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Welcome to All Things Plants: Garden Tours. Each week we'll take you on a tour of the lovely gardens of one of our members. Join us now as we travel to Indiana where Veronica will take us through the gardens she has created. You are going to love what you see! (Be sure to click each image for an enlarged view.)


This week we get the treat of peeking into an Indiana garden at a farm owned by Veronica (indygardengal) and her husband. You are in for a treat of color and texture, sun and shade, and garden art with tasteful whimsy!



The property is a farm and it is 196 acres. My DH mows quite a bit. We used to have cattle and a grain operation. Now we have grain but we rent it out.

I'll start by showing some of last year's pictures.

2011-10-05/Sharon/5c16a6 2011-10-05/Sharon/208653

A picture of the orange, white and blue section of the front garden. Not much orange here as the California poppies are just starting.


Last year was a year of heat and not much rain. When I look back, the pictures were all taken early in the season. Guess that is good so I don't remember the times when everything was all dried up.

2011-10-05/Sharon/edf66c 2011-10-05/Sharon/0b6251
2011-10-05/Sharon/ca0ed1 2011-10-05/Sharon/cc75c2

 Hosta row on the east side of the house and New Dawn rose.

2011-10-05/Sharon/57e292 2011-10-05/Sharon/687749

Cherry Meideland rose in front of my home.


Happy Returns with my noid clematis and to the right Fooled Me.

2011-10-05/Sharon/070a3a 2011-10-05/Sharon/e3a577

I just like this picture.


 Now some pictures from this summer, Anchusa Dropmore


I made this planter out of a 70's lamp and a plate flower amid the early flowers.

2011-10-05/Sharon/3f74bb 2011-10-05/Sharon/a2d276

My first foxgloves "Pam's Choice"


Josephine clematis growing in a Little Kim lilac 


Some of my garden art made by my friends and me.
We call it "Dishin' Up Art" lots of fun!


A new white lily and Marshall's Delight monarda.

2011-10-05/Sharon/f37579 2011-10-05/Sharon/98e1b5

Heliopsis with a blackberry lily and black and blue salvia with a plate flower I made.

2011-10-05/Sharon/3ac717 2011-10-05/Sharon/b88e28

And September, 2011

2011-10-05/Sharon/efa9a8 2011-10-05/Sharon/7c7248
2011-10-05/Sharon/6013cc 2011-10-05/Sharon/0aa95e
2011-10-05/Sharon/75a86b 2011-10-05/Sharon/b279ef
2011-10-05/Sharon/f5abf1 2011-10-05/Sharon/7df997

 What a beautiful tour, Veronica! You have so much space and everywhere we look there's another wonderful garden. Your love of plants, your creative use of color, it's all evident in your images. And we particularly love your garden art, how striking!

Thank you so much for taking us with you through your gardens. What a fun trip!


We hope you join us again next week as we take another tour through the garden of one of our members.


Garden Tours is a joint effort by Trish and Sharon.


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