Tomato Transplanting Tip

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Posted by @Gymgirl on
The very best tomatoes grow on a healthy vine with a well-established, strong root system. Here's how to get one!

When you are ready to harden off your tomatoes, lay your seedling containers down on their sides, and leave them there throughout the hardening off process. The plants will naturally turn themselves upward toward the sun, and make an "L" shape.

When they've been hardened off sufficiently, dig a trench for transplanting. Sprinkle a handful of Epsom salt and dolomite lime into the trench, and then set your "L"-shaped stems down, with just the tips of the tomatoes above the surface. Remember to water them in well! Your plants will form roots along every part of the stem that's buried underground, and you shouldn't have a lot of transplant shock. The plants should take off rather quickly.

Now, just sit back and wait for all of those delicious tomatoes!

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