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Physical address: Wellspring Gardens
PO Box 91094
Lakeland, FL 33804

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All of my plants arrived fast and in GREAT shape--all fresh and GREAT looking. The box they were shipped in was well marked, which end up, fragile, live plants, etc. Though the box DID appear to have been pinched and crushed (like it was caught on one corner by something during transport) the plants inside were untouched by that due to the ample use of bubble wrap! The soil in each pot was completely contained/undisturbed as well XD
I was so impressed with the FIRST order that I decided to order MORE XD Wellspring Gardens is a KEEPER for sure XD

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I have purchased plants from Wellspring Gardens several times over the course of a few years and have always been satisfied with the condition and quality of the plants. I recently purchased their specially formulated Elephant Ear Fuel and will be trying it out soon. Almost all of my EEs have come from this nursery and they have a good variety. I figure their formula for EE fertilizer must be good.

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They sell small starter-size products and they clearly tell you on their site. They have a nice selection of tropicals at very reasonable prices.

Looking for a blooming sized plant? Go elsewhere. But if you want to save some real money and don't mind growing out a plant - check them out.

I bought 7 plants from them and, due to cold weather, they held up shipping and periodically checked weather till a window was open for shipping. And they kept me posted.

Will buy from them again.

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I was looking for some tropical plants that were proving difficult to find until I came across Wellspring Gardens. Because of the good reviews here, I went ahead and placed an order. When 5 days had passed, I tried to log on to their system to track the progress of my order. When the system could not find my order, (this was on a Saturday evening), I sent Wellspring an email inquiring about it. I expected a reply on Monday or Tuesday so I was surprised to find it early the next morning when I checked my inbox. They assured me all was well and my order was sent out the following morning (Monday) via FedEx. In the interim, I placed a second order and it was sent on Wednesday via USPS.

I received both orders on Friday and the plants looked good. They had placed dampened paper on the top of the soil and then used a masking tape to secure it and to seal the soil in. A tall stick was added to the pot afterwards which I believe prevented crushing/moving about in the box during shipment. The pots were then placed in individual brown bags and layered on their sides in the shipping box. A great way to pack as no soil was lost in transport and the plants arrived fresh and damp. A nice bonus is that they were easily unpacked and unwrapped.

The plants themselves are starter plants which Wellspring makes clear on their website. They are offering $9.99 flat rate shipping currently as well as a free plant with every order, (2) free plants if your order exceeds $29 excluding shipping costs, (3) free if the order is over $49, (4) at $69, etc. The maximum number allowed is (6) free plants. The free plants must be selected from their free plant list and they retain the right to substitute, etc. if need be.

The plants that I ordered came potted in 3" deep plug-type pots (2" x2" at top) and are advertised as being between 3-8" tall which all were. The free plants are in smaller plug pots that measure approximately 1.5" x 1.5" by 2.75" deep. All appear to be very well-rooted and healthy as can be. They even send an information pamphlet that is actually helpful and informative.

So, if you are looking for more mature plants, Wellspring is not for you. If you do not mind starters, Wellspring Gardens is the place to look. They carry a nice selection of less common plants and I have no doubt that the starts they sent me are going to do extremely well. I will definitely order from them again.

A great nursery due to their customer service, accurate description of what you will receive, turn around ship time, tropical plant selection, prices, flat-rate shipping, promos, packaging, and plant health. This nursery scores high on all accounts.

free plant on left, purchased plant on right:

Thumb of 2014-07-27/OldGardener/4a7879

Soil remains in the pot:

Thumb of 2014-07-27/OldGardener/d1a511 Thumb of 2014-07-27/OldGardener/fc8fe7

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Endorsed by calconey without a written review - May 21, 2014 3:23 PM
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This is a place I do a lot of business with because everything I have ever received (have done business with them for many years) has always been of high quality. Wellspring is at the top of my list!

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My second order in 2 years has arrived. Everything looks wonderful and was well packed. They will be repotted in larger pots and will stay in my living room until May.
Thumb of 2013-03-15/ge1836/0ec12f
Thumb of 2013-03-15/ge1836/806184

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