Plant Pole -- 8 Hanging Plants in Less Than 2 sq. ft. of Greenhouse Space

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Posted by @Ecscuba on
Make this plant pole for under $20 in about an hour. It uses less than 2 feet of floor space in your greenhouse. It holds small to medium-sized pots (herbs, seedlings, etc.). Great for on the patio too. As an added bonus, a light can be hung at the top, which will be handy when you absolutely must go to the greenhouse after dark :) Feeling really creative? Paint and decorate the pole.

This hanger works well for small to medium pots. Larger pots are too heavy for pvc.
pics 1-3 Purchase supplies:
small bucket, small quikrete concrete cement, 10 feet (1 ¼ inch size) of pvc pipe (store can cut it in half for you, as you only need 5’), matching cap for top of pvc pipe, 3 all thread rods: ¼ x 20 x 36 inches length, 8 matching ¼ x 20 nuts (2 for each rod).
pic 4 Cut the rods in half into 18” lengths
pic 5 Bend up one end only on each rod, about 1” (you will bend the second end after you thread the rod onto the pipe)
pic 6 Mark locations for rods on pipe – start 5-6” from top and then use 20-24 inches between rod placements. Using ¼ “ drill bit, drill hole straight through pipe to make two holes. Rotate pipe ¼ turn and drill for second rod (20-24 inches down), repeat for remaining rods. Rotating the rod results in rods running different directions on pipe.
pic 7-9 Thread a nut on the rod with the bent end, then push the rod through the holes and center it on the pipe. Then thread on a second matching nut. you will then have a nut on each side of the pipe to hold the rod. Repeat for remaining rods.
pic 10 Take the entire rod, with pipes attached, back to the workbench and bend up the remaining ends on pipes. Be sure to bend these the same direction as the existing rods. They are used to keep the plants from sliding off the rod.
pic 11 – Tighten up nuts on all three rods.
pic 12-13 Place pvc pole in bucket and start mixing quikrete. Add water slowly so you don’t make the mix too thin. Do this in thirds so you mix thoroughly as you go. Fill to the top. Place a level along the side of the pole to make sure the pole stands straight. Let it cure completely (1-2 days depending on temperature and humidity). It takes longer than normal because it’s in a plastic bucket. Don’t rush it!
pic 14-16 Enjoy! As a bonus, a light can even be hung at the top of the pole so you'll have one to turn on at night when you have to go to the greenhouse. It also adds warmth for the plants.

Thumb of 2014-11-18/Ecscuba/0e74a2
Thumb of 2014-11-18/Ecscuba/535f82
Thumb of 2014-11-18/Ecscuba/a15bda
Thumb of 2014-11-18/Ecscuba/d18f36
Thumb of 2014-11-18/Ecscuba/67e5f7
Thumb of 2014-11-18/Ecscuba/3b89f6
Thumb of 2014-11-18/Ecscuba/34aef3
Thumb of 2014-11-18/Ecscuba/aa36be
Thumb of 2014-11-18/Ecscuba/16027b
Thumb of 2014-11-18/Ecscuba/db012b
Thumb of 2014-11-18/Ecscuba/564888
Thumb of 2014-11-18/Ecscuba/b2af94
Thumb of 2014-11-18/Ecscuba/2a54ff
Thumb of 2014-11-18/Ecscuba/99d3ec
Thumb of 2014-11-18/Ecscuba/cd64b5
Thumb of 2014-11-18/Ecscuba/baa141

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