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Use various decorative items around the base of your plants to make them more unique and interesting to look at. You can also match these decorative items to your interior design colors for an extra special personal look.

I have used buttons, sea shells, plastic beads, and dragon tears. I use semiprecious stones and crystals, red rocks from the beach, and stones from the local river! I have also been known to use plastic confetti, the kind you use for birthdays/parties. These items can be purchased at any craft shop or secondhand in a jar from a Goodwill Store ( or charity shop as we call them in the U.K.) or thrift store. I never use metal, as it rusts. Only plastic & natural materials.

When it comes to the sea shells, I have discovered that painting them with nail polish works really well to personalize them. Oyster shells are really big and nice to work with. Also, you can mix the nail polish on the shell, making a gradient or even a marbled effect! Something else to bear in mind: The weather/sun does fade the colors out. But fear not, I find that they look more ''vintage'' this way. Also, do not forget glittery nail polishes! It is a wonderful effect to have a touch of glitter somewhere!

As for putting this into practice, there really isn't a single way to do it. Choose your items and go for it, placing things all around your plants!

Here are some of my shells that I am painting with nail polish right now. I will show you step by step how to do a simple gradient and a water marble.

Here are my selected shells & nail polishes for the gradient.
(you will need a piece of sponge for this.)
Thumb of 2013-07-25/PiaLouiseSourvi/7a3949

~First, paint the shell with the lightest color. Don't worry about painting the edges yet. Leave until nearly dry.
Thumb of 2013-07-25/PiaLouiseSourvi/bad280

~Then, take the darkest color and paint the edges.
Thumb of 2013-07-25/PiaLouiseSourvi/9cc498

~Finally, take your piece of sponge and dab the darker color up gradually.
Thumb of 2013-07-25/PiaLouiseSourvi/5245b5

~That's it! For effect, I have gone over the edges with this dark blue glittery nail polish. Feel free to enjoy yourselves and experiment!
Thumb of 2013-07-25/PiaLouiseSourvi/8cb358

Here are my selected shells & nail polishes for the water marble...
(You will need a cup you can mess up, room-temperature filtered water, and a toothpick/needle. Nail polishes have to be the same brand too, as this helps the process.)
Thumb of 2013-07-25/PiaLouiseSourvi/7a2dba

~Take your messy cup and fill it with the room-temperature filtered water. Paint your shell a single color, different from the 2 polishes you're using. (I used dark blue.) Let it dry.
Thumb of 2013-07-25/PiaLouiseSourvi/7a69c2

~Take each nail polish, and using the brush, let a droplet of polish fall into the water. It should do this:
Thumb of 2013-07-25/PiaLouiseSourvi/db91a4

~Take it in turns and make a bulls eye, alternating the colors.
Thumb of 2013-07-25/PiaLouiseSourvi/c1ee9b

~Take your toothpick and run it along the polish, making shapes and patterns.
Thumb of 2013-07-25/PiaLouiseSourvi/45d5e1

~Dip your chosen shell into the pattern and VOILA! Unique every time, and a great way to experiment with colors!
Thumb of 2013-07-25/PiaLouiseSourvi/f402a4

Here are my decorations in my pots, some of my favorites and best examples.
Thumb of 2013-07-25/PiaLouiseSourvi/5feb6b Thumb of 2013-07-25/PiaLouiseSourvi/c1c773
Thumb of 2013-07-25/PiaLouiseSourvi/e7783c Thumb of 2013-07-25/PiaLouiseSourvi/c24223
Thumb of 2013-07-25/PiaLouiseSourvi/bf8f32 Thumb of 2013-07-25/PiaLouiseSourvi/318473
Thumb of 2013-07-25/PiaLouiseSourvi/e240c9 Thumb of 2013-07-25/PiaLouiseSourvi/f133ba
Thumb of 2013-07-25/PiaLouiseSourvi/9e8053 Thumb of 2013-07-25/PiaLouiseSourvi/fc785e

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