Daylilies and Spring Bulbs: the Perfect Combination

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Now that it is fall, it is time to plant your spring bulbs. And what better place to add spring bulbs than in your daylily beds? Be sure to add some bulbs in and around your daylily gardens.

Spring bulbs bring an entire new season of bloom to your daylily garden.

Daylilies and bulbs go perfectly together. The bulbs bloom in the spring just as the daylily foliage is emerging. By the time the bulbs are finished flowering, the daylily foliage helps hide the dying bub foliage. In the summer when your daylilies bloom, those bulbs are long gone, having gone dormant until the following spring.

Remember that by adding and layering larger bulbs like tulips and daffodils with smaller bulbs like crocuses and species tulips, you can maximize your spring bloom season.

Some spring bulbs emerge.
Thumb of 2013-09-07/Newyorkrita/bc6266

Now they are blooming.
Thumb of 2013-09-07/Newyorkrita/a25a4c
Thumb of 2013-09-07/Newyorkrita/7b331b

First bulbs appear in a backyard daylily bed.
Thumb of 2013-09-07/Newyorkrita/7de75c

Same daylily bed later as more tulip blooms open.
Thumb of 2013-09-07/Newyorkrita/b950e9
Thumb of 2013-09-07/Newyorkrita/15d980

Thumb of 2013-09-07/Newyorkrita/7372e6

Front yard garden emerging.
Thumb of 2013-09-07/Newyorkrita/23002e
Thumb of 2013-09-07/Newyorkrita/f99538
Thumb of 2013-09-07/Newyorkrita/5616b5

One week later.
Thumb of 2013-09-07/Newyorkrita/e39811
Thumb of 2013-09-07/Newyorkrita/4cd200
Thumb of 2013-09-07/Newyorkrita/4e9a02
Thumb of 2013-09-07/Newyorkrita/bc1e1d

And a different view.
Thumb of 2013-09-07/Newyorkrita/863fc1

The slope looks lost and barren first thing in the spring.
Thumb of 2013-09-07/Newyorkrita/4ea13f

Bulbs fill in and bloom.
Thumb of 2013-09-07/Newyorkrita/3be712
Thumb of 2013-09-07/Newyorkrita/a8eda6
Thumb of 2013-09-07/Newyorkrita/312058
Thumb of 2013-09-07/Newyorkrita/1c7209
Thumb of 2013-09-07/Newyorkrita/7ab2fe

Finally the very last bulbs to bloom are the late tulip mix.
Thumb of 2013-09-07/Newyorkrita/a7fd55
Thumb of 2013-09-07/Newyorkrita/abcbe3

Thumb of 2013-09-07/Newyorkrita/c838b2
Thumb of 2013-09-07/Newyorkrita/e5fb22

Not much going on in the terrace garden.
Thumb of 2013-09-07/Newyorkrita/d46643

One week later.
Thumb of 2013-09-07/Newyorkrita/948140

Thumb of 2013-09-07/Newyorkrita/378fc0

Daylily backyard path features mixed Darwin tulips.
Thumb of 2013-09-07/Newyorkrita/23a50f
Thumb of 2013-09-07/Newyorkrita/a0d175
Thumb of 2013-09-07/Newyorkrita/be69f1
Thumb of 2013-09-07/Newyorkrita/6266e0

Daylily plateau raised bed.
Thumb of 2013-09-07/Newyorkrita/090708

Shrubs, daylilies, and tulips.
Thumb of 2013-09-07/Newyorkrita/535595

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