Spring In England, After the Worst Winter Ever Recorded!

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Posted by @NEILMUIR1 on
After untold snow and ice, winter finally left and we had nearly two weeks of mild weather. Then the cold winds started and rain with it for what seems an age now. Unable to go out and do anything. I vowed that the first dry day we have, I would go out and get some pictures. That day was today and it was surprising to say the least. Snowdrops, still out with Magnolia, are just about to go into full flower. What a strange spring!

After the winter seemed to have gone, what a joy to see sights like this everywhere. It seemed spring had finally sprung, and everyone was smiling in the two weeks of mild weather everywhere. Then the worst happened; it turned bitterly cold, wet and windy. The wind and rain flattened everything in sight, there seemed no end to it. These photos were taken on February 8th and since then it has been almost impossible to get the camera out, till today. I hope you enjoy your walk with me in the cold spring air. Snowdrops and a yellow crocus, in the spring sunshine.

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2011-03-07/NEILMUIR1/1cc286                              2011-03-07/NEILMUIR1/bb855a

It is hard to believe that on February the 8th these Daffodils and Tulips were out!

2011-03-07/NEILMUIR1/4e4aaa                              2011-03-07/NEILMUIR1/8d2d5c

Japanese ornamental quinces were in flower and the Iris reticulata joined in as well.

2011-03-07/NEILMUIR1/ce73ca                              2011-03-07/NEILMUIR1/3af8aa

Then the wind howled and the thermometer plummeted. The rain was incessant, and some of us thought we might never again see a spring as we know it. So today was a dry day, I ventured forth to see what I could find. Crocus and Daffodils, then Forsythia in the small park today.

2011-03-07/NEILMUIR1/02e63c                              2011-03-07/NEILMUIR1/3eb394

The damage to the spring bedding and lawns was amazing, everything is soaked.

2011-03-07/NEILMUIR1/7559db                              2011-03-07/NEILMUIR1/2ead41

More damage but I did find some Daffodils!

2011-03-07/NEILMUIR1/fa1e6e                              2011-03-07/NEILMUIR1/88f745

The Willows are coming into leaf, and a couple of wild Narcissus.

2011-03-07/NEILMUIR1/e1ba5e                              2011-03-07/NEILMUIR1/244800

This frontal area is normally kept quite tidy, it doesn't quite look like that at the moment. More Willows nearly in leaf.

2011-03-07/NEILMUIR1/6ab0f0                             2011-03-07/NEILMUIR1/d43dd8

Mahonica japonica 'Charity' in flower! I have no idea where these Polyanthus growing amongst the Ivy have come from.

2011-03-07/NEILMUIR1/6dc089                              2011-03-07/NEILMUIR1/bde759

Now on to the large south facing park, as the last one is pure north facing. Masses of Daffodils!

2011-03-07/NEILMUIR1/b828fd                              2011-03-07/NEILMUIR1/8781a0

These woodland Hellebores are so late!

2011-03-07/NEILMUIR1/e5e668                              2011-03-07/NEILMUIR1/a6cb41

More Hellebores and a white one.

2011-03-07/NEILMUIR1/ed8c3e                              2011-03-07/NEILMUIR1/9c83c4

Canada Geese in the lake!

2011-03-07/NEILMUIR1/e5a9a9                              2011-03-07/NEILMUIR1/96d153

Two Ducks, one white one and a Drake Mallard swimming together. Then a land shot of them all together.

2011-03-07/NEILMUIR1/4ab2d0                              2011-03-07/NEILMUIR1/927de4

You cannot have an English park without a lake! The children love to come and feed the wildfowl. In the first picture there are some Pigeons in flight after stealing a bit of bread! In the second picture look how well a Duck is comouflaged in the undergrowth against the Drakes in the background!

2011-03-07/NEILMUIR1/21b0e9                              2011-03-07/NEILMUIR1/8fa6d8

A close up of a Duck with my zoom lens. A rather fat Drake!

2011-03-07/NEILMUIR1/823288                                2011-03-07/NEILMUIR1/a5e5ec

I have never known a park that has as so many Blue Cedars everywhere! An Iris I spotted.

2011-03-07/NEILMUIR1/a660df                               2011-03-07/NEILMUIR1/3d6154

One of the beds in the lawn and in the distance crocus everywhere. Some crocus out between the trees.

2011-03-07/NEILMUIR1/9156e6                               2011-03-07/NEILMUIR1/458009

Yes another Blue Cedar! The bowling green at least looks nice.

2011-03-07/NEILMUIR1/38a38d                              2011-03-07/NEILMUIR1/25f7e2

What a lovely sight, and yes, more Blue Cedars.

2011-03-07/NEILMUIR1/ba95f9                              2011-03-07/NEILMUIR1/df7506

A scruffy winter Jasmine in flower. I cannot really describe the next bit of the park as it is a mixture of everything.

2011-03-07/NEILMUIR1/1c8c52                              2011-03-07/NEILMUIR1/29c06e

A real mixture!

2011-03-07/NEILMUIR1/c45a8f                              2011-03-07/NEILMUIR1/4e5544 

Very pleasant though in the summer!

2011-03-07/NEILMUIR1/96e831                              2011-03-07/NEILMUIR1/a1810b 

Then into another bit of the park, this is also unusual to say the least! More crocus and Daffodils then into the water section.

2011-03-07/NEILMUIR1/df320c                              2011-03-07/NEILMUIR1/637d37

Bamboo with a lovely Ghostly Silver birch in the distance. A Silver birch in the foreground against a Golden conifer.

2011-03-07/NEILMUIR1/7c7b96                              2011-03-07/NEILMUIR1/1f99bb

A Garrya eliptica or New Zealand tassel bush. Vinca major in flower!

2011-03-07/NEILMUIR1/e77862                              2011-03-07/NEILMUIR1/7a9411

More Daffodils!

2011-03-07/NEILMUIR1/709022                              2011-03-07/NEILMUIR1/2b5c2e

Daffodils against the water, which leads down to the next picture.

2011-03-07/NEILMUIR1/28de5a                              2011-03-07/NEILMUIR1/da3265

Another Blue Cedar with blossom in the background. Snowdrops out in the park, how strange!

2011-03-07/NEILMUIR1/56e765                              2011-03-07/NEILMUIR1/5b1ad8

How beautiful are these trees in blossom against a Silver birch, and in a bed.

2011-03-07/NEILMUIR1/c605e9                              2011-03-07/NEILMUIR1/5f11b2

More blossom amongst the trees. Red Berberis what a nice sight!

2011-03-07/NEILMUIR1/b8bd93                             2011-03-07/NEILMUIR1/e15dfb

I am not quite sure what this Canada goose is up to? Then back at my mothers these were in flower!

2011-03-07/NEILMUIR1/394d6c                              2011-03-07/NEILMUIR1/5e7a1b

A lovely yellow Polyanthus and the first Hyacinth I have seen!

2011-03-07/NEILMUIR1/a5d4eb                              2011-03-07/NEILMUIR1/49283c

Now the Magnolias are coming out. From Snowdrops to Magnolias all in one day.

2011-03-07/NEILMUIR1/59f5c6                               2011-03-07/NEILMUIR1/cdf016

What a weird combination of overcast clouds and sun, then to the plants themselves. Confused yet, I am!


Thank you very much for being on my walk with me, and I hope you have enjoyed it!

Now they say snow by Thursday here!




For Nancy and Cherie!

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