Garden Tours: Ridesredmule, Charleen Harrell

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Posted by @Sharon on
Let's go south to Georgia this week to take a look at Charleen's gardens. We already know she loves her animals; now we can see how she loves her plants. Be sure to click on her pictures to enlarge them.

I have gardened about all my life. I was born in Missouri. My grandparents on my mom's side had gardens and my grandparents loved flowers! Daddy's parents, I remember, only grew veggies. Gardens have always been somewhere, or houseplants.  I love them, too.

I have no specific plan for any of the gardens I have; I love them all. Since I have gotten to know all my gardening friends, I have gardens with all kinds of beautiful plants. This is how April started:


My husband loves this Banks rose, it is always so pretty in the spring. If you look farther behind it you can see Wisteria growing in the trees.



Peony, I believe I got from one of Mamajack's co-ops:



2011-11-10/Sharon/8fad91 2011-11-10/Sharon/463cf4

I have iris friends, too.




These are test Iris I was growing for PollyK. They are so beautiful. We want to see if they will do as well next year. The temperature is different than where she lives.


2011-11-10/Sharon/2811b1 2011-11-10/Sharon/8c33f7

In the last image, to the right above, irises were grown in a bog type garden and you can see some of the beautiful blooms.

I have lilies, iris, daylilies, roses and I also had a line of angel trumpets that I was babying through the summer.

2011-11-10/Sharon/0f46fb 2011-11-10/Sharon/f84061

We have been here in Barnesville and on this property about 15 years and we have 9+ acres.  Part of the property is wooded, to me it sure is beautiful.

2011-11-10/Sharon/f5e41f 2011-11-10/Sharon/71262e
2011-11-10/Sharon/d38b3e 2011-11-10/Sharon/6da53a

I also have desert roses but I've still got a lot to learn about them. These brugs started doing great after the weather cooled down when it started to rain.
I have a little bog that I started over on Cubits.


2011-11-10/Sharon/fc433c 2011-11-10/Sharon/1bafa4


Just started this one; I sprinkled some poppy seed in it and have some iris to plant.  I'm sure it will be loaded with flowers next year


I have a cedar tree and I have lots of flyers in it besides the real birds.




Who inspired me? My Mama and Daddy and Grandparents....
What's my favorite plant? Golly, I love them all.
Any changes to my Garden?  I'm going to try to put my angel Trumpets (Brugs) more in the shade and mulch them.

Thank you for asking for a tour. I hope you enjoy seeing all my plants.  The gang is always waiting for a handout so they enjoy seeing you all too.

  We have folks on these threads who inspire me all the time. They grow such beautiful and different plants. I have made a lot of friends here and love them all. We all learn from each other. Life is a learning adventure. Enjoy the ride.
God Bless you all.

Charleen and all the critters


 Charleen, thank you so much for sharing your lovely gardens with us! We can also see your artistic touch in many of the pictures. May your gardens continue to grow and bloom for years to come. Best wishes to you, your family and your delightful critter friends. 


 Please join us again next week as we take you on another member's garden tour.

Garden Tours is a joint effort by Trish and Sharon.

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