Eltham Palace: 1930's Art Deco Palace & Gardens versus the Ancient (Part 2)

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I do hope you enjoyed Part I of the Palace and Gardens. Let us take another walk and see what else we can find in the 19 acres around the Palace, both old and new! There were a few surprises and all of them very nice ones.

At the end of Part 1 of my Article I left you with a picture of a water lily with a fly in the sunken Rose Garden. Here is the entire formal pond in the sunken Rose Garden as well. The sunken Rose Garden was replanted in 1999 with Roses that were available when the Courtaulds were there in the 1930s.

2010-08-13/NEILMUIR1/1e6197                              2010-08-13/NEILMUIR1/eae619

Walking straight on from the sunken Rose Garden you go into what is called the "Garden Rooms." These are individual rooms of high clipped Holly, planted inside with Hellebores for the winter colour and lots of Hydrangeas and indeed other plants for the summer.

2010-08-13/NEILMUIR1/b3018c                               2010-08-13/NEILMUIR1/6a26b0

There are quite a lot of these rooms on each side of the main path.

2010-08-13/NEILMUIR1/361290                              2010-08-13/NEILMUIR1/70553a

They are not all the same and are in fact quite beautiful!

2010-08-13/NEILMUIR1/167c7c                              2010-08-13/NEILMUIR1/4605bd

Like the herbaceous border, these must be very labour intensive with all that Holly and all the shrubs to trim.

2010-08-13/NEILMUIR1/f33bcb                              2010-08-13/NEILMUIR1/42f436

Sitting on this wonderful seat was Heaven, all you could hear were the birds singing and the big carp jumping in the ponds and the moat, pure bliss!

2010-08-13/NEILMUIR1/4982a1                              2010-08-13/NEILMUIR1/832022

They are a most peaceful place to walk through or indeed sit in.

2010-08-13/NEILMUIR1/a376eb                              2010-08-13/NEILMUIR1/d73998

There are many Hydrangeas.

2010-08-13/NEILMUIR1/b7dfa4                              2010-08-13/NEILMUIR1/ea266b

The last of the rooms!

2010-08-13/NEILMUIR1/2b9d94                              2010-08-13/NEILMUIR1/932849

The Garden Rooms lead out to this; another formal pond and the start of the moat. This then goes round underneath the old bridge and becomes a small lake!

2010-08-13/NEILMUIR1/334042                              2010-08-13/NEILMUIR1/9ca9bd

A bit closer to the pond.

2010-08-13/NEILMUIR1/21a3f5                              2010-08-13/NEILMUIR1/7f9888

A lovely weeping willow and a cherry as the moat sweeps round.

2010-08-13/NEILMUIR1/809a92                              2010-08-13/NEILMUIR1/1d3963

This one tree made all the walking and travelling worthwhile. What a gorgeous tree in a spectacular location; a weeping purple beech or Fagus sylavatica 'Purpurea Pendula'. Looking at the trees as the moat sweeps round.

2010-08-13/NEILMUIR1/225e07                               2010-08-13/NEILMUIR1/13f44c

The pond with its Danger Deep Water sign which refers to the water in the moat, not the pond. The moat going round to the pond!

2010-08-14/NEILMUIR1/b21a09                              2010-08-14/NEILMUIR1/7761a1

Going round the corner from the purple Beech. The old Bridge can be seen in the distance.

2010-08-14/NEILMUIR1/165ee5                              2010-08-14/NEILMUIR1/ce7b08 

This is from the end of the lawn, over that wall is a massive drop to the lake. The top of the Rockery can be seen on the left and the woodland walk on the right.

2010-08-15/NEILMUIR1/598e86                               2010-08-15/NEILMUIR1/2c2efa

This is where the moat comes out under the bridge and then turns into a small lake. The bridge also happens to be London's oldest working bridge (1470)! The Rockery was built in the 1930's out of Westmorland limestone and is on the far bank. These pictures were taken from the Triangular Garden and the lawn.

2010-08-14/NEILMUIR1/46760a                              2010-08-14/NEILMUIR1/81141d

Some of the Rockery. As Stephen Courtauld was into mountaineering, he liked things like this. At the top are a lot of flowering cherries.

2010-08-14/NEILMUIR1/fddb99                              2010-08-14/NEILMUIR1/e22ebb

Some more of the Rockery before it drops away to the end of the lake. At the very top of this and to the right is the East Garden. The Courtaulds had a swimming pool built there, which has now been filled in.

2010-08-14/NEILMUIR1/06c66a                              2010-08-14/NEILMUIR1/8d908a

The Rockery at the end, before the lake stops!

2010-08-14/NEILMUIR1/486b17                              2010-08-14/NEILMUIR1/26341e

The end of the lake. The start of a bit of woodland, if you follow this up and turn right it takes you into the herbaceous border.

2010-08-14/NEILMUIR1/d9fb7a                              2010-08-14/NEILMUIR1/ba01b5

One of the last bits after the lake and you go into the woodland area.

2010-08-14/NEILMUIR1/b7e359                              2010-08-14/NEILMUIR1/a08172 

Of course you cannot have a moat and a lake without having very large carp. Here is a family feeding the fish and although I was very high up and a long way away you can just see a large carp in the water in the other picture.

2010-08-14/NEILMUIR1/d16a97                              2010-08-14/NEILMUIR1/cbfb1b

This is where the woodland trail comes out if you follow it on the flat and turn right.

2010-08-14/NEILMUIR1/2fba98                              2010-08-14/NEILMUIR1/a5da76

Some lovely trees at the top of the Rockery.

2010-08-14/NEILMUIR1/f38a9c                              2010-08-14/NEILMUIR1/5d4d01

On the southern lawn looking out at the trees.

2010-08-14/NEILMUIR1/cfa0b4                              2010-08-14/NEILMUIR1/93ccc2

I knew that somewhere there had to be some blue cedars or Cedrus atlantica glauca and at last I found them. You could not have a Garden of this magnitude without them.

2010-08-14/NEILMUIR1/e90513                               2010-08-14/NEILMUIR1/7a6a8f

I leave you with the little plant stand outside the main door, all for sale of course.


I do hope you have enjoyed this little walk around 19 Acres, that is so full of surprises. The Gardeners here do a fantastic job, as you can see.

Thank you for being with me!



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For Nancy.

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