Nontoxic, Recycled Wasp (Yellowjacket) Traps

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How to create a wasp trap using empty water bottles. The idea behind it is, the wasps grab a bite to eat, then fall into the soapy water.

What you will need:
A hammer
A nail
One, or more, empty water bottles
Some wire
A pair of pliers
Wire cutters
Dish soap
A piece of meat with a good strong scent
A box cutter, or a utility knife
A pair of gloves

A photo of some of the supplies you need:
Thumb of 2016-09-27/UndertheSun/a6dde7

I start by taking the lids off the water bottles and making a hole through the top with the hammer and nail.
Thumb of 2016-09-27/UndertheSun/654877

Then I insert the wire through the hole in the lid. Using the pliers, I make a "J" hook to hold the bait and to stop the wire from sliding back out of the bottle.
Thumb of 2016-09-27/UndertheSun/a17cc0

Using the box cutter (or utility knife), carefully cut out a small opening in the bottle. You want to make that opening near the top of the bottle, about a quarter of the way down from the lid.
Thumb of 2016-09-27/UndertheSun/b53d0e

Next, grab your scented meat. In this example, I'm using salami. Now place that salami on the "J" hook you created earlier. I like to use salami because it won't fall apart when I'm placing it on the hook. It also holds up well to the elements.
Thumb of 2016-09-27/UndertheSun/5561e4

Insert the baited hook back into the bottle and screw the lid on. Be careful not to strip the meat off the hook when you're shoving it through the opening of the bottle.
Thumb of 2016-09-27/UndertheSun/4a355c

Make a larger hanging hook on the other end of the wire.
Thumb of 2016-09-27/UndertheSun/681ba6

(In the next step, you can unscrew the lid, or choose to fill it through the cutout opening.)
Place a small amount of liquid dish soap in the bottom of the bottle. Now fill it with water to where the water level is right below the opening you cut out.
Thumb of 2016-09-27/UndertheSun/1a78e4

Hang it in your garden.
Thumb of 2016-09-27/UndertheSun/3c777e

You can empty and reuse them as often as you like. Just change out the meat whenever it dries up.

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