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Echinacea Clean UpEchinacea Clean Up
By clintbrown on August 18, 2015

If you don't like the appearance of your Echinacea seedheads in late summer and early fall, you can still tidy up their appearance and feed the goldfinches and other birds as well. To clean up, I wait until the stalk just below the seedheads turns brown/black. Cut the stalks and bundle like a bouquet and tie to the base of a pole or small tree. I do this so the finches can have the seeds, and it looks neater. The base of a shepherd's hook that holds your birdfeeders is an excellent spot to tie your seed bouquet.

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The Truth About Butterflies and Buddleja vs. Native PlantsThe Truth About Butterflies and Buddleja vs. Native Plants
By clintbrown on December 8, 2013

I recently learned that some native plant promoters are claiming that gardeners should not grow Buddleja (Butterfly Bush) because it fools butterflies into thinking it is a host plant. They claimed that the butterflies would deposit their eggs on the Buddleja and the offspring would die because Buddleja is not a proper host plant. However, I researched this claim and found it to be 100% FALSE!

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How To Make Database Plant TagsHow To Make Database Plant Tags
By clintbrown on September 13, 2013

I was frustrated with my plant tags always fading or falling apart over time. If the ink doesn't fade, usually the plastic tag breaks to pieces over time. Therefore, I decided to create my own interactive, yet inexpensive tags that would last longer and be easily replaced.

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Make a Chiki Torch (aka Chicks-on-a-Stick)Make a Chiki Torch (aka Chicks-on-a-Stick)
By clintbrown on September 3, 2013

You can use a cheap plastic funnel and a plastic tomato stake to make a space-saving piece of garden art that also functions as a different type of vertical garden.

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Turn Those Old Aquarium Decorations into Plant CreationsTurn Those Old Aquarium Decorations into Plant Creations
By clintbrown on March 17, 2013

If you're like me, you have bought an aquarium and all the decorations only to grow tired of all the effort of maintaining it. Why not turn that old aquarium decoration into something of beauty to enjoy in the garden?

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Prevent Plant Losses by Taking CuttingsPrevent Plant Losses by Taking Cuttings
By clintbrown on August 5, 2012

It always seems to happen. You add a new plant to the garden only to see it destroyed by some random creature or weather disaster. This is why I always take a few cuttings or divisions of any new plants before placing them in their final spot.

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Careful Planting of Nursery PlantsCareful Planting of Nursery Plants
By clintbrown on June 4, 2012

When you purchase plants at Lowe's or other big box stores, they often are potted in potting mix that consists of mostly bark. If you don't remove some of this before planting out, the plants often will die a slow, painful death.

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