The Chelsea Flower Show 2011 (Part 3)

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Although the first show, The Great Spring Show, goes back to 1862 it was not until 1913 that the show was moved to the Grounds of the Royal Hospital at Chelsea. It immediately took the name of Chelsea, and has been the Chelsea Flower Show ever since. It has always been an international show and with modern transportation anything is now possible at this amazing event. Join me on yet another march around Chelsea.

Chelsea is always a mixed affair. Some people go for the social event, others to see old friends, many to see much loved plants or to get a plant they want. I do not fall into any category, as I love all plants. However there are some I will make a special effort to see, and Primroses are one of them. These wonderful plants that withstand our winters and bring us so much joy in the spring and early summer, who, I ask, could not like them?

Some of these pictures were taken with a wide angle lens. Please enlarge them to see them full size

2011-06-10/NEILMUIR1/1a9f53                              2011-06-10/NEILMUIR1/e9c3e9

Candelabara Primroses anyone?

2011-06-10/NEILMUIR1/abbe3e                              2011-06-10/NEILMUIR1/ddb4b8

This stand was a masterpiece; even the back of it was lovely!

2011-06-10/NEILMUIR1/c379a1                              2011-06-10/NEILMUIR1/c826ec

From Primroses to the Caribbean!

2011-06-10/NEILMUIR1/07be35                              2011-06-10/NEILMUIR1/3cbd59

I have always been fascinated with insectivorous/carnivorous plants, and this year Chelsea went wild with these from the Phillippines.

2011-06-10/NEILMUIR1/2ef2f3                              2011-06-10/NEILMUIR1/63d178

I would not like to fall in that lot! Strangely enough the drug from the rim of Nepenthes has since time immemorial been used in human childbirth, and still is used all over the world, even today!

2011-06-10/NEILMUIR1/223c64                              2011-06-10/NEILMUIR1/3fee27

Now to American Pitcher plants, and Nepenthes from other places.

2011-06-10/NEILMUIR1/1ee5d1                              2011-06-10/NEILMUIR1/f10910

A South African Drosera (sundew) and the stand was a Chelsea Gold Medal winner!

2011-06-10/NEILMUIR1/5488ac                              2011-06-10/NEILMUIR1/9d2f13

Chelsea seemed to have gone Nepenthes crazy!

2011-06-10/NEILMUIR1/9af5ca                              2011-06-10/NEILMUIR1/8427a1

A complete jungle of Nepenthes, they were everywhere.

2011-06-10/NEILMUIR1/85e3f4                              2011-06-10/NEILMUIR1/5ba32d

Two North American pitcher plants, and one is in flower.

2011-06-10/NEILMUIR1/a6b02d                              2011-06-10/NEILMUIR1/fd0692

The Cobra Lily or Darlingtonia californica, followed by a Heliamphora hybrid from South America.

2011-06-10/NEILMUIR1/c7e013                              2011-06-10/NEILMUIR1/ce2d28

Normally at Chelsea we are treated to one or two of the Kentucky Lady's Slipper Orchids, Cypripedium kentuckiense. However this year there seemed to be carpets of this stunning plant everywhere. What an absolute treat.

2011-06-10/NEILMUIR1/bd6244                               2011-06-10/NEILMUIR1/a0bca0

Spoilt for choice!

2011-06-10/NEILMUIR1/b3abc1                               2011-06-10/NEILMUIR1/4695bb

Or I thought I was, till I saw this Queens Lady's Slipper Orchid or Cypripedium reginae!

2011-06-10/NEILMUIR1/391920                              2011-06-10/NEILMUIR1/6d3ea9

Then there was the surprise of this Cypripedium reginae "White Form'.

2011-06-10/NEILMUIR1/3049ee                              2011-06-10/NEILMUIR1/0463bf

This stunned me and got me trampled on by people. The tiny Californian Lady's Slipper Orchid or Cypripedium californicum was a bit troublesome to get a picture of and as I lay down people stepped on me to get through. What a sight to see one, though.

2011-06-10/NEILMUIR1/f33bfb                              2011-06-10/NEILMUIR1/056d0a

Now for some Cymbidiums.

2011-06-11/NEILMUIR1/abba2d                               2011-06-11/NEILMUIR1/727524

A Wisonara 'Nichirei Tiger' and an Odontioda 'Saint Clement'.

2011-06-11/NEILMUIR1/207119                               2011-06-11/NEILMUIR1/1bb995

A little bit of McBean's Orchids stand, a Chelsea favourite.

2011-06-11/NEILMUIR1/15d4ed                               2011-06-11/NEILMUIR1/4c9558

The Orchid Society Of Great Britain.

2011-06-11/NEILMUIR1/525e87                               2011-06-11/NEILMUIR1/ce25cd

This stand is rather large. A lovely orchid from Peru is on the left.

2011-06-11/NEILMUIR1/a8a0e6                               2011-06-11/NEILMUIR1/22b588

A mass of colour at the top, it was lovely to see.

2011-06-11/NEILMUIR1/cf8a9c                              2011-06-11/NEILMUIR1/109f57

For orchid fans you really have to be here to see all of it!

2011-06-11/NEILMUIR1/fe2d7f                              2011-06-11/NEILMUIR1/60dff1

There were secret bits as well.

2011-06-11/NEILMUIR1/c8ff7a                             2011-06-11/NEILMUIR1/d4b999

There was what seemed to be an open Palace of Orchids, so I had to have a look.

2011-06-11/NEILMUIR1/c3286d                               2011-06-11/NEILMUIR1/2f5b80

They were everywhere.

2011-06-11/NEILMUIR1/382b1f                              2011-06-11/NEILMUIR1/b99aff

An amazing display.

2011-06-11/NEILMUIR1/6287b0                              2011-06-11/NEILMUIR1/3e64cf

A bit closer!

2011-06-11/NEILMUIR1/5bc7bb                             2011-06-11/NEILMUIR1/f2370c

Then the surprise of this championing Britain food and flowers stand. This is to support British produce and was sponsored by Waitrose, which is a very good supermarket.

2011-06-11/NEILMUIR1/d08193                              2011-06-11/NEILMUIR1/08e93f

I have run out of space again! So it will be another article I am afraid, as there is a lot more to see.  I'll put my Boots away for the moment and contemplate, do I want eating grapes or wine grapes to climb up these columns below, wine grapes I think!

See you hopefully in Part 4!




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For Nancy.

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