ATP Podcast #109: Working Your Land

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Posted by @dave on
This episode is a little different from our usual gardening topics. Today we discuss some of our thoughts and ideas of living a semi self-sufficient lifestyle, and we talk about growing animals for food.

This podcast is a response to a question that we received from a listener:

I've got a small piece of very nice land here in CT about 3 acres and totally fertile and sunny. I'm living here now ... and am trying to get this land to do every last thing that it can for my family. So my question is this.... Where do I start? I want to stay here and farm and garden as much as possible, ideally homeschool the kids and just make better choices and teach that to my kids.

Get a cow? Grow more vegeys? Would be nice to have a little guidance on a ten year plan (5 even better).... Did you guys just wing it or did you have a plan?
How do I get there from here? There must be some things that really matter more than others when you are trying to make meaningful changes, no?

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