Iris Flower Patterns: Amoenas and Neglectas

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Irises are named after the Greek goddess of the rainbow. It's a fitting name because iris flowers can be found in almost any color of the spectrum. If that didn't provide enough variety, they also come in an amazing array of patterns. Amoenas and neglectas have been my favorite flower patterns since my childhood.

Amoenas are irises with white standards and colored falls. The earliest irises of this type had purple or blue-violet falls.

Wabash (Williamson, 1936) is a classic example.
Thumb of 2013-04-09/KentPfeiffer/302c93

But today you can find amoenas with falls of almost any color.

Lemon Cloud (Painter, 2008)
Thumb of 2013-04-09/KentPfeiffer/f6f1f7 Thumb of 2013-04-09/KentPfeiffer/5728a5

I'm Dreaming (Blyth, 2008)
Thumb of 2013-04-09/KentPfeiffer/51c5cb Thumb of 2013-04-09/KentPfeiffer/078f6d

My favorite amoenas are:

Enjoy The Party (Blyth, 1999) has a little bit of color in the standards, but it is still an amoena in my eyes.
Thumb of 2013-04-09/KentPfeiffer/aca31c Thumb of 2013-04-09/KentPfeiffer/36a169

Gypsy Geena (Blyth, 2003)
Thumb of 2013-04-09/KentPfeiffer/e171c2 Thumb of 2013-04-09/KentPfeiffer/381ee2

Cloudbase (Roberts, 2006)
Thumb of 2013-04-09/KentPfeiffer/4bf362 Thumb of 2013-04-09/KentPfeiffer/b17ae5

Alpine Harmony (Blyth, 2007)
Thumb of 2013-04-09/KentPfeiffer/15b435 Thumb of 2013-04-09/KentPfeiffer/b7342f

Dancing Star (Johnson, 2009)
Thumb of 2013-04-09/KentPfeiffer/d086bd Thumb of 2013-04-09/KentPfeiffer/7e4c09

Merry Amigo (Blyth, 2009)
Thumb of 2013-04-09/KentPfeiffer/5d12fc Thumb of 2013-04-09/KentPfeiffer/2cfdd0

Iris books and catalogs usually describe neglectas as "blue or purple bitones". I prefer to think of neglectas as blue or purple amoenas with light blue (or sometimes lavender-ish), rather than white, standards. It's often a fine line separating amoenas from neglectas. Is 'High Class' an amoena or a neglecta?

High Class (Black 2003)
Thumb of 2013-04-09/KentPfeiffer/b70469

The iris registry describes 'High Class' as having "icy blue" standards and, especially when the flowers are fresh, it clearly appears to be a neglecta. But under certain conditions the standards seem very close to white.

My favorite neglectas are:

Fabulous One (Nicodemus, 2006)
Thumb of 2013-04-09/KentPfeiffer/110ba7 Thumb of 2013-04-09/KentPfeiffer/558cbe

Dinner Talk (Blyth 2005)
Thumb of 2013-04-09/KentPfeiffer/1ee977 Thumb of 2013-04-09/KentPfeiffer/d7b448

Phantom Ship (Baumunk, 2007)
Thumb of 2013-04-09/KentPfeiffer/1ca025 Thumb of 2013-04-09/KentPfeiffer/486417

Secret Weekend (Blyth, 2008)
Thumb of 2013-04-09/KentPfeiffer/11e54b Thumb of 2013-04-09/KentPfeiffer/1e017d

Wicked Good (Black, 2012)
Thumb of 2013-04-09/KentPfeiffer/9d2968 Thumb of 2013-04-09/KentPfeiffer/3e4f0d

In just the last two or three decades, there was a exciting development in the world of irises: reverse amoenas, which have colored standards and white falls. Hybridizers are just beginning to explore the possibilities of this new color pattern. 'Crowned Heads' was not the first reverse amoena, but it was a breakthrough for the type and won the Dykes Medal in 2004.

Crowned Heads (Keppel, 1997)
Thumb of 2013-04-09/KentPfeiffer/6f5525

My favorite reverse amoenas are:

Classicana (Blyth, 2008)
Thumb of 2013-04-09/KentPfeiffer/2d9be7 Thumb of 2013-04-09/KentPfeiffer/9191fa

Royal Sterling (Keppel, 2005)
Thumb of 2013-04-09/KentPfeiffer/710134 Thumb of 2013-04-09/KentPfeiffer/95c390

Magical (Ghio, 2008), not sure whether everyone would consider this to be a true reverse amoena, but it is close enough for me.
Thumb of 2013-04-09/KentPfeiffer/2b7a43 Thumb of 2013-04-09/KentPfeiffer/ebc3d8

Wintry Sky (Keppel, 2003), my favorite iris of all time.
Thumb of 2013-04-09/KentPfeiffer/002f94 Thumb of 2013-04-09/KentPfeiffer/5e2d69

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