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Get Your Potted Plants off the Ground!Get Your Potted Plants off the Ground!
By Gymgirl on June 28, 2016

Build a simple "Planter Pallet" out of free, recycled, or reclaimed materials, to keep tree roots from invading your potted plants. The pallet also helps your containers drain better, because they aren't sitting flush on the surface! These are great for patio containers, and may be cut into various shapes to suit your fancy!

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Keep Your Bed Clean, and Eat It Too!Keep Your Bed Clean, and Eat It Too!
By Gymgirl on July 14, 2014

Keeping your veggie bed clean will help stave off pests and disease, and it will turn those good clippings into nutritious meals!

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Tomato Transplanting TipTomato Transplanting Tip
By Gymgirl on April 25, 2014

The very best tomatoes grow on a healthy vine with a well-established, strong root system. Here's how to get one!

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Protect Your Seedlings With a Portable Mini-Greenhouse!Protect Your Seedlings With a Portable Mini-Greenhouse!
By Gymgirl on March 12, 2014

This handy little garden tool is invaluable when it's time to protect your seedlings from the cold, wind, or sun or to harden them off for transplanting into the garden.

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Start Your Seeds with a Moist MixtureStart Your Seeds with a Moist Mixture
By Gymgirl on February 9, 2014

It is important to moisten your seed-starting medium before you start your seeds. After adding water, use a potato masher to completely mix the seed-starting mixture or peat-based potting mixes. It's much easier and quicker!

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Cheaper Heat MatCheaper Heat Mat
By Gymgirl on February 2, 2013

A heating pad set on low and placed underneath a cookie rack makes a great impromptu bottom-heat source for tomato, pepper and other seeds! Just set the tray on the mat until the seedlings germinate. Do NOT leave the pad on while you're away from home!

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Planting Onion SetsPlanting Onion Sets
By Gymgirl on January 5, 2013

Use the tip of a tube of caulk for making holes when planting onion starts. It's the perfect diameter and depth -- just "dot, dot, dot."

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Pruner Care and MaintenancePruner Care and Maintenance
By Gymgirl on March 30, 2012

To avoid spreading disease, soak your garden pruners in a solution of bleach (at a ratio of 1 part bleach to 10 parts water) in between your cuttings, and after each use. Then rinse, dry, and spray with some WD-40. They'll be good as new, every time you reach for them!

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Seedling TransportationSeedling Transportation
By Gymgirl on February 27, 2012

Use cat litter trays to transport your seedlings! They can be purchased at your local $1 store, and are very sturdy. You can carry twelve 16-ounce Red Solo cups in a tray with one hand, confident that it won't tip over, or crack! And, you can fit three trays side by side under a 48" fluorescent light kit!

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Use Straws for Leggy SeedlingsUse Straws for Leggy Seedlings
By Gymgirl on February 20, 2012

Put a straw sleeve around leggy seedlings, to prop them up to the light. They'll strengthen up in no time!

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Mini Geenhouses Using Recycled ItemsMini Geenhouses Using Recycled Items
By Gymgirl on January 5, 2012

No need to purchase expensive seed-starting systems. Use plastic cleaner bags, tied at one end and vented on the other end (or, just pinch a couple holes on top), to create mini-greenhouses to germinate your seedlings! Your cut-up vinyl mini-blind plant labels will tent the plastic!

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Microwaves Can Sterilize Potting SoilMicrowaves Can Sterilize Potting Soil
By Gymgirl on August 29, 2011

Use an old microwave oven to sterilize seed starting mix! Wet the mix evenly, and nuke it for 20 minutes. Quickly fluff it up to release the steam, and cover with a clean bucket lid for 10 minutes. Re-fluff and cover until just warm.

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