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Welcome to a special feature at All Things Plants: Garden Tours. Each week we'll take you on a tour of the lovely gardens of one of our members. Join us now as we travel to New York to see the gardens created by Jo Ann Gentle. I think you are going to love what you see! (Be sure to click each image for an enlarged view.)


I have been building the gardens here since I moved to this house with my daughter and son in law. Retirement left this "A" type with some energy and nothing to do, and 2007 was the first year. I wasn't as much of a gardener as I am since joining a gardening site and have been thrilled with the friends I have made there and see in the crowd here and on Cubits.

This is a huge piece of property with the house situated at an angle in the upper right hand corner facing south west.

'Music Art' Asiatic Lilies "Lily Garden" with Carved Bear
2011-09-28/Sharon/42df8c 2011-09-28/Sharon/88815f
Larkspur Red somnifariums June 27
2011-09-28/Sharon/859681 2011-09-28/Sharon/0e03c2

I'll be trying for a bigger crop of Larkspur in 2012.

July in the "Lily Garden".  This garden is on the east side and is part shade, full shade, and full sun. The garden is 100 feet long and 10 to 15 feet wide.

Lovely Asiatics 'Altari'

2011-09-28/Sharon/6a46a9 2011-09-28/Sharon/fb0440

"Lily Garden" looking south.

  Assorted Asiatic lilies in July.
  A few shots of the "Deck Garden" in August.

Cast fiber and cement container with Coleus and perennials.


The gardens ring our property. Mine are closest to the house and comprise approximately 2,000 square feet altogether. There are a total of 22 gardens. This is how I can keep areas straight. For instance the property on the east border is 100 feet long and 10 to 15 feet wide and has 7 or more garden sections.

"Fountain Garden" June 2011


The fountain is a Basalt crystal that had been drilled out. It gurgles from a reservoire under it.

  The Japanese Maple is 'Spring Delight' in its 3rd year.

Starting here, part of the east side 100 foot long section. This is a small garden in the shape of a half circle with a tree at the back end. This garden is 6 feet to the tree and 8 feet from side to side. It is the first garden when people come from the driveway.



  Asiatic lilies 'Lemon Ice' and 'Tiny Athlete'

"The Lasagna Garden" was started in March 2009. I wanted a garden to look at from my computer. 


'Gull's Wing' Siberian Iris

This image shows what's in there.  I added iris this summer.

"Shade East Garden", the back side of the border that's 100 feet long and comprises many gardens.

  Baruta on left, Acapulco and Monarda to the right.

"Shade-sun Garden", part of "Shade East."
This garden is where the bear is and it's at the back of the bear. It will be a sun garden by next year. The Scotch pine is dead and has to come down.

  Lichnes white and 'Prairie Glory'

White lilies with Lichnes.

The north side of the "Shade-sun Garden". Lots of lilies.



'Purple Prince' with coneflowers

2011-09-29/Sharon/fdf460 2011-09-29/Sharon/2ba041

'Tiger Babies':  These lilies have been moved to the front of the house.


 This is the "Giant Hosta Garden" at the end of the 100 foot border. I simply couldn't plan another inch. It's full of hostas and ferns that take care of themselves.



 The above bright lilies are 'Tiny Snowflake'. I love them against the shadows of the unbloomed hostas. They bloom a bit earlier than most Asiatics. A great selection of short (border and pot) lilies can be found at The Lily Nook. Not an endorsment but that's where all my short lilies came from.

2011-09-29/Sharon/22f5c1 2011-09-29/Sharon/bb54c0

This is the top of the last garden path on this "Long Garden". I call it the "Woodswalk" because it's mostly spruce trees. They let in enough sun to grow lilies on either side but not deep into the garden.

2011-09-29/Sharon/adb579 2011-09-29/Sharon/666dde
2011-09-29/Sharon/6f8cd0 2011-09-29/Sharon/1aaa74
2011-09-29/Sharon/88ef7e 2011-09-29/Sharon/758610

That's all for the left side of that garden. The right side:
'Bonbini' lily and Columbine 'McKenna's Giant Mix'.

2011-09-29/Sharon/6932f3 2011-09-29/Sharon/2bde08

Lily Patch with 'Menorca' and 'Tiger babies'.

2011-09-29/Sharon/8cdeb3 2011-09-29/Sharon/518298

Just a stroll from the bottom of the walk.

2011-09-29/Sharon/a90ca8 2011-09-29/Sharon/9240a7


"The Shade Garden: New Part", lots of Asiatic lilies and Daylilies, plus Astilbes and Giant Astilbe.
Allium 'Karavantas':the dramatic leaves are what drew me to this bulb. They don't look too hot after the blooms flop and they get ratty.

2011-09-29/Sharon/c8bd18 2011-09-29/Sharon/cb2381

 'Banded Tiger' dwarf early iris.


'Blue Beard's Ghost'

I love Epimediums, they are the smallest flower yet so cheerful and special in a quiet way. Leaf shapes and colors are just wonderful.

2011-09-29/Sharon/52f048 2011-09-29/Sharon/55b38c


'Gay Gallant' Japanese Fern


 July in this garden

2011-09-29/Sharon/ea2ae3 2011-09-29/Sharon/1d21b0


Lily 'Landini', 'Eyeliner', 'Traveler'


Lily 'Robina': a showpiece!
2011-09-29/Sharon/ca4932 2011-09-29/Sharon/219630

This is a short Balloon Flower, 'Sentimental blue'.


 "Long Garden" looking north.

2011-09-29/Sharon/f7c59e 2011-09-29/Sharon/cc82c9

The last garden that's worth looking at.
The Tree Peony was given to me on Mother's Day. I just cried. I always wanted one.
I never had any garden space for one until my DD and SIL and I sold our houses and we bought this one in 2007.
This is a budding tulip 'Yellow Pomponette'; absolutly huge flowers. This picture was taken in  April and to the right was in May.

 2011-09-29/Sharon/d175f2 2011-09-29/Sharon/c5cba9




'Yellow Pomponette'


JULY! What a show!

'Brindisi' with Yarrow 'Strawberry Cream' Lilies
2011-09-29/Sharon/b80b34 2011-09-29/Sharon/b3a5ad

'Summer Pastels' Yarrow


OK, one more, how could I forget the first garden here after we moved in?
This is the "West Garden",started in September 2007, by removing 8 twenty year old overgrown junipers and rototilling in a yard of composted topsoil. These shrubs were so big I couldn't get the windows open.
This is the bare spot in May 2008.


And the same area this year:

2011-09-29/Sharon/51e3b5 2011-09-29/Sharon/e32510
2011-09-29/Sharon/d2e960 2011-09-29/Sharon/6407d6
2011-09-29/Sharon/c46fad 2011-09-29/Sharon/612800
2011-09-29/Sharon/fe6a7e 2011-09-29/Sharon/2206f3


Jo Ann! Wow! What a gorgeous group of gardens! You have created a paradise in a very short time and your artistic touch shows in all of them. How beautiful! Thank you so much for the tour, I know everyone enjoyed it as much as we did. 

Thank you all for joining us. We'll be here again next week to take you with us on another member's garden tour.


'Garden Tours' is a joint effort by Trish and Sharon.

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