Atlas Glove Sold from Cooper Safety - A Review

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Posted by @Trish on
I wear gloves around the farm about as often as I wear shoes - never. These particular gloves, however, just might make me change my mind.

2012-04-20/dave/22dbe6Surely you've heard of the Atlas Nitrile gloves? I've been hearing gardeners rave about them for years, but thought, "Come on- what's the big deal? They can't be that wonderful". However, curiosity remained and I did want to try them out. After all, all my friends had them!

Enter Cooper Safety, who carries the Nitrile gloves, and sells them in packs of 12. They sent some for me to try, and some for you to try!

As it happens, Dave was needing a pair of gloves to finish up his work on the herb spiral. Seeing as how short people seem to have a habit of picking up things and wandering off with them around here, his regular leather gloves were nowhere to be found. While looking for his gloves, he spotted my 12 pack of nitrile gloves sitting in my locker, so he snarfed a pair and off he went. On his way out the door, I heard him say, "Wow, these are really nice!" I'll let him tell you more about his experience with them.

Dave said:I'm highly skeptical of all these gloves that look like they have been dipped in paint or melted plastic. They are always too rigid to be of any use. These, however, have the same flexibility as those thin latex gloves, but they are thick and comfortable.  I can tie my shoelaces while wearing these gloves. The grip is perfect for swinging axes or pulling hoes. I was completely uninterested in these gloves until I tried them on, and now I believe that I have been converted.

2012-04-20/dave/623c47The only time I wear gloves is when I'm doing some hard work in the garden. Generally, I find gloves just get in my way, so I don't mess with them. I don't like calluses, though, so that's where gloves come in for me. Since hard labor is pretty minimal for me right now, I didn't try my gloves for another week. I'm slowly trying to reclaim the cactus garden for Dave, but the rye grass has really gotten a hold in there, and neither one of us has been anxious to tackle it, especially with so much other stuff going on. I figured I might as well get started in my slow and steady way, so I started pulling weeds from the corner. I quickly realized that gloves would be a very good thing! Back inside I went to grab the Atlas gloves. My turn to see how they really are.

Ok- I'm impressed! They are light weight, and not at all hot, something my leather ones can't boast. They are thin enough that I really do have good tactile dexterity, which is why I don't like wearing other gloves to begin with. There is a rubbery palm to them, which allows you to grip- perfect for gripping that grass and weeds- but that texture is still flexible to make you almost forget that you are wearing gloves.

I can't yet speak of the longevity of them. I do know that it appears Dave gave up finding his new Cartright gloves since I see him grab the Atlas gloves for barn work, water-well work, tree trimming, and T-post installing. You can see that he's already put them through a good workout and they aren't showing any signs of wear, other than dirt.

As for fit, the size we were sent are mediums. Both Dave and myself are on the smaller side. The medium fits Dave like a glove (sorry, I really couldn't resist), but are a little big on me. I will be buying a pack of smalls.

Dave's fit: Trish's fit
2012-04-20/dave/a19a21 2012-04-20/dave/9b2c5c

On average, I buy a new pair of gloves every year, and Dave usually goes through 2 pairs. We normally buy good leather gloves. For the money of one of our pair, we can almost buy a whole 12 pack of the Atlas Nitrile.  I predict, based on Dave's high usage these last couple of weeks, that 12 pairs of these will last well over a year Since we both really like the feel of these better, I feel like this is a good investment. I honestly don't know how much other companies charge for the Atlas gloves- they aren't available locally to me. Just solely based on a cost value, I'm quite happy with the price from Cooper Safety. They also have a good selection of other safety items that ought to be in every shed! Everyone needs good safety gear, after all.

[**This is now Closed!!**] We're giving away 2 pairs to those interested. Reply in the comments section that you would like to try your own pair, and we'll randomly pick two and send them to you. Thanks to Cooper Safety for passing the fun to our members as well! Do remember that these are size medium, so if you need a different size, this trial pair won't work for you. [Closed!]

Disclaimer: I was not paid for this review, but Caladium Bulbs 4 Less did provide me with the bulbs I am reviewing. All opinions are my own honest impressions.

Dave and I are very excited for the opportunity to do honest reviews of gardening companies and their products. We hope that our members find the reviews helpful, useful and encouraging. We look forward to many more!

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