Team Label, or Not?

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Today's "Team" article addresses plant labels. We've seen gardens full of labels, and gardens with not one in sight. Which team do you fall into?

2011-08-21/dave/877e63This week we are exploring a bit of garden organization. Specifically, plant tags and labeling. Mini-blinds, metal tags, plastic vendor markers, they all do the same thing- organize our gardens. The question is: Which team are you on? Team Label or Team No-Label.

I've seen personal gardens that have every single plant meticulously labeled. I can't help but wonder if those gardeners are as organized in other aspects of their lives. Seeing those little flags all in a row certainly reminds me of the benefits of organization. Showing off your garden to a group? There are labels for them to read. Can't recall the botanical name? Check the label. Get mixed up on which cultivar of your favorite plant you have in which spot? You need a label. What about during the dead of winter when you can't recall exactly where those Oriental Lilies are planted. Go find the label.

On the other side of the field are those who never label. Some may have the memory that anyone would envy, and can rattle off every complete genus, species, and cultivar plant name to every plant in the garden upon request. Others simply may not be bothered to know the exact name or location of their plant, preferring instead to simply focus on the simplicity of their hobby.

There's no right or wrong team, of course. Either team is perfectly suited for the garden that it's owner plays on. Not to mention, if I know this group of gardeners, more than a few will find a different team to be on!

Trish said:Out of necessity, I'm firmly on Team Label. I made it my personal goal this year to label every plant in my garden, and try to do Dave's as well. I simply can't remember which plant is which, and have embarrassed myself on more than one occasion by mis-naming a plant, or completely drawing a blank when asked to to name a plant growing in my care. It gives me great satisfaction to visibly see which daylily I'm looking forward to see bloom in a few days.

Dave said:Of course, I'm on team label! How else could I keep organized? My memory is so bad, I would constantly forget which variety of canna is which, and which elephant ear is which, etc. But then I remember that I haven't labeled a single plant this year. Come to think of it, I can't remember the last time I personally made and placed a label on one of my plants. Trish often comes behind me and does that, but I don't.

I think I must relucantly admit to being on Team No Label!

There you have it-  another glimpse into the Teams in the Whitinger house.

Now, share with us- which Team are you on?

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