The Chelsea Flower Show 2012 (Part 2)

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The Chelsea Flower Show is an eagerly awaited event after our long winter. It is the first time everyone gets together and can see the new plants as well as creations of sculptors and artists. A lot of gardeners use it as a social event, or to order sensational plants for the coming season in whatever variety interests them. On the final day a lot of the plants are sold off and London is awash with a sea of plants. It is a truly amazing sight!

Thank you if you are rejoining me from Part 1; I hope you enjoyed Chelsea at its best, despite the hot weather.

This is a tribute to the farmers and horticulturists for their hard work.

2012-07-19/NEILMUIR1/a1b59f                    2012-07-19/NEILMUIR1/668a2b

This amazing stand was made by Waitrose, a supermarket chain, and the National Farmers Union. It was just superb and simply called "The Best Of British."

2012-07-19/NEILMUIR1/4dfdc5                    2012-07-19/NEILMUIR1/075410

For those with a keen eye and into flower arranging, there are even vegetables in the floral displays, brilliantly done and very clever.

2012-07-19/NEILMUIR1/6bd9a3                    2012-07-19/NEILMUIR1/722f2d

The Jersey Farmers Union did this quite amazing (for the month of May) stand. It takes a lot of work to get sweet (bell) peppers to be that perfect in May, on an island off the UK mainland. The asparagus was also stunning as we have a very short season for it. I cannot believe how they can get everything on this stand the same size, the same ripeness and then to display it in such a delectable way. No wonder they won a Gold medal for this.

2012-07-20/NEILMUIR1/38d907                    2012-07-20/NEILMUIR1/27a220

This is the Williams Formula One car for this season with pit crew, made out of the box plant or Buxus sempervirens. This was made by King & Co. (The Tree Nursery) Ltd. Their efforts won them a Chelsea Gold medal for this. On the right is a stand of box.

2012-07-20/NEILMUIR1/b4d0b2                     2012-07-20/NEILMUIR1/4c269f

Plants in Gold frames you may ask, yes, and they even had theaters for auriculas. There is only one Auricula theatre left and that is in the Welsh Botanic Gardens. In 1633 Tradescant, the gardener to King Charles I, had these growing in his garden in Lambeth (London), and started improving them. But the real explosion in growing and showing these amazing plants was in the late 18th and 19th century. The big houses would have them on show when they were at their best (April-May), and competitions to grow and breed them were intense. They do not even look real but they are. I have not seen stage auriculas for a long time and the judges must have agreed, for this won a deserved Gold medal.

2012-07-20/NEILMUIR1/c0c7f0                    2012-07-20/NEILMUIR1/f33a07

This stand had heuchera, heucherella and tiarella on it. It was as usual of the standard that Chelsea expects

2012-07-20/NEILMUIR1/b90a3d                    2012-07-20/NEILMUIR1/f919c6

I liked the one called 'Gunsmoke,' as I have a perfect place for that.

2012-07-20/NEILMUIR1/96f004                    2012-07-20/NEILMUIR1/cd892a

Of course with the work that went into this you get a Chelsea Gold medal.

2012-07-20/NEILMUIR1/e5bb1b                    2012-07-20/NEILMUIR1/3bc717

Alium and hippeastrum in a mass formation. Alium are very popular and are always a Chelsea favourite. Hippeastrum are much loved at Christmas to give as a gift. You can buy them in a box in most colours, and it comes with a bulb, pot and compost, plus instructions. Children adore these as gifts, as they can plant them and soon they are in flower.

2012-07-20/NEILMUIR1/686c8e                    2012-07-20/NEILMUIR1/3a724c

I fell in love with these two! On the left is the dwarf date palm Phoenix roebelenii, and the amazing plant underneath it is Senecio kilimanjaro 'Provence Passion.' On the right we have the Japanese sago palm or Cycas revoluta, and underneath this we have Begonia sutherlandii 'Papaya.'

2012-07-20/NEILMUIR1/b12c39                    2012-07-20/NEILMUIR1/3c8cb5

Now for some hostas; Chelsea always comes up with beautiful plants.

2012-07-20/NEILMUIR1/254e41                    2012-07-20/NEILMUIR1/3218ab

The Hosta on the left caused some amusement all round! A member of the public was heard saying "we should get one of those white ones, as the slugs might not eat it!" I somehow think not, for slugs and snails love them, whatever the colour.

2012-07-20/NEILMUIR1/77fdb3                    2012-07-20/NEILMUIR1/a6824a

Here are roses that I could get near, as rose ordering is manic at Chelsea. Trying to get near a rose stand is sometimes near impossible.

2012-07-20/NEILMUIR1/7f31c7                    2012-07-20/NEILMUIR1/f7c25f

This Papaver commutatum 'Ladybird' is just such a stunning poppy. It even looks like the insect the Ladybird, which is every gardener's friend and delight to see. I have some of these poppies and would not be without them now, as the bees adore them. That is a glorious colour for tulips, what a delight it would be to see them after the winter.

2012-07-20/NEILMUIR1/bf9efa                    2012-07-20/NEILMUIR1/7af139

Let us cool off from the Great Pavilion and see some fountains and stone.

2012-07-20/NEILMUIR1/735182                    2012-07-20/NEILMUIR1/7bfbd4

That fountain is really lovely, and yes I do have a place for it, somewhere! On the other hand I had to think about this gorilla, but as he does not need feeding, I suppose someone would love him. Is it Garden Art? I am not sure about that one!

2012-07-20/NEILMUIR1/a77a61                    2012-07-20/NEILMUIR1/15a148

The trouble when you go to Chelsea is always that you see so many lovely things you would like to have. Then you have to think, can I make room for them, no. Are they going to bankrupt me, in this case it is a definite yes!

2012-07-20/NEILMUIR1/d8f4ce                    2012-07-20/NEILMUIR1/501dea

I did not even ask the price of these!

2012-07-20/NEILMUIR1/304b63                    2012-07-20/NEILMUIR1/df3cd6

Of course the wooden horse is a fantastic piece of work, but this bronze one, well, what can one say about him?

2012-07-20/NEILMUIR1/12b676                    2012-07-20/NEILMUIR1/7ce292

Each year these troughs, although I call them sinks, get better if that is possible! The people who design, plant and make them astonish me.

2012-07-20/NEILMUIR1/6956a7                    2012-07-20/NEILMUIR1/ee59a8

As you can see, if you like sempervivums then you are in for a treat here.

2012-07-20/NEILMUIR1/cebd06                    2012-07-20/NEILMUIR1/87a88f

Sempervivums like growing in these troughs and dry stone walls, plus you will often see sempervivums used for "Green Roofing" nowadays.

2012-07-20/NEILMUIR1/794498                    2012-07-20/NEILMUIR1/f3ac45

The bonsai at Chelsea just have to be seen to be believed. My camera can do no justice to them at all.

2012-07-20/NEILMUIR1/57c454                     2012-07-20/NEILMUIR1/0447fb

I think cacti and succulents are somewhat underrated and not quite admired enough! They are gorgeous, and who would not be proud of them! Actually they are quite logical for me to grow since the flowers would not get cut off and end up in a vase as a flower arrangement!

2012-07-20/NEILMUIR1/c115f7                    2012-07-20/NEILMUIR1/0ef418

Dibleys Nurseries for streptocarpus and foilage begonias have produced a scented streptocarpus variety, and it is fantastic!  Dibleys Nurseries also have a habit of winning Gold medals wherever they go, and they did here.

2012-07-20/NEILMUIR1/271b06                    2012-07-20/NEILMUIR1/51de47

A sarracenia and nepenthes of course.

2012-07-20/NEILMUIR1/ce101a                    2012-07-20/NEILMUIR1/1a932f

From a drosera and a nepenthes to a host of sarracenias.

2012-07-23/NEILMUIR1/ee5b65                    2012-07-24/NEILMUIR1/73fd5f

Chelsea would not be the same without lots of fuchsias!

2012-07-23/NEILMUIR1/b972e6                    2012-07-23/NEILMUIR1/621ef0

Thes two plants are stunning! On the left is Choisya X dewittena 'Aztec Gold.' It has aromatic leaves and almond scented white flowers. For shrub lovers like myself, this medium sized shrub exbited by Hilliers Nurseries is a winner. The other plant is Nepenthes 'Linda' this special hybrid has been produced for the beginner as it is easy to grow! It was shown by Hampshire Carnivorous plants, who also won a Gold medal here.

2012-08-23/NEILMUIR1/4e7fa8                    2012-08-23/NEILMUIR1/ab74ca

Ornamental grasses are popular in the UK, and are quite beautiful. They make a fantastic contrast in borders, or as a specimen plant.

2012-08-23/NEILMUIR1/bcaa39                    2012-08-23/NEILMUIR1/1ed453

The glory of ferns!

2012-08-23/NEILMUIR1/984a72                   2012-08-23/NEILMUIR1/651fb8

Garden rooms with a difference! The glass room has internet connection as well!

2012-08-23/NEILMUIR1/e1fe5e                    2012-08-23/NEILMUIR1/89cc1b

Antiques to artists.

2012-08-23/NEILMUIR1/d9f23c                    2012-08-23/NEILMUIR1/df09d0

Bands to birds.

2012-08-23/NEILMUIR1/996e38                    2012-08-23/NEILMUIR1/55f675

Chelsea, why do we go there? Well, to see things like this and to dream.

2012-08-23/NEILMUIR1/b2fc0a                    2012-08-23/NEILMUIR1/350c60


2012-08-23/NEILMUIR1/40f791                    2012-08-23/NEILMUIR1/fedf52

Orchids anyone?

2012-08-23/NEILMUIR1/3ddc55                    2012-08-23/NEILMUIR1/be2bb7

Clematis like a fountain? Wisteria, and yes the scent was amazing.

2012-08-23/NEILMUIR1/3c2b3d                    2012-08-23/NEILMUIR1/7bfb15

Hats for the men at Chelsea as the ladies make their own; plus, of course, our National drink, beer!


Our thanks must go to the Chelsea pensioners, each one a war veteran. Every year they give up their wonderful gardens for the Chelsea Flower Show. As you can see they also guide and help people around the grounds of the Royal Hospital where they live. Their other duties include collecting money for our military charities with their coin boxes. I, for one, always put coins in, and buy them a pint; each one is a hero.

2012-08-23/NEILMUIR1/ba91a0                    2012-08-23/NEILMUIR1/5f1077

Thank you for being with me on a hot tour of Chelsea, and I do hope you will join me again when I tackle the world's biggest Flower Show at Hampton Court Palace.



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