The Chelsea Flower Show 2011 (Part 2)

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I hope that just some of the sights of the Chelsea Flower Show in my last article has made you want to see what else was there. There was an awful lot to see and to capture. Chelsea is always full of surprises and this year was no exception. I have always thought of the Chelsea Flower Show to be wrongly named as it is not just about flowers and plants, but has everything, as you will see. So as I have my boots on, let us go and see what we can find!

Chelsea surprised me this year with the amount of plants and Show Gardens that had a Cottage Garden feel. In the Great Pavilion they had a wonderful Cottage Garden plants display; even a lot of the Show Gardens had Foxgloves and Verbascums in them.

Some of the pictures were taken with a wide angle lens. Please enlarge them to see them full size.

I will start with more of the plants that people go to Chelsea to see. Alstromerias at Chelsea are always stunning.

2011-05-30/NEILMUIR1/47366c                              2011-05-30/NEILMUIR1/cd10b8

The Diascia & Nemesia stand is also stunning! These are in fact bedding plants and have become popular in containers.

2011-05-30/NEILMUIR1/020826                              2011-05-30/NEILMUIR1/e257fb

The Rhododendrons at the show this year were quite beautiful.

2011-05-30/NEILMUIR1/54a490                              2011-05-30/NEILMUIR1/b82b94

Bougainvillea on show and for sale.

2011-05-30/NEILMUIR1/0169da                              2011-05-30/NEILMUIR1/d56205

More Chrysanthemums.

2011-05-30/NEILMUIR1/c66dab                              2011-05-30/NEILMUIR1/592fc0

The Lily stand was superb this year. It was divided into two parts so people could see which ones liked acid, neutral or alkaline soil!

2011-05-30/NEILMUIR1/da1a28                              2011-05-30/NEILMUIR1/04cf08

The start of some of the Hostas; there were a lot of them this year.

2011-05-30/NEILMUIR1/b681aa                              2011-05-30/NEILMUIR1/5eefa4

More lovely Hostas!

2011-06-04/NEILMUIR1/4bee45                              2011-06-04/NEILMUIR1/a5c64f

A stunning stand and a Chelsea Silver-Gilt Medal.

2011-06-04/NEILMUIR1/d53eaa                              2011-06-04/NEILMUIR1/fe39ae

Two Hostas I did like a lot, 'Dream Weaver' and 'Daybreak'

2011-06-04/NEILMUIR1/712477                              2011-06-04/NEILMUIR1/e0bab0

Some Rhododendrons before the start of the Cottage Gardens!

2011-06-05/NEILMUIR1/c963e3                               2011-06-05/NEILMUIR1/2bb5e7

A riot of colour!

2011-06-05/NEILMUIR1/8b015b                               2011-06-05/NEILMUIR1/5c426c

A stunning mix of everything.

2011-06-05/NEILMUIR1/6e01b2                               2011-06-05/NEILMUIR1/6d8968

Even more.

2011-06-05/NEILMUIR1/a11790                               2011-06-05/NEILMUIR1/4184b5

The Foxglove stand was beautiful.

2011-06-05/NEILMUIR1/9edabb                               2011-06-05/NEILMUIR1/6202bc

Foxgloves and Aquilegias, with Verbascums.

2011-06-05/NEILMUIR1/fb7e17                               2011-06-05/NEILMUIR1/07aa55

The start of Hardy's Cottage Garden Plants stand.

2011-06-05/NEILMUIR1/802f0e                               2011-06-05/NEILMUIR1/4d7715

A wonderful display.

2011-06-05/NEILMUIR1/73b7ce                              2011-06-05/NEILMUIR1/c4810f

Foxgloves amongst the Roses.

2011-06-05/NEILMUIR1/d4489e                              2011-06-05/NEILMUIR1/f5e040

More Cottage Garden plants, and a large Hosta!

2011-06-05/NEILMUIR1/de6e67                               2011-06-05/NEILMUIR1/0f47d0

 A lovely Geranium then a fantastic border. I love the lemon Verbascum in the middle.

2011-06-05/NEILMUIR1/8fce30                               2011-06-05/NEILMUIR1/66df45

A closer look at the lemon Verbascum.

2011-06-05/NEILMUIR1/f64e11                               2011-06-05/NEILMUIR1/b22a0c

Standard Japanese maples with Foxgloves and Lupins!

2011-06-05/NEILMUIR1/eb93f4                               2011-06-05/NEILMUIR1/ed7db0

The scent of these Lavenders was overpowering.

2011-06-05/NEILMUIR1/f46657                              2011-06-05/NEILMUIR1/5fd493

For you Sempervivum and other associated plant lovers, this stand was amazing.

2011-06-05/NEILMUIR1/aba541                              2011-06-05/NEILMUIR1/f2c94c

It won a Chelsea Gold Medal and that is easy to see why.

2011-06-05/NEILMUIR1/57989b                              2011-06-05/NEILMUIR1/c9fd47

This stand must have taken untold work to do.

2011-06-05/NEILMUIR1/61a2d3                              2011-06-05/NEILMUIR1/105cf5

I cannot really describe the beauty of this, it was breathtaking.

2011-06-05/NEILMUIR1/87747a                             2011-06-05/NEILMUIR1/e1a901

More for you Sempervivum fans.

2011-06-05/NEILMUIR1/d3a2d1                               2011-06-05/NEILMUIR1/b64d33

A wonderful water garden.

2011-06-05/NEILMUIR1/600272                               2011-06-05/NEILMUIR1/355ecb

I have not even done the Orchids or the insectivorous\carnivorous plants yet! There is a lot more to see from the Show Gardens to other stands in the Pavilion. So put your boots away for now, but get them ready for Part 3!




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