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Thumb of 2012-05-16/dave/9dde7d "Watersorb" water crystals are super absorbent polymer crystals that you add to your potting soil. The crystals absorb the water when you are watering or irrigating your plants, then slowly release the water back to the plants over time. The idea is that it saves water by providing the plant with twice as much water for half the watering. I love saving time as much as I love saving money.

There is really only one question: Does it work?

Yes. I'm now a firm believer. I have resisted container gardening because I cannot keep plants alive in our Texas heat if they are in containers. Mostly because I can never make the time to go water containers twice per day.

This is what happens to plants that I don't have Watersorb in them. Someone gave me the baskets from plant sale leftovers, and I didn't make time to repot them with the crystals. Already dead.

Contrast with these plants that are happily growing despite the same amount of water as the dead plants. To make the stakes even higher, these plants are actually in full sun, while the hanging baskets were in the shade! Now you see why I am a believer!

Thumb of 2012-05-16/dave/2a5429 Thumb of 2012-05-16/dave/2a5429 Thumb of 2012-05-16/dave/12dfc3[/link]

What about cost? 2 lbs for $20.00 (including shipping). Since only a teaspoon is used in a gallon container, 2 pounds will provide you with enough to do a lot of containers! Not only that, but Watersorb guarantees their prices! I love it when companies do that!

The crystals are very easy to use - just mix them in the soil. From my experience, mix in the crystals before you plant. The directions say that you can mash in the crystals in an already planted container, but that's a huge hassle that didn't work for me very well. Also, make sure that you mix well! I planted some drift roses in containers, and one of them didn't get mixed. I had a shiny mess on the top of the soil the next rain, so I started over and repotted the plant.

Two thumbs up from me on the Watersorb water crystals! Be brave - plant some containers with the confidence that they are going to live this year!

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