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In this day and age with all the chain owned, supermarket style Garden Centres, it is a pleasure to have a family run business with their own Garden Centre. This is a place for plant lovers, from beginners to the experienced. With helpful and knowledgeable staff, If they haven't got what you want, they will try to get if for you!

Shannon's first started on the London Landscaping scene in 1959, then in 1989 opened their own garden centre in Forest Hill in southeast London. Their devotion to quality plants and the knowledge they already had from landscaping has produced a little oasis for anyone who loves gardening or wildlife. Here are some bits of the shop and tools, sundries etc. area.

To enlarge a picture, please just click on it.

2010-07-07/NEILMUIR1/03f5b0                               2010-07-07/NEILMUIR1/b7f1ec

They have a lot of pots as the small London Gardens need them.

2010-07-07/NEILMUIR1/1169dc                              2010-07-07/NEILMUIR1/35ecc3

Antirinhums and Pelargoniums outside the shop.

2010-07-07/NEILMUIR1/c0dcf4                               2010-07-07/NEILMUIR1/769eb1

Standard Fuschias.

2010-07-07/NEILMUIR1/7a372b                              2010-07-07/NEILMUIR1/eb868c

Pots and baskets then assorted sculptures, bird baths etc.

2010-07-07/NEILMUIR1/688c12                              2010-07-07/NEILMUIR1/89eef7

  Just one of the plant stands and a well planted salad box.

2010-07-07/NEILMUIR1/23e4d3                              2010-07-07/NEILMUIR1/f50e2a

So you like Japanese maples, a bit of what they normally have!

2010-07-07/NEILMUIR1/fadcbd                              2010-07-07/NEILMUIR1/fe5bc2

A beautiful blue Salvia and on the right another Salvia!

2010-07-07/NEILMUIR1/9481e8                               2010-07-07/NEILMUIR1/dd72f8

One of the climbing plants beds.

2010-07-07/NEILMUIR1/cea693                              2010-07-07/NEILMUIR1/a1a000

Some of the shrub beds. On the left behind the grasses is the Herb section!

2010-07-07/NEILMUIR1/d847f1                              2010-07-07/NEILMUIR1/8e393c

For the lovers of alpine plants.

2010-07-07/NEILMUIR1/352cf5                              2010-07-07/NEILMUIR1/60e8ac

Annuals and on the right Herbaceous plants.

2010-07-07/NEILMUIR1/c32e57                              2010-07-07/NEILMUIR1/3f2be3

A cosmos and a lovely Lily.

2010-07-07/NEILMUIR1/bae38b                              2010-07-07/NEILMUIR1/be3b0b

Festuca glauca with other things, and on the right the Iris stand.

2010-07-07/NEILMUIR1/c932ea                              2010-07-07/NEILMUIR1/65a643

Some of the Clematis were out in the Clematis beds, I liked these two.

2010-07-07/NEILMUIR1/9bb27a                              2010-07-07/NEILMUIR1/dff836

For the Poppy lovers amongst you, and on the other side African Marigolds.

2010-07-07/NEILMUIR1/2e6984                              2010-07-07/NEILMUIR1/d1c8fc

  One of my favorites, Ageratum and a gorgeous Daylily

2010-07-07/NEILMUIR1/6c2dd7                              2010-07-07/NEILMUIR1/b9f547

Every  bit of gravel, pebble, paving slab and rock you require. Or a water feature!

2010-07-07/NEILMUIR1/bc7305                              2010-07-07/NEILMUIR1/bac31e

I really love Dianthus the one on the right is 'Raspberry Sundae'!

2010-07-07/NEILMUIR1/a06bf6                              2010-07-07/NEILMUIR1/204386

Begonias and corkscrew Box on the front of the shop and a close up of the Begonias.

2010-07-07/NEILMUIR1/bbeca2                              2010-07-07/NEILMUIR1/99768f

More Glorious Dianthus or Carnations! These are hardy perennials
  and we sometimes call them "Pinks."

2010-07-07/NEILMUIR1/112a6c                              2010-07-07/NEILMUIR1/221dbe

Now this is a tiny bit of the herb section! There is a lot of this and the scent is divine.

2010-07-07/NEILMUIR1/839ca3                              2010-07-07/NEILMUIR1/cb57dd

A stunning double Petunia and the wonderful Agapanthus on the right.

2010-07-07/NEILMUIR1/bb6535                              2010-07-07/NEILMUIR1/62f73f

lovely Heuchera and a great friend of mine some Verbena.

2010-07-07/NEILMUIR1/dbc201                              2010-07-07/NEILMUIR1/6b4fc0

Gorgeous variegated Rhododendrons and just look at these Bay trees!

2010-07-07/NEILMUIR1/4b8ce1                               2010-07-07/NEILMUIR1/a5fc85

This is not a big place compared to the chain Garden Centres. It would be almost impossible to take you round every plant, in this article. Just look at the trees and one of the shrub beds and you will see what I mean; it is quality and that is what I like about it!

2010-07-07/NEILMUIR1/ab56ef                                2010-07-07/NEILMUIR1/dba078

The House Sparrows are also welcome, nice to see them, and that someone cares for our wildlife.


My family has always used this lovely place, so have I. Many professional gardeners and landscapers use it. More importantly to me the local people use it, for they know that they are getting sound advice and good plants. There are other Garden Centres close by, but the people I know do not like them; they belong to the big chains, are impersonal and the staff has no idea what you are talking about. Is Shannon's expensive? Well, no is the answer it has to match the chains, but the other places cannot match it for one thing. It has real staff with a passion who are always doing something to look after their plants and doing the most important thing, helping the customers to get the right plant.

Thank you for coming on my little tour!


Here is a map  Shannon's Garden Centre.

Other Peoples Views.




For Nancy.

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