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Posted by @Kathy547 on
Make a simple and cheap propagation station for all of your water-based cuttings.

A lot of people propagate cuttings from their plants. Here are a couple of ideas.

Get one of those compartment things for makeup at Dollar Tree. You can also order (minimum is a case) from their website.

Thumb of 2020-11-15/Kathy547/c74c46

Thumb of 2020-11-15/Kathy547/79ba5a

I then spray-painted the bottom, let it dry, and spray-painted the top. I chose silver to match the tops of the bottles. And I thought they would look more chic😊.

Thumb of 2020-11-15/Kathy547/dec109
Thumb of 2020-11-15/Kathy547/47dad6

Some Dollar Trees carry the bottles, but some do not, so you'll have to get them from their website, Amazon, etc.

Thumb of 2020-11-15/Kathy547/804620

Finished product

Thumb of 2020-11-15/Kathy547/bc0019

Another idea is to find stuff around your house or at a thrift store and repurpose it. I think this base or stand or whatever was originally for candles. I found 3 matching glasses that fit perfectly.

Thumb of 2020-11-15/Kathy547/847bee
Thumb of 2020-11-15/Kathy547/42782c

So, what do you use when propagating cuttings of your favorite houseplants, etc.? Would love to see them!

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