Companion Plants for the Hosta Garden

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Hostas come in a great variety of colors, sizes, forms, and textures. A shady bed featuring only a number of well-chosen Hosta cultivars can provide great visual interest, but the addition of some companion plants can add to the overall beauty and diversity.

There are many choices of plants that will do nicely in the same growing conditions where Hostas prosper. Most enjoy some sunshine early and late in the day and broken sun or light shade during mid-day. They, like Hostas, prefer well-prepared soil with some organic matter added, a little balanced fertilizer, and regular watering. Some of my favorite companion plants for Hostas are:

Thumb of 2015-06-14/Paul2032/fea9e8A few blooming tulips are nice in the spring with the newly emerging Hostas.

Thumb of 2015-06-14/Paul2032/b6cda6Spanish Bluebells bloom for an extended period.

Thumb of 2015-06-14/Paul2032/571525There are numerous Heucheras in many colors that complement.

Thumb of 2015-06-14/Paul2032/0951e7Corydalis lutea with Hosta 'Orange Marmalade.' Corydalis lutea is a willing little plant that can spread around the garden.

Thumb of 2015-06-14/Paul2032/a56cdbBrunnera is special when it is in bloom and also nice afterward.

Thumb of 2015-06-14/Paul2032/2ee228Trillium

Thumb of 2015-06-14/Paul2032/eb4d21Epimedium

Thumb of 2015-06-14/Paul2032/0fe581Thalictrum

Thumb of 2015-06-14/Paul2032/499d0cTulips and European Ginger

Thumb of 2015-06-14/Paul2032/85225dSpanish Bluebells

Thumb of 2015-06-14/Paul2032/84cc18Columbines

Thumb of 2015-06-14/Paul2032/57371eLamium

Thumb of 2015-06-14/Paul2032/36f897Hakonechloa, Impatiens, Ostrich Ferns

Thumb of 2015-06-14/Paul2032/7a17f8Dicentra

Thumb of 2015-06-14/Paul2032/da0fb5Hostas and Japanese Maples make a gorgeous pairing.

Thumb of 2015-06-14/Paul2032/d3a806Aruncus

Thumb of 2015-06-14/Paul2032/8b9845Sweet Woodruff with Hostas 'Wolverine' and 'Golden Tiara'

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