this Wandering Jew that needed a bit of help. This plant is the only one in my trial that I chose to dissolve the POOpeas in water before applying. The directions state to let them soak for several hours, and they weren't kidding. Mine only soaked for about an hour and a half, and I still had a good amount of sludge on the bottom.

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I also added POOpeas to this hanging basket, and marked it, so we can see the difference between this one and it's twin. I mixed the POOpeas in the soil for this Portulaca.

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Also, tomatoes are getting the treatment to see if we can discern any difference. I marked the first tomato cage with a blue pipe cleaner so we can find it in a few months and discern its effect. The tomato was treated by topdressing.

What do I think about the product?

I'm skeptical about their claims of soil building. While the POOpeas is certainly adding minerals to my soil, I would hesitate to say that I am adding any measurable amount of actual organic matter- there just isn't enough physical matter which will be breaking down.

Having said that, POOpeas has only been on the market for a short amount of time so the jury will still be out for a while. I think that it does fill a niche for people who do not have access to a trusted source of manure. I think that it may just be perfect for fertilizing indoor plants. The lovely packaging will surely help bring manure fertilizer more into the public consciousness.

Disclaimer: I was not paid for this review, but the product was provided to me for reviewing. All opinions are my own honest impressions.

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