Tutorial: Newspaper Pots

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We simply never have enough pots to share our cuttings or for our seedlings. But yes, we do! All you need is a stack of newspapers and these instructions, then get folding.

Follow these pictures carefully. Make each fold a good, tight crease. Practice makes perfect, but if not, there is always Scotch tape! ;)  Even one single sheet of newspaper is thick. You might do better to try this first with a regular piece of square paper.


Using one full sheet of newspaper, fold it in half and make it square. Depending on your sheet of newspaper, you may need to cut it.


Fold it in a triangle. Remember to make a good crease in the paper as you fold.


Open back up and fold a triangle going the other direction.



Open back up and fold in half making a rectangle.


Fold one side inward to form one side of  a triangle.




Fold the other side inward to form the other side of the triangle.  Are you making your creases good and tight? Good.


Fold up the bottom about 1-1/2" depending on your paper size. Make a triangle. Fold well! 


 Open back up, turn it over and fold it in the opposite direction.  Open it back up.


Lift one half of the right side of the triangle and fold it over to meet the crease of the bottom triangle you just folded.


Make sure your crease meets the bottom crease.


Lift one half of the left side of the triangle and fold the same way, meeting the crease of the bottom triangle.  There will be a "tail" that folds past the middle.


 Fold the left side, the one with a "tail"  again inward, like a paper airplane.


Open slightly  and separate the papers.


Slip the "tail" into the paper and fold it over. Again, make a good crease.


 Repeat on the other side. Fold over the right side meeting the bottom crease.


Fold the left side over meeting the bottom crease. There will be a "tail" when you fold it over.


 Do that airplane fold to expose the "tail" on the top again.


Open slightly and tuck the tail into the paper as you did before. Make a good crease.


Carefully open the pot.


Flatten the bottom.


 Fill with soil and seeds, seedling, or plant start. Tag and make someone happy!

(Look for instructions for my plant tags in another Ideas post.)


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