Honey Bees in the Garden: May

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Posted by @Mindy03 on
May is a month that showcases flowers for special days. Flowers for May Day, flowers for Mother's Day, flowers for Memorial Day and flowers for the honey bees.

May is a wonderful month for flowers.  On May 1st some of us celebrate May Day. Mother's Day is May 8th, what mom doesn't love getting flowers from her children?  On Memorial Day we honor a loved one with flowers.  May is also a great month for the honey bees.  Most plants that bloom during May provide both nectar and pollen and a few provide honeydew. 

Here's a list of plants that begin blooming in May;

Brazilwood Nectar2011-05-04/Mindy03/a0e6cb

Mexican clover Nectar and Pollen

Saw Palmetto Nectar

Asparagus Nectar 

Butternut Pollen 

Eastern Black Walnut Pollen and Honeydew

Common Rock Rose Pollen 

Common Plantain Pollen

Lupine Pollen

White Sweet Clover Nectar and Pollen

 Old fashioned Wiegela Nectar                                                             

 Gentian Speedwell Nectar and Pollen                                       

 Greigii Tulip Pollen

 Juniper Thyme Nectar

 Common Snowberry Nectar and Pollen

 Big Betony Nectar and Pollen2011-05-04/Mindy03/e5fd7d

 Vilmorin Mountain Ash Nectar and Pollen

 Sorbus Sargent's Rowan Nectar and Pollen

 Chinese Dwarf Mountain Ash Nectar and Pollen

 Golden Root Nectar 

 Saxifraga Nectar and Pollen

 Common Sage Nectar and Pollen

 Clary Sage Nectar and Pollen

 Netleaf Willow Nectar, Pollen and Honeydew

 Black Pussy Willow Nectar, Pollen and Honeydew

Wooly Willow Nectar, Pollen and Honeydew

Fuschia Flowered Gooseberry Nectar, Pollen and Honeydew

Birch Bark Cherry Nectar and Pollen

Bird Cherry Nectar and Pollen

Creeping Phlox Pollen 

Iceberg Phlox Pollen

Hairy Phlox Pollen

Oriental Poppy Pollen

Alpine Poppy Pollen

Meconopsis Nectar and Pollen

Blue Poppy Nectar and Pollen


Lilac flowerd Honeysuckle Nectar and Pollen

Creeping Dead Nettle Nectar and Pollen

Japanese Holly Nectar

Chinese Holly Nectar and Pollen2011-05-03/Mindy03/a04a37

English Holly Nectar

Candytuft Nectar and Pollen

Pagei Hebe Nectar

White Gem Hebe Nectar

Orange Geum Nectar and Pollen

Cranesbill Nectar and Pollen

Spring Gentian Nectar and Pollen

Dwarf Daphne Nectar and Pollen

Daphne Nectar and Pollen

Common Broom Nectar and Pollen 

Lavelle Hawthorn Nectar, Pollen and Honeydew              

Anemone Clematis Pollen

Judas Tree Nectar and Pollen  

Dusty Miller Nectar and Pollen

Serbian Bellflower Nectar and Pollen

Canterbury Bells Nectar and Pollen

Orange Butterfly Bush Nectar

Mrs Wilson's Barberry Nectar and Pollen 

Alpine Aster Nectar and Pollen 

Japanese Maple Nectar and Pollen

Box Elder Nectar, Pollen and Honeydew

Schumann's Abelia Nectar and Pollen 

Live Oak Nectar and Honeydew

Campanula Nectar and Pollen

Sweet Alyssum Nectar and Pollen

Yarrow Nectar 

Wild Blackberry Nectar, Pollen and Honeydew 

American Raspberry Nectar, Pollen and Honeydew

Rose Pollen

Scarlet Firethorn Nectar and Pollen

Edging Lobelia Nectar

Poached Egg Plant Nectar and Pollen

Bay Laurel Nectar

Water Avens Nectar and Pollen

Escallonia Nectar and Pollen

Mock Orange Pollen

California Lilac Nectar and Pollen 

Lady Bells Nectar and Polle2011-05-04/Mindy03/cd1836n

Sea Pink Nectar and Pollen

Horse Chestnut Nectar, Pollen and Honeydew

Sneezewort Nectar


 Which flowers in your yard will provide your local  honey bees with a bouquet of nectar and pollen this month? 







Photo Credits

Blackberry flower couresty of Janice Swaney (Mekos)

Unripe blackberries couresty of Cinda (gardengus)

Lupine couresty of Robin Brann (arejay59)

Oriental Poppies couresty of Chelle (Chelle)

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