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Create a unique set of wind chimes with a beautiful, silvery, delicate sound from old pieces of silver plate flatware.

What to do with odds and ends of silver plated flatware? Well, I had a vision of making a set of wind chimes from some pieces of old mismatched silver-plated flatware I bought years ago at a flea market. You could use old stainless flatware, but you would not get the beautiful, delicate, silvery sound the silver plate produces after you get your chimes strung up. There is just something about the beautiful sound silver plate flatware makes when the pieces come into contact with each other. Very nice.

I took a hammer and flattened the spoons as well as the forks. The knives can be left as they are. I protected the flatware as much as I could by placing an old towel on the concrete porch, then laying the spoon or fork on the towel and laying another end of the towel over the fork or spoon before flattening with a hammer. I tried to show a view of the flattened spoon and fork in one of the pictures. It was so hard to get a good picture of the chimes, I tried photographing them hanging outside, but they did not show up well. Brought them inside and they cast a shadow on the wall, making it look as though there were more pieces hanging per set, but there are only four knives, spoons, or forks per set, plus the center clapper.

Drill a small hole in the ends of the handles to string them. The fork used for the chime hanger will also need a centered hole drilled just above the base of the tines, so that you can hang the clapper from the center of that fork. Joe put the forks in a vise and bent the outer tines flat and out to the side, and the middle tines one forward, one backward, to make the arms that hold each chime. The handle serves as the hanger. I strung them on jewelry wire, but they could be strung on heavy fishing line too.

I made a set with knives, forks, and spoons. I love the sound they make. I put a drop of hot glue on the end of the fork tine to help keep the wire in place at the end of the fork tine. Of course, I turned the tip of the tine up to keep the wire from sliding off. Easy to make, and pretty. Each set has its own sound. I haven't made a mixed set yet, but I am considering making one with knives, forks, and spoons, all in the same set. I think it will look unique!

Thumb of 2014-10-27/donnabking/522d88
Thumb of 2014-10-27/donnabking/c45653
Thumb of 2014-10-27/donnabking/fe006f
Thumb of 2014-10-27/donnabking/41cb2e
Thumb of 2014-10-27/donnabking/df64a1
Thumb of 2014-10-27/donnabking/5b3836
Thumb of 2014-10-27/donnabking/f33dc5
Thumb of 2014-10-27/donnabking/3ab5f0
Thumb of 2014-10-27/donnabking/5f0b84
Thumb of 2014-10-27/donnabking/a49364
Thumb of 2014-10-27/donnabking/b7a851
Thumb of 2014-10-27/donnabking/809929
Thumb of 2014-10-27/donnabking/8bd430
Thumb of 2014-10-27/donnabking/1faf2e
Thumb of 2014-10-27/donnabking/753158
Thumb of 2014-10-27/donnabking/4352b7

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