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You have come the the right place ( whether you are new to, interested in or already addicted to Hoya Plants! Hoyas are easy to grow plants that can be grown inside, outside or both depending on your climate and inside environment. The key to being successful is to start out growing the easier beginner species and move onto the more challenging species as you gain confidence. Starting your plants from cuttings is a fun, challenging, economical and very satisfying way to collect hoyas.

My collection includes species I have imported to the United States from hobbyists and actual collectors from around the world. Each season I add many new species to my collection by obtaining cuttings and growing them into larger plants. When these plants are stable and can provide cuttings to share, I promptly add them to my inventory. Also I offer a select number of Hoya Plants that are already rooted and growing in their own tiny pot. Whether you favor the large heavy leaves or the miniature and smaller leaves, I have an extensive selection available for you to choose from and shipping is available around the world and as well as throughout the year. I am always happy to hear from as to which species you would like to see brought to the United States thru SRQHoyas.

As you spend time browsing the extensive pages on my website you will notice many guides and helpful tips that will help you narrow down which hoya species you would like to grow. The photos display the many parts of the plants, leaves, buds and blooms. The descriptions will give you an 'At-A-Glance' guide to growing and caring for each plant but keep in mind that this may vary for your particular environment or the amount of time committed to caring for them. Most hoyas thrive on neglect so you should feel comfortable growing as many plants as your space permits. is the place you can buy Hoya Plants and Hoya Cuttings! I offer A Rooting Service in which you purchase the cutting and this service for each cutting you wish for me to root. I will ship the rooted cutting and pot to you when the cutting appears established and stable. I would like to hear from you with any questions or comments about growing, collecting or identifying these plants. I will do my best to assist and answer your questions in any way I am able and in a timely manner. Have fun growing these awesome plants and spread the word about this species that is recognized by a relatively small number of people!!!

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York, PA 17408

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I just ordered from SRQ Hoyas for the first time. As of a few months ago, I had no idea what hoyas were, but after seeing hoyas offered in the NARR multiple months in a row and after reading about them in the forums, I grew quite interested in hoyas and I knew I would order from Joni because she is such a generous contributor to ATP's NARRs. I was also very pleased with her responsiveness in email, she answered my questions promptly and was very friendly and helpful; which, to me, confirmed that I chose the perfect person to order from!

I couldn't decide which specific varieties I wanted--plus, I like surprises!--so I purchased her bundle (6 cuttings for a lower price) and received the following:
H. davidcummingii
H. (carnosa) 'Rebecca'
DS-70 (green)
Heuschkeliana spp. heuschkeliana

When they arrived today, they were well-packed and very healthy-looking! My favorite and most anticipated one was H. davidcummingii. I had mentioned to Joni in an email that it was the one I was most interested in and I crossed my fingers, hoping I would get it, and I did! Not only that, but the cutting of H. davidcummingii she sent me has two active peduncles-I can't wait to see them open soon!

I also love that she included clear instructions as to how to root the hoyas and also a pamphlet of hoya categories (like the 'Guidelines' she has on her website) so that I have a physical copy of it for future review.

The hoyas that arrived in this bundle have a nice variety of leaf shapes and the H. nummularoides one even has a slight fuzzy softness to its adorable leaves. All of the varieties in this batch had plain green leaves though--except very slight specks on 'Rebecca'--so my next order will probably include one or two that have very distinct coloring on their leaves. I'm really excited to see how these grow!

Thumb of 2015-11-04/DogsNDaylilies/392378

H. davidcummingii peduncles:
Thumb of 2015-11-04/DogsNDaylilies/440d34 Thumb of 2015-11-04/DogsNDaylilies/b720aa

I would gladly recommend purchasing from Joni for anyone interested in trying hoyas, especially if you are looking for particular varieties--she has quite the collection!

[Edited to add: After sitting in water for a few hours, each cutting really shines in its own way! H. lacunosa 'Tove' really does have cute, visible dimples; DS-70 (green) has a nice velvety feel to its leaves; H. davidcummingii has a striking contrast between the top and bottom of the leaves that is very visible the way my cutting is sitting in the pot; H. heuschkeliana ssp. heuschkeliana has the most adorable little round leaves; H. 'Rebecca' has pretty, delicate, silver-ish flecks on its leaves; H. nummularioides has leaves that are like heuschkeliana's, but slightly larger and a little bit fuzzy.]

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I just received three lovely hoyas from SRQHoyas as a prize for the 2015 August Not-a-raffle-raffle. They were well-packed, and were healthy and happy when they arrived.

I wouldn't hesitate to order from SRQHoyas again! Great customer service and communication at every step, and very nice plants!
Thumb of 2015-09-06/BookerC1/78b158

Thumb of 2015-09-06/BookerC1/5d16a0

Thumb of 2015-09-06/BookerC1/2b49d4

Thumb of 2015-09-06/BookerC1/c0101f

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I have ordered for many years and every plant or cutting is a high-quality product, well-grown and healthy. Joni offers a fantastic selection of hard-to-find Hoyas that would appeal to beginners as well as collectors.

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Today I received the three plants I won here on ATP in a raffle, and I love them! They arrived beautifully packed and they are very healthy.
Giving this company a big thumbs-up for their generosity and an A+ rating.

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A+++ rating! I won 3 Hoya plants from SRQ Hoyas in a recent AllThingsPlants Not-A-Raffle-Raffle. My plants arrived in excellent condition with the best packing I've ever seen when it comes to shipping plants! Joni offers great customer service and happy, healthy hoyas. I will definitely be a "paying" customer in the near future!

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