The Blythe Hill Tavern

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Posted by @NEILMUIR1 on
This is one way our community can say thank you to a Landlord with passion. He loves golf, horse racing, Gaelic football, rugby, soccer, but more than that, he has won Pub Of The Year for his beer for two years running now. What they fail to mention is his hard work and passion to make everyone welcome, young or old. Children are welcome in his garden; his love of his garden and those who visit it indicate to us the depth of his family values.

This small pub is to us a symbol of how it should and can be done. This gentleman is the landlord or Connie as we call him. He has turned a small pub into a remarkable place. For families who wish a quiet time in his garden, so the children can wear themeselves out on his children's assault course, to those who like just marvel at the colours, his garden has it all.  Many people go to watch the sports with a pint of beer; this place has everything!  Now that we are losing British pubs (an essential part of each community) at an alarming rate, we should be very thankful.

2010-06-15/NEILMUIR1/b11698                              2010-06-14/NEILMUIR1/9969e8

There are three bars in the pub, this one is full of Golf momentoes from many years back.

2010-06-14/NEILMUIR1/c4df2a                              2010-06-14/NEILMUIR1/3c2519

Womens Golf is included, of course, and here is the the lovely roof area!

2010-06-14/NEILMUIR1/cdee38                             2010-06-15/NEILMUIR1/2953e3

Now let us go into the garden, we will go back to the other bars later of course! Who could resist this rose, or indeed this daylily?

2010-06-15/NEILMUIR1/95b985                               2010-06-15/NEILMUIR1/d2d16d

A pub garden without roses, I don't think so!

2010-06-15/NEILMUIR1/5a6877                               2010-06-15/NEILMUIR1/ed22f7

A classic Victorian plant and a great colour, Verbena and some pansies!

2010-06-15/NEILMUIR1/a56cb9                              2010-06-15/NEILMUIR1/0bccd0

Time for some refreshment so a bit of the second bar, and of course a Guinness Treasure!

2010-06-15/NEILMUIR1/2d2dc5                              2010-06-15/NEILMUIR1/ee745a

A lovely Begonia and a beautiful petunia.

2010-06-15/NEILMUIR1/615b23                              2010-06-15/NEILMUIR1/ec581d

The beauty of a simple salvia to the riot of colour in a container, the choice is yours!

2010-06-15/NEILMUIR1/66c958                              2010-06-15/NEILMUIR1/9e0763

So you think you like old mirrors, look at these!

2010-06-15/NEILMUIR1/25228a                              2010-06-14/NEILMUIR1/6ba80d

The old adverts might look great, but look at the seating and then look at a closer view of it; all made by hand, every bit. If they could talk I wonder how many stories they could tell!

2010-06-15/NEILMUIR1/ef1686                               2010-06-14/NEILMUIR1/24bdf2

A newly planted container and of course a beer barrel of plants.

2010-06-15/NEILMUIR1/74e27b                              2010-06-15/NEILMUIR1/d7a9ae

Plus Hanging baskets everywhere!

2010-06-15/NEILMUIR1/171fd8                               2010-06-15/NEILMUIR1/5acdc0

 Sporting legends and books to stop disputes is on the left!

2010-06-15/NEILMUIR1/2a9748                              2010-06-14/NEILMUIR1/251b55

One of the containers and a lovely hanging basket!

2010-06-15/NEILMUIR1/e8177a                              2010-06-15/NEILMUIR1/247a94

A lovely hanging basket, and a beer barrel planting!

2010-06-15/NEILMUIR1/48c052                              2010-06-15/NEILMUIR1/a1ba75

Above the third bar, notice below are some of the Guest beers, on the right is a Jockey's silks.

2010-06-15/NEILMUIR1/2f614b                              2010-06-15/NEILMUIR1/a18244

A beer barrel planting and then a bit of the children's assault course!

2010-06-15/NEILMUIR1/f49da1                              2010-06-15/NEILMUIR1/4095c3

Two more hanging baskets. The first one has an Elder tree behind it, and the second is a Begonia!

2010-06-15/NEILMUIR1/76edf8                                2010-06-15/NEILMUIR1/f32145

A collection of old balls that men and in the third bar for those who prefer to ride!

2010-06-15/NEILMUIR1/0dcf79                              2010-06-15/NEILMUIR1/d65cc6

Lovely pansies and gorgeous red Verbena with some white Petunias!

2010-06-15/NEILMUIR1/e0d569                              2010-06-15/NEILMUIR1/e8f4d5

A Peony and a then a Hebe.

2010-06-15/NEILMUIR1/930410                             2010-06-15/NEILMUIR1/05bef2

In the third bar and yes the fire does work, on the right is the small bar and believe it or not the little gap you see at the end of the bar is how you get to the other bars or the Garden, unless you go outside! I hasten to add there is no smoking in any public building in the U.K., hence the signs. You can smoke outside in the smoking area that has a heater and lights, but not inside.

2010-06-15/NEILMUIR1/1cbb0b                               2010-06-15/NEILMUIR1/dc85a4

I do hope that you have enjoyed this little tour of a pub, and one man's love of his garden. Everyone is welcome as it is an Irish family pub and does lovely "Pork scratchings."

A lovely old sign, here is a bit of the front!

2010-06-15/NEILMUIR1/510703                              2010-06-15/NEILMUIR1/db7327

Please do not think that British pubs are full of beer swilling people, some are, but this one serves drinks not drunks. You can have a non alcoholic drink if you so wish and enjoy the atmosphere. I love this old Guinness mirror and on the left a bigger picture of Connie's pride!

2010-06-15/NEILMUIR1/eda3de                               2010-06-15/NEILMUIR1/3f981e

This pub has been mentioned in many articles, but not by those who know it. It is in southeast London and for directions, see this: The BLYTHE HILL TAVERN!

I leave you with this, for what could be better than a pint in a beer garden, and looking at something as beautiful as this. My thanks to Connie for allowing me to take photos in his fine establishment.


Regards Neil.

For Nancy.

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