Let 'em Grow: Dandelions

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This is one in a series of very short articles that might change your mind about some surprisingly good weeds. And even if your mind isn't changed, you'll still be well informed.

Aunt Bett said:  "There's two things you'll need, food and medicine. You've got both right here. Let 'em grow."  She pointed to the dandelion.



*Dandelions (Taraxacum officinale) are full of vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin D and vitamin B complex, plus zinc, iron and potassium.

*Dandelion is also recommended as a liver tonic or a mild laxative, and dandelions have a long history of being used for their diuretic properties.

*There is no part of the dandelion - leaves, blooms, stalks and roots - that can't be used as food.

*Dandelions were brought to the United States from Europe because of their edible and medicinal properties.

*Dandelions grow in every state of the United States as well as other countries (mostly without threat of ever being endangered!)

* Use the white juice in the flower stems as glue.


Favorite dandelion recipe ideas:

* Young greens are a salad delicacy.

* Dandelion blooms can be dipped in an egg/flour/milk batter and quickly deep fried in olive oil. They have a flavor similar to batter fried mushrooms.

* Dandelion wine.

Dandelions:  Let 'em grow.

* Before gathering greens, be sure they have not been treated with herbicides.

*Weeds are nature's way of preventing erosion.

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