Spring Flowers 2010

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After the harsh long winter we all had, the arrival of spring is eagerly awaited. Once the snow was gone the north winds and the frost did not allow much plant growth at all.

Then everything changed; the sun came out and suddenly spring had sprung. I had grown some pansies and violas from seed and was looking forward to seeing the 'Cats Whiskers' pansy, that was said on the seed packet to be burgundy and yellow and a purple viola. However they did not look too well, and I really was not sure if they would live. I had underplanted the pansies with a dwarf red tulip called 'Red Riding Hood', so I was most surprised to see it had striped leaves. It is amazing what a bit of sun and no cold wind can do!

 2010-03-29/NEILMUIR1/87ef15                                 2010-03-29/NEILMUIR1/91ae6c

The crocus were now coming out; the snowdrops had been dug up by the squirrels and planted in the neighbour's garden. At first there were a few white crocus blooms, followed by the purples soon afterwards. I love the spring crocus, although my mother had bought them from a Sunday newspaper and they had no names. Squirrels do not destroy all the bulbs they dig up, they plant some to store them. This is exactly what happened here, the white crocus were originally planted at the bottom of the garden and the squirrels stored them at the top amongst a massive bed of Cyclamen. 

2010-03-29/NEILMUIR1/951527                                 2010-03-29/NEILMUIR1/9a0aef

The Mahonia Japonica was also in flower and its yellow flowers and scent seemed to be everywhere. Growing over the wall was a winter jasmine, Jasminium nudiflorum. I admire this plant's tenacity to bloom in adverse conditions and with its small yellow flowers, it gives so much pleasure.

2010-03-29/NEILMUIR1/de460c                                  2010-03-29/NEILMUIR1/a1d2b0

Guys Hospital in London was built in 1726 and instead of car parks it has lovely grounds for patients, staff and students to enjoy on warm spring days. What a lovely serene place to sit away fom the bustle of London. I was amazed to see a stunning Camellia in flower, luckily I had my small camera with me. Then a real shock in the inner courtyard, a Rose in flower in March! I was taken aback by a standard Rose being in flower in the second week in March. It is not the best Rose, but it is still a Rose!

 2010-03-29/NEILMUIR1/4783dc                                 2010-03-29/NEILMUIR1/6dc284 

The early Narcissus have been out for a while and now are followed by the Daffodils. They are late this year, but seem to be everywhere, which is a lovely sight!

2010-03-29/NEILMUIR1/0a03d5                                 2010-03-29/NEILMUIR1/4550fb

The first of the dwarf tulips are coming up, these little red tulips I personally like as they don't get blown over so easily in the spring gales. Luckily the sun was on this one yesterday when I took a picture of it. I was even more fascinated as there is a nearby area where people dump garden rubbish.  Seeing that someone had dumped some soil and these had come up, made me smile.

2010-03-29/NEILMUIR1/52c9bb                                 2010-03-29/NEILMUIR1/8ea4f2

It is nice to see the Magnolias just about to bloom, that is a real treat. The first I noticed was a Magnolia stellata which is fabulous in a container as they do not grow too big. My next door neighbour has a Magnolia x soulangeana which is quite beautiful as well, but a lot bigger!

2010-03-29/NEILMUIR1/76c17c                                 2010-03-29/NEILMUIR1/934621

Of course there are lots of Forsythias in flower at the moment and flowering currants, Ribes sanguineum, which are lovely to see together.

2010-03-29/NEILMUIR1/0eaaca                                 2010-03-29/NEILMUIR1/ce3e0f

Now we have the Polyanthus out as well!

 2010-03-29/NEILMUIR1/1201c2                                    2010-03-29/NEILMUIR1/b8c3a4

My mother is an avid collector of Pieris, unfortunately she forgets their names! The species are easy enough, it is the cultivars she gets that can bog you down. The common ones are quick to identify, but others are not. However, the first Pieris in flower was Pieris formosa  var. forrestii 'Wakehurst'. The second one is anyones guess! Mother cannot remember it, and in the R.H.S. book there are quite a few with crimson or pink flowers, but some have bronze winter foilage, this does not! 

2010-03-29/NEILMUIR1/1677b0                                 2010-03-29/NEILMUIR1/8860f8

There are, of course, many more beautiful things in flower, but space does not allow everything, which is unfortunate. However there are a lot of pictures on this cubit and lots on British Gardening And Gardens. We are lucky to have two people who have shared a lot of photos about the Royal Botanical Gardens at Kew. The latest spring pictures are astonishing, crocus and daffodils as far as the eye can see. Visit Here!



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