Gardening Podcast: All Things Plants

The All Things Plants podcast is an audio program all about gardening, hosted by Dave and Trish Whitinger.

ATP Podcast #58: Preparing for Summer, and Garden DesignATP Podcast #58: Preparing for Summer, and Garden Design
By dave on May 29, 2014

With Memorial Day behind us, summer is sort of, kind of, well, is it officially here? Let's say yes. So with summer upon us, it's time to summerize our gardens! We'll talk about our best tips on getting your garden in tip top shape for the coming hot and dry months of summer. Also, Trish will share some great tips on planning a garden design. There is a bonus video attached to the show notes, showing our tomatoes.

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ATP Podcast #57: Summer Bulbs WeekATP Podcast #57: Summer Bulbs Week
By dave on May 21, 2014

This week is Summer and Tropical Bulbs Week at All Things Plants, so today we're going to talk about our own personal favorite summer bulbs. Trish will tell us how to know the difference between the different genera of elephant ears. After that, we'll talk about our usual farming adventures in East Texas and finally we'll talk about our exciting new feature on the site: The Green Pages.


ATP Podcast #56: Saving Money by Growing Your Own FoodATP Podcast #56: Saving Money by Growing Your Own Food
By dave on May 14, 2014

In today's podcast, we discuss the ways you can dramatically help your grocery budget by growing vegetables! We focus on the easiest to grow plants that will also give you the most "bang for your buck." We also have our usual other segments, plus a bonus pinboard of bad ideas!

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ATP Podcast #55: Shade Gardens and Watering TipsATP Podcast #55: Shade Gardens and Watering Tips
By dave on May 7, 2014

In today's episode we talk about some of our favorite shade plants. Trish shares some of her observations about irrigation, and we have another pinboard of bad ideas segment.

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ATP Podcast #54: Weeds? Weeds!ATP Podcast #54: Weeds? Weeds!
By dave on April 29, 2014

In today's podcast we talk about weeds. What to do about weeds? Is there such a thing as a good weed? What weeds can be tolerated, and even used to your benefit? And for the rest, how do you get rid of them? We cover all that, plus the usual segments, along with a bonus pinboard of bad ideas, in today's episode!

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ATP Podcast #53: No-Till GardeningATP Podcast #53: No-Till Gardening
By dave on April 18, 2014

In today's episode we have a long conversation about no-till. What are the benefits of tilling your garden, and what are the downsides? How can you garden without ever tilling, and why should you consider that? Listen to find out!

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ATP Podcast #52: Talking Daylilies with Curt HansonATP Podcast #52: Talking Daylilies with Curt Hanson
By dave on April 11, 2014

We are joined today by the prodigiously award-winning daylily hybridizer Curt Hanson, and will discuss everything hybridizing.

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ATP Podcast #51: Easy Annuals To Fill Those Empty AreasATP Podcast #51: Easy Annuals To Fill Those Empty Areas
By dave on April 4, 2014

What to do with those empty spots in your garden? Annuals, of course! But which ones? In this episode we'll discuss our favorite annuals that grow fast, get big, and are easy to grow.

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ATP Podcast #50: Common Gardening MistakesATP Podcast #50: Common Gardening Mistakes
By dave on March 28, 2014

With a brand new baby in the house we had to skip last week's podcast, but we're back now! In today's episode we get caught up on the usual goings on, and we discuss a few common gardening mistakes (and how to avoid them!) We also have a bonus segment today on our Pinboard of Bad Ideas!


ATP Podcast #49: Let's Talk TomatoesATP Podcast #49: Let's Talk Tomatoes
By dave on March 14, 2014

Last week was Tomatoes (and Peppers) Week at ATP so we're talking about our favorite vegetable. How do you choose from the huge variety of tomatoes? What's a determinate? What's an heirloom? What do I do about cracking, or viruses? Listen to find out!

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