Honey Bees in the Garden: July

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Independence Day and the beginning of the hottest days of summer, the Dog Days, are the major events in July. Gardeners and honey bees are trying to keep cool and harvesting food.

July brings us Independence Day and the Dog Days of Summer.  Temperatures are hot and gardeners are busy keeping their plants watered. Honeybees are busy trying to keep the hive at their optimal temperature of 93ºF to 95ºF.  They are also foraging for nectar and pollen. 

Here's a list of plants that begin blooming in July.

Vinegar Weed Nectar

Bottlebrush Buckeye Nectar and Pollen

Butterfly Bush Nectar

Large Flowered Clematis Pollen

Canada Cocklebur Pollen

Coralberry Nectar and Pollen2011-07-05/Mindy03/f109ed

Himalayan Geranium Nectar and Pollen

Creeping Jenny Nectar and Pollen

Michaelmas Daisy Nectar and Pollen

Edward Goucher Abelia Nectar and Pollen

Eucryphia Nectar and Pollen

Willow Gentian Nectar and Pollen

Small Globe Thistle Nectar

Globe Thistle Nectar

Cornish Heath Nectar and Pollen

Ling Heather Nectar and Pollen

Aurea Hebe Nectar2011-07-05/Mindy03/f20712

Hollyhock Nectar and Pollen

Lacecap Hydrangea Nectar and Pollen

Policeman's Helmet Impatiens Nectar and Pollen

Lamb's Ears Nectar and Pollen

French Lavender Nectar and Pollen

Old English Lavender Nectar and Pollen

Yellow Loosestrife Nectar and Pollen2011-07-05/Mindy03/ef2a42

Sweet Marjoram Nectar and Pollen

Rose Mallow Nectar and Pollen

Oregano Nectar and Pollen

California Tree Poppy Nectar and Pollen

Amethyst Sea Holly Nectar

Spanish Chestnut Nectar, Pollen and Honeydew

Creeping Speedwell Nectar and Pollen

Longleaf Speedwell Nectar and Pollen

St John's Wort Pollen

Common Sunflower Pollen and Honeydew

Purple Boneset Nectar and Pollen


 Water continues to be a critical resource for the honey bees.  Foraging may slow down as more workers are needed to keep the hive cool.

 Give your local honey bees the freedom to survive July's hot weather.  Provide them with extra water and plants to forage for food.

Photo credits

Hollyhock courtesy of Jan Swaney (Mekos)

Lamb's Ears courtesy of Chelle

French Lavender courtesy of Robin Brann (arejay59)



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