PVC & Vinyl Lattice Garden Arch/Trellis

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For those who don't have technical skills or the patience to draw plans.

I made a trellis/archway out of bendable pvc and vinyl lattice. The idea was inspired by what I saw another person do using cattle panel. My wife wanted a "gateway" arbor to the side lawn, so I came up with this. The design work I did in my head on the fly, I am not one to sit down and draw things out unless I really have to. A lot of the methods were dictated by the fact that I have only basic tools to work with and no shop space, not even a carport or bench. Total cost was around $50. The design is open to modification to suit your own tastes or needs. Some of the instructions are a little tongue-in-cheek, that's just my sense of humor showing.


4X8 sheet of vinyl lattice.
Four 10-ft lengths of bendable (key word is BENDABLE) 1/2 inch pvc.
Two 1/2-inch pvc T's.
Two pvc connectors (1/2 inch).
Four pvc 1/2-inch elbows.
Package of 8-inch zip ties.


Saw to cut the PVC (I used a hacksaw because it was the easiest one to reach in that cramped shed).
Tape measure.
Marking pen.


PVC primer in the color of your choice (I guess it comes in different colors now; why, I don't know, because you don't see the stuff anyway, but whatever!).

I cut the vinyl lattice lengthwise into 2 pieces, then lashed them end-to-end with zip ties to form about a 14.5-ft length of lattice about 2 ft wide. (This would make about a 7-ft arch.) I cut one of the 10-ft lengths of pvc in half and joined them with the connectors to two of the 10-ft lengths to form two 15-ft lengths. I then cut the 15-ft lengths in the middle and inserted the Ts and about a 1ft 10in piece of pvc between them (this ain't rocket science). The purpose of the cross piece is to keep the vinyl lattice from folding or bowing cross-wise, and also to keep the 15-ft lengths of pvc from sliding as you zip-tie them to the lattice. The elbows go on the ends with two more pieces of pvc to go between them. I did not use the primer on the end pieces.

After the whole thing is zip-tied up, it's pretty much good to go. In this case, it's held in place by the spring tension of the bendable pvc against 6-ft cedar planters. The advantage of this is that it's entirely movable and so easy to make that even I can do it! It can also be modified to suit your own skill level and needs. For instance, I only went with 1/2-inch. If I did it again, I'd probably use 3/4- or 1-inch bendable pvc.

You can find various places online for the pvc, or go to Home Depot, where I got all of the pvc, vinyl lattice, connectors, elbows and primer. I had to ask more than one person at HD about the pvc. The first person tried to tell me that PVC wasn't bendable. I found someone else who understood what I needed and showed me where to find the BENDABLE pvc.

Thumb of 2015-08-25/Brinybay/8ced57 Thumb of 2015-08-25/Brinybay/4ce064 Thumb of 2015-08-25/Brinybay/c148c1

Thumb of 2015-08-25/Brinybay/a6ef09 Thumb of 2015-08-25/Brinybay/a560f2 Thumb of 2015-08-25/Brinybay/29d7b3

Update: The ends of the arch are now anchored in 2ft cedar planters sitting cross-ways to the 6ft planters forming a "T" one the end. Reason was because the wind picked it up a couple of times and tossed it. Doing it this way anchors it but still keeps it movable.

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