The Green Pages: ARTISTS IN THEIR GARDENS (Printed Media, Books, Magazines)

Printed Media, Books, Magazines
Author: Valerie Easton & David Laskin & Allan Mandell
Publisher: Sasquatch Books
ISBN-13: I-5706I-244-7

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To the best of my knowledge all of the artists in this book live and work in the Pacific Northwest. It seems logical that a good many gardeners in that area are familiar with at least some of these artists. The rest of us can only hope there are artists close to our homes who are as accomplished as the 12 portrayed in this book.
One of the artist/gardeners, Ginny Ruffner, summed these artists up beautifully when she said, "I believe in the continuity and intrigue of all things... that comes from my art and extends to the garden."
A ceramicist creates garden rooms in which her large vases share the stage with beautiful plant groupings... a sculptor whose wood and stone art is lovingly displayed in a garden in Vancouver, WA that contains 3,200 varieties of plants... an artist in metal sculpting who created a garden that would have, "a natural setting that can come halfway to meet his sculpture"... two gardeners on Bainbridge Island who seem dedicated to creating a completely believable and extravagantly beautiful garden fantasy... a plant explorer who travels the globe; determined to offer customers plants they could not possible find anywhere else... 12 artists whose gardens are as much works of art as their primary forms of artwork.
If my words don't motivate you to look at this book perhaps these images from the Little and Lewis gardens will:

Thumb of 2021-03-08/jathton/31dcde

Thumb of 2021-03-08/jathton/97771c

Thumb of 2021-03-08/jathton/3840b1

Thumb of 2021-03-08/jathton/864af3

Thumb of 2021-03-08/jathton/29180d

The large Gunnera leaves in photos 1&2, the Elephant Ear leaves in photo 3 and the palm-like leaves in photo 4 are examples of the concrete artistry performed by Lewis and Little.
The perfectly shaped "tree" in photo 5 deserves an explanation. I'll let Little and Lewis do it.
They describe it as follows... "The "rain tree" is an ingeniously crafted fountain in which water seeps through a crown of baby's tears and hart's tongue fern."

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